Best Rewards Credit Cards in Canada

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Your Estimated Net Annual Rewards The annual reward earnings, minus the average annual fee (fee / years), plus the average annual value of the signing bonus (bonus / years)
Sign Up Bonus Points The number of points an issuer will give you when signing-up for a new card. Different conditions apply.
Annual Fees The amount of money charged to you each year to use the card
Purchase Interest Rate The annualized interest rate your credit card balance will be charged for purchases made with your card
Cash Advance Interest Rate Interest rate charged when taking out cash with your credit card
Min Personal Income Required Minimum personal income required to be eligible for approval for the card when you apply.
Recommended Credit Score Minimum Credit Score required to be eligible for approval for the card when you apply.
Estimate your monthly spending
Gas /Mo
Grocery /Mo
Dining /Mo
Drug /Mo
Airfare /Mo
Hotel /Mo
Other /Mo
Total /Mo
How long will you have the card? Years
Your projected balance 3000
Current interest rate 19%
Minimum payment 1%
Fixed monthly payment 30
Your Transfer Amount 7500
Current interest rate 19%
Minimum payment 1%
Fixed monthly payment 75
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Whether looking for cashback, travel, coalition or visa rewards there is a credit card rewards program for you. There are several things you should check-off before deciding on whether a rewards credit card is right for you and how to choose the best rewards credit card.

First, only get a rewards credit card if you are committed to paying off your bill at the end of every month. If you plan on keeping a balance, you will always do better with a low interest credit card or a cheaper line of credit. With typical interest rates of 19.99%, your interest costs will quickly eat away at the 2%~ of rewards value you’ve earned.

When deciding on which rewards credit card to select, you should first decide on what type of rewards interest you (cash, travel, movies, cars, groceries), how much you plan on spending with your rewards credit card, and which merchant categories you plan on spending in. Answering those questions will narrow down the field of credit card options. If you don’t want to commit to one credit card, you may want to avoid an annual fee and select a free credit card.

Then, use a comparison tool to determine which credit card is best for you. A credit card comparison tool, will help calculate the value of each point, the value of the welcome bonus and annual fees. Lastly, enjoy it and don’t carry a balance!

If you want something other than a rewards credit card, go back to the home page and use our engine to help you find the best credit card for your needs.