BMO Shell Air Miles World Mastercard

Sign Up Bonus Points
Annual Fee
Purchase Interest Rate
Min Personal Income Required
Recommended Credit Score
740 850 670 739 580 669 0 579
1.25x Miles on card purchases at Shell locations in Canada*

BMO has added another worthwhile offering to its lineup of credit cards with its Shell Air Miles World Mastercard. The card brings value for those who bear many gas and automotive-related expenses, whether for everyday driving in Canada or a rental car on vacation. Relevant cardholders will appreciate the ability to earn travel rewards on these purchases and harness the additional perks accompanying the card, despite a higher annual fee than the standard Shell Air Miles Mastercard.

Basic Rewards Structure

At its most basic level, the card earns Air Miles at a rate of 1 Mile for every $15 spent. There are no restrictions on what purchases are eligible, allowing cardholders to spend confidently in the knowledge that all their expenses will accrue Miles. When redeeming Air Miles on flights, using the Air Miles World card means cardholders are eligible for a 25% discount on the number of Miles required for the ticket.

Additionally, there are some purchases that accelerate Air Miles earnings. For car rentals at Alamo or National Rent a Car locations across Canada, not only will cardholders receive up to 25% off the price of the rental, they’ll also earn Miles at twice the normal rate. When spending at Shell (on gas or purchases from the station store), Miles accrue at a rate of 1.25x.

About Air Miles

One of the most popular travel programs in Canada, collecting Air Miles from any of the program’s partner credit cards is easy and lucrative. Per the Loyalty Program Bible, we can see that the average equivalent value of one Air Mile is around $0.105. However, this rate changes depending on what a cardholder redeems them for, and there are many excellent rewards available, ranging from flights, hotels, and vacation packages to merchandise and gift cards.

Other Card Perks

The card’s $99 annual fee means that the Shell Air Miles World Mastercard must entail perks above and beyond the standard Shell Air Miles Mastercard by BMO. Accordingly, cardholders can look forward to a bonus of 1,000 Air Miles just for signing up. They’ll also acquire insurance, with some useful travel coverage for rental cars, baggage and flight delays. Extended warranty and purchase protection benefits are also welcome features.

  • 1,000 Air Miles introductory bonus
  • Flight delay, baggage, and rental car insurance
  • Extended warranty and purchase protection

Who’s the Card For?

The most suitable cardholders for the BMO Shell Air Miles World card are those individuals who travel often and want to make their next trip easier—by defraying flight and rental car costs but also adding some basic travel protections. These cardholders would also ideally rent cars often on their trips, and incur higher-than-average gas bills for their car at home and while travelling.

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