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Your Estimated Net Annual Rewards The annual reward earnings, minus the average annual fee (fee / years), plus the average annual value of the signing bonus (bonus / years)
Sign Up Bonus Points The number of points an issuer will give you when signing-up for a new card. Different conditions apply.
Annual Fees The amount of money charged to you each year to use the card
Purchase Interest Rate The annualized interest rate your credit card balance will be charged for purchases made with your card
Cash Advance Interest Rate Interest rate charged when taking out cash with your credit card
Min Personal Income Required Minimum personal income required to be eligible for approval for the card when you apply.
Recommended Credit Score Minimum Credit Score required to be eligible for approval for the card when you apply.
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Gas /Mo
Grocery /Mo
Dining /Mo
Drug /Mo
Airfare /Mo
Hotel /Mo
Other /Mo
Total /Mo
How long will you have the card? Years
Your projected balance 3000
Current interest rate 19%
Minimum payment 1%
Fixed monthly payment 30
Your Transfer Amount 7500
Current interest rate 19%
Minimum payment 1%
Fixed monthly payment 75
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Travel credit cards offer some of the richest rewards, perks, and benefits. There are Canadian travel credit cards now offering larger than ever sign-up bonuses, annual fee waivers, companion ticket vouchers and more to woo you. We would always recommend getting a new card with a hefty up-front bonus. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get to your destination sooner. Think about it, how much would you have to spend to earn the equivalent of a 25,000 point sign-up bonus? $20,000? That’s a lot of spend. Now with so many travel rewards cards offering a first year annual fee waiver, it makes it truly risk and cost free to get your sign-up bonus. You might even consider getting multiple cards with rich sign-up offers throughout the year.

Aside from points, travel rewards cards tend to give away a lot of added cardholder benefits you won’t see on other cards, such as no-foreign transaction fees, auto rental insurance coverage, travel medical coverage, trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage insurance, hotel theft and other benefits. The value of those benefits can easily reach over $1,000 annually if you travel a few weeks a year. So when chooseing the best travel credit card, see which ones offer you the added coverage and benefits that meet your needs.

If you’ve decided that you’re looking for something other than a travel credit card, go back to the homepage and use our engine to compare more credit cards.