BMO Shell Air Miles Mastercard

Sign Up Bonus Points
Upon first purchase
Annual Fee
Purchase Interest Rate
Min Personal Income Required
Recommended Credit Score
740 850 670 739 580 669 0 579
Get 500 AIR MILES Reward Miles after your first purchase*. *Terms and conditions apply.

Savvy credit card users look for cards that offer them the rewards they value most, and that accrue points at an accelerated rate on common expenses. The BMO Shell Air Miles Mastercard hits both targets for cardholders who frequently travel, and for whom gasoline is a large part of their monthly bills. It also comes with some useful and highly appreciated perks, making it easier and more inexpensive to rent vehicles in Canada and protect one’s newest purchases.

Basic Rewards Structure

With BMO’s Shell Air Miles card, cardholders have a simple earnings model that rewards them on all their purchases with a rate of 2 Air Miles for every $20 spent (1 cent) at Shell and other participating Air Miles Partners. All purchases completed with the BMO card everywhere else will earn you 1 Mile for every $20 spent (or half a cent).

About Air Miles

The Air Miles program is one of the most popular in Canada among frequent travellers, as points can be used for any travel-related reward, including flights, hotels, and more. Per our Loyalty Program Bible, one Air Mile is worth around $0.105, but this value fluctuates depending on what Miles are being redeemed for.

Other Card Perks

New cardholders are introduced to the Shell Air Miles Mastercard with a bonus of 500 Air Miles just for charging a single purchase to the card. This charge can be something as insignificant as a candy bar.

Other card perks include a 25% discount off the price of a rental car, for all cardholders renting from Alamo or National locations in Canada. This bonus stacks with the increased earnings attained from these expenses. Additionally, we consider the $0 annual fee a big perk, as there are many cards out there with similar perks and annual fees of $30 or more. Finally, we appreciate the chance to protect items purchased with the card with extended warranties and short-term accidental damage coverage.

  • Get 500 bonus Miles with the first purchase
  • $0 annual fee
  • 25% off rental cars at Alamo and National
  • Extended warranties and purchase protection

Who’s the Card For?

The BMO Shell Air Miles Mastercard suits those cardholders who find themselves spending frequently on gas and want to use these purchases to offset the cost of their next trip. Even with its relatively basic rewards structure, the absence of an annual fee makes it a pertinent addition to many wallets.

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