10 Funniest Credit Card Commercials Ever

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Last updated on November 10, 2020

Guaranteed to leave you in tears…

1. He may not have 3 Super Bowls (a la Tom Brady), but Peyton Manning has secured his place in history as the funniest NFL pitchman bar none.


2. The critical importance of zero fraud liability…in the jungle.


3. Technically about debit cards and not credit cards, but it brings to mind our article about how cash is becoming obsolete.


4. The classic Mastercard baseball mascot commercial.


5. Zhang Ziyi in possibly the best action-packed credit card commercial ever.


6. On second thought, this might be the best action-packed credit card commercial ever.


7. Discover’s “Peggy Transfer” commercial – the all-time play on customer service.


8. Cap One’s spoof on the difficulty of redeeming for rewards.


9. Have to include a commercial if Charles Barkley’s in it.


10. Clever satire taking on ‘live customer service’ ads by Discover.

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