The BMO Sobeys AIR MILES Mastercard Review

Sign Up Bonus Points
Upon first purchase
Annual Fee
Purchase Interest Rate
Min Personal Income Required
Recommended Credit Score
740 850 670 739 580 669 0 579
Get 500 AIR MILES Bonus Miles after your first card purchase*. *Terms and conditions apply.

Bank of Montreal’s Sobeys AIR MILES Mastercard is great for those who frequently travel within Canada, as the introductory bonus of 500 reward Miles comprises almost half of the cost of a flight from Toronto to Thunder Bay.

This bonus, plus the many ways that the AIR MILES Mastercard makes it easy to earn Miles, means that travellers can save substantially on their annual trip expenses.

At a Glance:

  • $0 annual fee
  • Welcome bonus of 500 AIR MILES with first purchase
  • Earn 2 Miles per $20 spent at participating Air Miles Partners
  • Earn 2 Miles per $20 spent at Sobeys
  • Earn 1 Mile per $20 spent everywhere else
  • Extended Warranty and Purchase Protection

Many other cards restrict the cardholder to a certain franchise or type of purchase, but this card allows the steady accrual of 1 Mile for every $20 spent, anywhere. And those with large grocery bills (e.g. families) will appreciate the chance to earn accelerated Miles for their purchases at Sobeys.

Why We Like It:

  1. Purchase Protections: Cardholders who use their BMO Sobeys AIR MILES card to purchase valuable items will enjoy an extended warranty for up to one year. Combined with 90 days of automatic insurance against damage or theft, there are few reasons not to use the card on important, big-ticket purchases.
  2. Introductory Bonus: New cardholders will automatically receive 500 Miles credited directly to their account with their first purchase. No minimum spend requirement.
  3. Effortless Earning: Cardholders do not have to modify their shopping when considering how to earn Miles. A flat 1 Mile per $20 spent everywhere helps to earn with no restrictions, and increased rates at participating retailers or services just sweetens the deal.
  4. Flexible Rewards: The AIR MILES ecosystem is one of the best available for cardholders, considering it allows members to redeem their Miles on a number of great rewards. From discounted flights and hotel stays to car rentals, vacation packages, merchandise and more, AIR MILES are valuable to everyone.


This card is most suitable for people looking to join the AIR MILES ecosystem to see if it suits their needs, without committing to a card that requires exorbitant annual fees and high minimum spend requirements to receive a hefty signup bonus. Overall, there are cards out there with more lucrative bonuses and rewards accrual rates, but they typically require an investment. For no annual fee, the BMO AIR MILES Mastercard is very worthwhile.

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