PC Financial® World Elite Mastercard® Review

Annual Fee
Purchase APR
Min Personal Income Required
Recommended Credit Score
740 850 670 739 580 669 0 579
No Annual fee.
Up to 45 PC points per dollar spent in select stores

In the market for a credit card that will allow you to earn back on day-to-day spending without having to pay an annual fee? Depending on where you shop, you might want to consider the PC Financial® World Elite Mastercard®. It’s a particularly great fit if you regularly stock up at Loblaw grocery stores or if you fill the tank at Esso™ and Mobil™ gas stations, where it has a 3% earn rate (30 points per $1 spent or per litre of gas purchased). It also makes sense for frequent customers at Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix, where it earns back at 4.5% (45 points per $1).

The PC Financial® World Elite Mastercard® is one of Canada’s few World Elite Mastercards without an annual fee, and it had the highest customer recommendation score in Forrester’s 2020 Canada CX Index™ Survey. That said, it’s not the only rewards card out there that pays back handsomely on everyday spending, and its Loblaw-centric rewards structure might leave some feeling restricted.

Pros and Cons


  • No annual fee
  • High earn rates in certain stores
  • Easy, straightforward redemptions
  • Points don’t expire provided your account stays active and in good standing
  • Special events allow you to earn extra points


  • High income requirement to qualify
  • Accelerated earn rates are limited to certain partner stores, and points can be redeemed only for purchases within Loblaw banner stores
  • Points can’t be transferred to other loyalty programs
  • The included travel insurance is very limited

How to Earn Points

The PC Financial® World Elite Mastercard® has the best overall earn rates offered among all three PC Financial® credit cards:

  • 45 points per $1 spent at Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix
  • At least 30 points per litre of gas purchased at Esso or Mobil stations
  • 30 points per $1 spent on PC Travel services
  • 30 points per $1 spent at Loblaw Banner Grocery Stores (includes Loblaws, No Frills, Valu-Mart, Independent Grocers, Zehrs, Real Canadian Superstore, Fortinos, etc.)

All other purchases earn 10 points per $1 spent. Make sure to keep an eye out for special events as well which will allow you to earn points at a higher rate.

How to Redeem Points

The value you get when you redeem PC Optimum™ points is very straightforward: 1,000 points can be redeemed for $1 worth of groceries or other products at Loblaw banner stores, as well as online at shoppersdrugmart.ca, pharmaprix.ca, joefresh.ca, and pcexpress.ca. That’s it—there’s one flat rate for all redemptions. Points will not expire provided your account stays active and in good standing. This means you can collect and save as many points as you like, with no rush to redeem them within a certain period of time.

There are only a few caveats to what is otherwise a very easy redemption process: You do need a minimum of 10,000 points to redeem, and points can only be redeemed in $10 increments. So, if for example you’ve accumulated 28,000 points, you can either opt to redeem 20,000 of them and then wait until you’ve earned 2,000 more to make a 10,000-point redemption, or you can just wait until you have 30,000 and redeem them all at once for $30 in value. Also, you can redeem a maximum 500,000 points per transaction ($500 in value).

Be aware that some select items are not available for redemption with points, like tobacco and alcohol products, gift cards, etc.

Additional Perks

Though it’s not loaded with the valuable features that you might get if you shell out for a rewards credit card with an annual fee in the $100+ neighborhood, the PC Financial® World Elite Mastercard® nonetheless has a few handy perks and benefits worth noting:

  • Up to 10 consecutive days of Travel Emergency Medical Insurance per trip, for cardholders under the age of 65. Max benefit $1M.
  • Up to 31 consecutive days of Collision/Loss Damage Waiver Insurance for car rentals with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $65,000 or less
  • Identity Theft Assistant Service
  • 24/7 concierge service

Readers frequently contact us asking if the card covers trip interruption or cancellation—to which the answer is, unfortunately, no. The PC Financial® World Elite Mastercard® does not offer any additional travel insurance beyond its basic emergency medical and car rental coverage. If you’re looking for a credit card that offers a more comprehensive suite of protections you should check out our list of credit cards with great travel insurance.

Rates and Fees

Interest Rates

The PC Financial® World Elite Mastercard® has a purchase interest rate of 20.97%, 22.97% on cash advances, and balance transfer interest rate of 22.97% (or 21.97% if you are a resident of Quebec for both cash advances and balance transfers).


  • Annual fee: $0
  • Cash advance in Canada: $3.50
  • Cash advance outside of Canada: $5.00
  • Foreign transaction fee: 2.5%
  • Dishonoured payment fees: $42.00
  • Overlimit fee: $29.00 ($0 for Quebec residents)

  • Copy of sales draft or account statement: $10.00
  • Credit balance refund made by cheque: $20.00
  • Inactive account (12+ months no activity): $10 or balance amount; whichever is the lesser value of the two.

Eligibility Requirements

You need to be a Canadian resident and the age of majority in your home province to be eligible for this credit card. Furthermore, you’ll need to have a minimum personal income of $80,000 per year or $150,000 minimum household income per year.

How to Apply

Ready to apply for the PC Financial® World Elite Mastercard®? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements as listed above.
  2. Visit the website here and click the red ‘Apply now’ button.
  3. You’ll be asked if you already have a PC Financial® account. If you do, great. It just means all your information is on file and ready to go in your account. If not, that’s ok! You can create an account now.
  4. You’ll be given an application disclosure summary again with the eligibility requirements, as well as the fine print details. Give it a read over and then tick the box that you have read and accept.
  5. Fill in the application form. You will be asked to provide some personal details, your employment info, if you want to add an additional user or any optional extras to the account, etc. Filling this information out should only take you a few minutes.
  6. Review your application and submit.

Approval should be very quick. Once you are approved it takes about 5-7 business days for your card to arrive in the mail.

How It Compares

The PC Financial® World Elite Mastercard® is a pretty handy credit card to have—for some. There are other grocery and gas-oriented credit cards that might be a better choice depending on your spending habits and lifestyle. Here is how the PC Financial® World Elite Mastercard® compares to two other Canadian favourites: the Scotia Momentum® Visa Infinite* Card and the Rogers™ World Elite® Mastercard®.


Credit CardPC Financial® World Elite Mastercard®Scotia Momentum® Visa Infinite* CardRogers™ World Elite® Mastercard®
Annual Fees$0$120$0
Minimum Annual Income$80,000 personal or $150,000 household$60,000 personal or $100,000 household$80,000 personal or $150,000 household
Welcome OfferN/AEarn 10% cash back on all purchases for the first 3 months (up to $2,000 in total purchases). No annual fee in the first year, including on supplementary cards. Must apply by August 31, 2022. Terms and conditions apply.$25 cash back for making a purchase within first three months
Regular Earn Rates45 pts p/$1 at Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix; 30 pts p/$1 on Loblaw banner groceries and PC travel; 30 pts p/litre at Esso™ or Mobil™ stations; 10 pts per $1 on everything else4% cash back on grocery store purchases, recurring bill payments, and subscription purchases; 2% on gas and daily transit; 1% on all other purchases (conditions apply)1.5% cash back on purchases in CAD; 3% cash back on purchases in USD
Insurance Coverage10 days Travel Emergency Medical Insurance; Car Rental Collision/Loss Damage Waiver Insurance Out of Province Emergency Travel Medical Insurance (15 days for those under age 65); Flight Delay; Delayed and Lost Baggage; Trip Cancellation/Interruption; Travel Accident; Rental Car; etc.Out-of-Province/Out-of-Country Medical Insurance (10 days up to 64 years of age; 3 days 65-75 years of age); Trip Interruption/Trip Cancellation; Rental Car Collision/Damage; Extended Warranty and Purchase Protection
Special PerksIdentity Theft Assistant Service; Concierge serviceVisa Infinite* Concierge, Hotel Collection, and Dining and Wine Country ProgramAccess to LoungeKey airport lounges with Mastercard Airport Experiences; free Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots

The PC Financial® World Elite Mastercard® is likely the best option for high-income singles or couples who plan on making the majority of their grocery purchases at Loblaw banner grocery stores. Here’s how the math works out: A single consumer who spends $4,000 annually at those stores will earn around 120K PC Optimum™ points, which is worth about $120. That’s a very respectable chunk of change for a card with no annual fee.

Small families, however, might benefit from paying the annual fee for the Scotia Momentum® Visa Infinite* Card. Given that they’ll have more mouths to feed, let’s say they spend $8,000 annually on groceries, $5,000 of which is spent at Loblaw banner grocery stores, and the remaining $3,000 outside that network. With the Scotia card’s higher earn rate (4%), they’ll get $320 in cash back on those purchases; with the PC Financial® World Elite Mastercard® they’ll earn 180,000 PC Optimum™ points, worth $180. In this circumstance the small family is better off paying the annual fee for the Scotia card, because after factoring out that $120 fee they’ll still end up with an extra $20 in cash back that they would not have earned with the PC card.

However, if you’re fundamentally opposed to paying an annual fee for a credit card, you might also look at your monthly expenses and compare the earn rates for the PC Financial® World Elite Mastercard® against the Rogers™ World Elite® Mastercard®. The Rogers card’s 1.5% cash back rate on all CAD purchases and 3% rate on USD purchases make it a great option for a few different types of consumers:

  1. Frequent customers at big-box stores like Costco or Walmart, where the Scotia and PC Financial cards either won’t be accepted or will only earn a 1% return
  2. Those who have a diversified monthly budget that isn’t heavily skewed toward groceries and/or gas
  3. Snowbirds, dual citizens, or other frequent cross-border travelers who make a lot of purchases in the United States

Grub for Nothing

At the end of the day, the PC Optimum™ program is definitely one of the best ways to save on groceries in Canada, provided you shop regularly at the ubiquitous Loblaw stores and PC partner brands. And once you’re at the register, paying with the PC Financial® World Elite Mastercard® is the easiest way to rapidly accumulate more points and get more and more free groceries.

However, if you make about 50% or more of your grocery purchases outside the Loblaw network, this probably isn’t the right credit card for you. In that case, you would be better off looking at a different card that still has a high earn rate for groceries or a high base earn rate on all purchases, and that isn’t locked into a specific loyalty program.

*This post is not sponsored by PC Financial. The views and opinions expressed in this review are purely my own.

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Article comments

Ian says:

The pc financial credit card was my very first credit card. After some number of years (10?) PC financial offered ME a free upgrade to the PC World Elite Mastercard without needing to meet any of the minimum requirements. I said sure why not, I’d been with them for ages!

Roll around to another 7 years later and PC Mastercard has the audacity to tell me they will be downgrading my card which THEY offered to me in the first place unless I spend 15k annually. Effectively downgrading their loblaws banner stores 3 points per dollar to 1 point per dollar. Literally the only thing they had going for them. I can just use tangerine and get 2% in actual cash back.

Hugely disappointed in this institution. Obviously will be leaving.

Daniel from GreedyRates says:

Hi Ian,
Thanks for sharing this- looks like what appeared to be in their financial interest is no longer the case; glad to hear that you’ll be treating them in kind. You most definitely can and should be using whatever products are out there to your advantage as they suit your circumstances. The Tangerine Money-Back Credit card is a solid alternative and will provide good value, even when shopping at Loblaw’s.

Brian says:

How do you use the travel medical insurance coverage on the PC world elite MasterCard if needed? Do you just need to keep it in your wallet when travelling in case of emergency and then show it?

Daniel from GreedyRates says:

Hi Brian,
It appears that you can just keep it in your wallet when travelling and invoke the Travel Emergency Medical Insurance for your trips of 10 Days or less (assuming you’re under 65 years old). In the event of an emergency, you’ll have to notify the plan administrator immediately (or as soon as circumstances allow) to ensure that your situation is covered. For full details, please review the PC Financial World Elite Mastercard’s Certificate of Insurance. Safe travels!

Jenny says:

I been use PC card to buy lotto ticket since first day got the card, at least 5 years, suddenly May 2021, they start to charge me $5 fee for one lotto ticket without notice. I called the customer service and they say it always charge for lotto, they do refund back for me. Recently when I forgot that I paid the grocery and lotto ticket together, they charge me again. I call again tell her to refund back, and she say they only can refund the fee once a year. I think that’s totally bullshit! First, it’s ridiculous to charge $5for one lotto ticket, no matter it’s only one $1 or more. Second, don’t give me that only once a year refund bullshit thing, the customer service is trained to lie to their customer? Third, there are lot of credit card on the market, you want to charge me for no reason, I will cut P/C cards for no reason!

Daniel from GreedyRates says:

Hi Jenny,
That’s incredibly frustrating, especially if they haven’t charged you for that before. Unfortunately, most credit cards consider lotto purchases as a “cash equivalent” transaction and will charge you a $5-10 cash advance fee. Your cardholder agreement will likely mention this fee, which applies to things including wire transfers, money orders, betting, lottery tickets and casino gaming chips. Same thing would happen if you used your credit card to buy crypto like bitcoin. If you choose to go with another credit card, be sure to read the fine print to understand if they’ll also charge a fee. I know this is not the answer you were looking for but on the bright side, at least they didn’t charge you over the last 5 years.

Shaan says:

Hi Daniel from Greedy Rates – I’m a long time lurker of this site. I have a PC MC from 2009 which since 2015 has been a WE MC. I agree with Jenny – I buy lotto tickets monthly and have NEVER once been charged a $5 cash advance fee. PC WE MC is finding ways to drop customers by reducing credit limits, increasing minimum spending, and now charging to purchase lotto tickets.

I noticed a few years ago they stopped giving me points after purchases at their stores. I have made hundereds of “start a points inquiry.” As a result, I have stopped using their card. BUT, I don’t cancel it since I’ve had it since early 2009.


Shaan, long time lurker, first time poster.

Daniel from GreedyRates says:

Hi Shaan,
Welcome to the conversation and thanks for sharing your experience! Frankly, you’re right to be suspicious of benevolent big business. Let’s not forget that corporations are interested maximizing shareholder value which can come at the expense of its customers. I’m glad that you’re looking out for your own interests and are working the system to make the most of a lousy situation. Hope you’ll join the second time poster club soon!

Mike says:

Is there another way besides income you can move from World Financial MasterCard PC to World Elite MasterCard PC? spending a certain yearly amount on your World Financial MasterCard PC?

Aaron Broverman says:

Hi Mike,
The short answer is no. You need a minimum personal income of $80,000 annually or a $150,000 annual household income to get this card. If you don’t have it, only the PC cards with the lower earn rates are open to you, like the PC Financial Mastercard or the PC Financial World Mastercard.

Brian says:

Hi Aaron,
I know someone who lied their income in order to get the PC World Elite MasterCard. In fact, The only catch is in order to keep the card you need an annual minimum spend of $15,000 every year to keep this tier of card or they downgrade your card. Let me know if you end up doing it and get the card. Good luck!

Daniel from GreedyRates says:

Hi Brian,
That’s an interesting work around to qualify for a credit card. While I can’t endorse your friend’s methods, the $15k annual spend might certainly put the income claim to the test. Good luck, indeed.

Lynn says:

Yes, you can. I make nowhere near their income requirement but was offered to be upgraded to the card because I was putting virtually every bill I had through my PC Financial Mastercard so spent a lot per month. The offer upgrade came because I was calling them asking for an interest rate decrease since a family member had exactly the same card but had a 10% lower interest rate, and I wanted the same. (I pay my bill off every month because of the high interest rate). They refused the interest rate decrease but offered the card upgrade instead.

Daniel from GreedyRates says:

Hi Lynn,
Thanks for sharing your experience and glad to hear that your spending habits helped you get an upgrade. Looks like there is a way around the income requirement but this might not work for everyone. As they say, YMMV (your mileage may vary).

Steve says:

I use to get 30 times the points when using PC Express at Fortinos, but since roughly November I`m only getting 10 times the points, did their policy change.

Aaron Broverman says:

Hi Steve,
According to the website you should still be getting 30 points per $1 with PC Financial World Elite Mastercard at Loblaws grocery stores, including Fortino’s so I would raise the issue with the help section of your PC account and get a point correction. Here are the directions for correcting points mistakes with visual aids: https://loblaw.force.com/PCoptimumsupport/s/article/Submitting-a-Points-Inquiry?language=en_US

Jackie Mourato says:

Hi. Same thing is happening with me. 10pts per $1 spent at their banner stores. I have to constantly put in a request for my missing points. It’s impossible to speak to a live person. When I email their reply is we’ve reviewed and we see you are earning the correct amount of points. BUT I’m not. It’s an elite m/c = 30pts. So frustrating. At this point it’s well over $100 in value when converted. I feel scammed.

Daniel at GreedyRates says:

Hi Jackie,
That’s a really frustrating experience. Any chance you got through to customer service at 1-866-246-7262? Some screenshots via email might also be in order to demonstrate that your are not receiving the points that are owed. Unfortunately, sometimes these things take a little back and forth. See it through, it can be worth the $100 and future points. Good luck!

Shaan says:

Hi Jackie – continuing off my initial post above to Jenny’s comments, I believe PC WE MC is finding ways to downgrade and/or reduce their customers, and what you are experience is what I have years ago, only I was not receiving points at all. After sending in hundreds of “start a points inquiry,” I gave up. I now choose my credit cards based on customer service. Forget counting pennies on cash back and look for value in customer service.

Daniel from GreedyRates says:

Hi Shaan,
Welcome to the second time poster club. That was a lot sooner than I expected 😉 Couldn’t agree more: customer service is king and the experience is paramount. Very savvy advice.

Nidhin says:

So with the gas stations, do you get 3 cents or 7 cents? Also is that on top of the 30 points per dollar you would already be getting?

Aaron Broverman says:

Hi Nihdin, you get 3 cents per dollar if you buy premium gas at Esso stations and 2 cents per dollar if you by regular gas at Esso stations. You only receive 30 points per dollar spent when you shop at Loblaws-owned grocery stores such as Loblaws, No Frills, Zehrs, Real Canadian Superstore, Valumart, etc.

Brian says:

Hi Nidhin, I am new to the PC game but I believe the way to get the most value is buying your gas at the station next to the store. Then you are getting 70,000 pts.

Daniel from GreedyRates says:

Hi Brian,
Thanks for sharing the insider tip!

Colin says:

I loved this credit card. Unfortunately, they had added a minimum yearly spend of 15k. I received a letter advising me they were going to downgrade my card as a result. I advised the rep, that I can either keep the World Elite Mastercard or they can cancel my account. As someone who held the card for over 5 years and never missed a payment, I thought I was a good customer. At the end of the day, they would rather lose me as a customer vs me keeping my World Elite Mastercard.

Aaron Broverman says:

Hi Colin,
That’s really too bad. It sucks that some of the best cards only go to the elite of the elite spenders. What are you thinking you’ll want as an alternative now?

skube says:

You are probably not a good customer—for them—because you never missed a payment. I imagine that’s their bread and butter.

Aaron Broverman says:

Right you are Skube, credit cards really are truly to the customer’s advantage only when they can pay off the balance in full every month.

Joanne says:

I have this card and Pc insiders which gives me 5% in points. If I used this card to pay and book through PC travel, will the point calculation be 5% + 3%=8% back?

Aaron Broverman says:

Yes Joanne, the PC Insider’s Club benefit is ongoing for as long as you pay for membership so the 5% bonus would apply on top of the 3% bonus you would get for booking through PC Travel.

L. Gilbert-Rhone says:

PC Financial Elite Mastercard closed my account due to bank policy. Does anyone know why this will happen? I cannot get any more information from customer service.

Ian says:

Many PC World Elite M/C holders have been downgraded to the PC World M/C, as they did not spend at least $15,000 on the card by the annual card period, as per Mastercard’s small print. This is the minimum amount that Mastercard feels is necessary to be spent for it to cover the cost of offering the card’s perks.
Perhaps, you did not use your card at all in the last 12 months, in which case it could have been completely closed due to lack of activity.

Aaron Broverman says:

, another reason to always read your credit card agreement, which so many people don’t actually do.

Tom says:

Pardon me if this is a silly question; does the travel have to be fully paid for using this PC M/C to get the free 10 day travel medical insurance or is it available just for being a cardholder?

Aaron Broverman says:

Hi Tom,
No, as long as the account is in good standing, you are under 65 and any pre-existing conditions are stable for up to 180 days prior to departure, you will be covered for the first 10 days of the trip. You do not need to pay for the trip on the card. Further details can be found in your card’s benefit agreement.

Jenny Lawson says:

Hi There. I applied for the PC MasterCard to enhance my points since I spend over $300 weekly in PC stores. I was instantly approved on line on Jan 14 for world elite, received my card and was required to send in supporting documents to prove my identity. Called on the 19th to verify, they claimed my docs weren’t received and gave me the credit email address to resend, so I did. Followed up on the 21st and advised my drivers license was too dark (they didn’t call me), so I had to resend. I was advised NOT to call back, and they would call me on the 27th and guess what? No call. So I call again and after waiting for 45 min advised that the second image was too dark and it was crystal clear on my phone, and a note was made on my file on the 24 but again no call! I demanded to speak to a Supervisor and was advised they will call me within a day. I expect they won’t call. I am beyond angry and frustrated!!!

Aaron Broverman says:

Awwww man, it sucks you are having this experience Jenny. I would just be persistent and keep at them and don’t give up. If you give p, you lose definitely but if your persistent enough, you will eventually get what you want. I’m convinced all bureaucracies work this way, they simply annoy you to death in hopes you will go away so they don’t have to deal with you. It’s the people who don’t go away and keep at them that eventually get what they came for or what they want.

Barb says:

hi there. I’ve had the Elite card for years & love the points programme. I see you mention a product warranty extension & first 90 day covg (I’ve used neither but my son was looking to change cards so we looked up benefits),but when on PC’s website for the Elite card, there is no mention of that perk. Perhaps it was discontinued? Just wondering when you had the last update on it?

Aaron Broverman says:

Hi Barb,
You can find the purchase assurance and extended warranty here: https:// www. pc financial .ca / en / legal – stuff / card – benefits – details / If you to see the details of the actual warranty and coverage, check out the actual Certificate of Assurance here: https:// assets . ctfassets . net / xqp30uh3quox / 4iAjmZIsBMkhRH3E5JveBD / 13355d97179c8f0df70354475e349d29 / pcmc_assurant_insurance_certificate_en . pdf

Dennis says:

how can I check or be sure that I get3% with world élite in the Super Store. I see and can figure out the 1% at other stores.

Aaron Broverman says:

Hi Dennis,
All purchases at Loblaws-owned stores, including Real Canadian Superstore, earn 3 points per dollar spent. I would look at my receipt and log in to my account to call PC optimum customer service if the points you earned at Superstore don’t reflect on your account and ask them why.

Patricia says:

I got the PC Financial Elite Mastercard in July. I got it to take advantage of using the Mastercard and PC Optimum points together as well as a 100 000 bonus points we were to receive upon first purchase. Even after and number of phone calls and many emails we have not received the bonus points. I have made many purchases and paid every month in full and on time. The last phone call was to cancel the card. I was convinced to wait while they did an ‘investigation ‘. It has been 3 weeks and we did receive one phone call to say they were investigating but nothing in over a week despite them saying we would hear by yesterday. A very frustrated customer! Not impressed!

Aaron Broverman says:

Hi Patricia,
That sucks that happened to you. I am sorry. I would let PC Financial complete their investigation and see what comes of it. If you don’t hear anything, sure cancel the card or just don’t use it and keep the account open — your choice.

Royboy says:

If I purchase something like beats head phones or apple AirPods and lose them (like leave them on a park bench walk to my car and walk back and they are gone) are they covered by the product assurance

Aaron Broverman says:

Hi Royboy,
Unfortunately no, that is an exclusion. The exact words in the certificate of insurance are “Purchase Assurance benefits are also not payable for items lost or stolen from a public or unoccupied place unless they are locked up and/or continuously attended to.”

Sukhdeep says:

I have pc master card world elite when I apply for it they said they cover rental damage all vehicles. Now when I try to claim it for damage they said they only cover vans / suvs/ and cars no pick up trucks ..

Aaron Broverman says:

Hi Sukhdeep,
It’s not uncommon for credit card rental car insurance to still have restrictions and exclusions on the vehicles they cover. Pick-up trucks are a common exclusion, as well as cargo vans and exotic cars over a certain amount. Before using your rental car insurance on your card or applying for a credit card with rental car coverage, it’s so important to read the benefit agreement or certificate of insurances to see what they policies really cover and really don’t.

Elle says:

Advisory: check carefully if you receive a new card in the mail. My husband and I have each had our own PC mastercard accounts for many years. When I received new card in the mail, I assumed it was because my old card was expiring. Note with card says “if applicable, destroy your old card”. Cut up old card, starting using new….only to find out when my husband’s next monthly statement came in, that the card that I had received was an added card for HIS account. The first agent that I spoke to to complain said that the only way that could happen is if we had requested it by phone. Checked my phone records…nothing. Asked them to do the same. Waited patiently for a week for reply. No reply. Called again. Oh surprise..I guess the information about only being possible by phone was wrong?..this change had apparently been done manually on-line. Asked about the process to do this online and it is nothing that neither I nor my husband had done. it’s not just clicking the wrong button but requires input of data…..again which neither I nor my husband had done. Disappointing service that leaves me with concerns about their reliability. And still wondering why the supervisor that I spoke to never got back to me the first time. Maybe this is standard operating procedure for PC Mastercard?

Aaron Broverman says:

Hi Elle,
Thanks for letting our readers know. I’m sorry to say that we’ve had many other complaints about PC Financials’ customer service, including allegedly closing people’s accounts or charging credit cards without notice or warning. Whether any of this is true or not, personally when I see a number of complaints tied to one company, I walk the other way and maybe you should too after this. There’s nothing wrong with cutting your losses. What’s the old saying? “There are plenty of credit card providers in the sea.”

Kevin Wolk says:

In Manitoba, fuel purchases at Mobil with this card gives you 90 PC Optimum points per litre (about 9 cents a litre). That is outstanding! I fill up there whenever I can.

Aaron Broverman says:

That is amazing Kevin! Thanks for sharing.

Bob says:

Hey Nate, your folks in IT spelled “cards” wrong. You should get them to fix it before you people start talking … “ … better than the best cash back carsd in Canada with no annual fee if you shop …”

Alicia says:

It’s frustrating talking to all their agents, zero recommendation for the costumer service. I just asked one of the agent to close the supplement card which has a totally different number from the one that I have, next thing I know they had closed my account too, stupid agent. Ended up returning my purchases from the grocery store that time. Called them right away and complained, with the very good record and can’t believed they closed my account. And the worst thing is the agent advised me to call back after couple of days for they will put the account on review, I called after 2 days then the agent advised me again to call back in 2 days. Just told them to close the account permanently and have no wish of doing business with them. That’s the best thing to do. Don’t get any of their card.

Heath says:

I signed up in the store. However, you can not just apply for the World Elite. They can bump you down to the next card if you don’t meet the criteria which it does not tell other than income. Seems sort of like a bait and switch. I really don’t want anything less and would not use it.

Reea says:

Don’t go with PC Financial! You’ll have the worst experience closing your account–as in they won’t close it when you ask them to.

David Ward says:

I didn’t have any problem.

john Hoover says:

I am the card holder,if I am over 65 years old, is my spouse still covered for medical travel insurance

Aaron Broverman says:

Hi John, The certificate of insurance for this card seems to make clear that while you are not covered, (as a person over the age of 65) your spouse and/or dependent child are still covered as long as your spouse is under 65, is a permanent resident of Canada and is covered by the government health insurance plan.

S.W. says:

I have just signed up for this card and approved for World Elite. However, I have been reading how this card does a monthly credit check. Is this a soft or hard check? Unable to confirm but it seems likely due to so many complaints over this issue. Is this something that this card is doing? I may cancel it instead, I wish I knew that before applying.

Aaron Broverman says:

Hi S.W.,
I just got off the phone with a credit department representative at PC Financial and yes, they do a credit check monthly over the life of the account just to see if the account is in good standing and/or to see if the cardholder is eligible for offers such as an additional card or a credit limit increase. This credit check is a soft check and doesn’t affect your credit score. Inquiries will only be made more frequently if they suspect suspicious activity on the account or the cardholder has made a specific request. Hope that helps.

Vitaliy Storozhuk says:

PC mastercard is scam!!!! Charge me after account was close! DO NOT USE THEM!!!!

Aaron Broverman says:

Sorry about that Vitaliy. Care to elaborate on the circumstances to put your negative feelings and opinion into greater context for our other readers?

James says:

I am loving the perks of this card, however, the customer service has been challenging to say the least. We were offered 100,000 points for signing up. We waiting the 8-12 weeks and didn’t receive them. We then called three times for help. Each time it was escalated to a supervisor and they advised we would get a call from them. We never did. It has almost been a year. Just disappointed to not get any help with this. I have a world elite card

Aaron Broverman says:

Oh man, sorry that happened to you James. Thanks for telling your story as a potential word of caution to others.

Squid says:

Not a good card/company. Played havoc with my limit, bringing it up, then bringing it back down in two separate chunks in the midst of the COVID crisis. Even though the card was kept @0 for a long time, utilization of other cards due to needing to suddenly build a WFH space justified their behavior.. never mind that must places don’t want to take cash which sat waiting to be deposited when it was safe for my compromised butt to get to a bank. No help. No apologies. Oh, and they’re raising their rates as soon as it’s least needed. Not a great company to work with. Ditch or avoid this card.

Julie Hounslow / PC Optimum Case # 06978732 says:

I have a PC World Elite Master card….my husband made a purchase of $1091.72 on Jan. 9, 2020, from Kal Tire. I have put in a claim for PC points…10 per $1. As I do not see it in my PC points record to date, I put in a missing pts claim. Liza, told me that because the card was not swiped, they have no record of the purchase….I sent all the information on the receipt..date of purchase, receipt number etc..it is also on my statement. Purchases over $100.00 can not be swiped, even at Superstore….can you tell me why, I can not get points for this purchase?
Please email me ……
If this is the case, I may start using Costco’s Credit card….I will get points for using it, and I will only use PC MC, for Superstore and Shoppers purchases only. Please check our MC statement and you will see how much we use our PC MC, in one month.

Aaron Broverman says:

Hello Julie,
I have great news for you. You actually DO HAVE the points you were entitled to ( at 10 points per $1). I was able to speak to a PC Optimum Customer Care representative named DJ using the case number you provided and she said that the reason you think you did not receive the points is because they wouldn’t have shown up on your transaction summary. The reason they didn’t show up on your summary is because the purchase was made at Kal Tire, which is outside the Loblaws Shoppers Drug Mart network of stores. She said that if you login to your PC Optimum account, you will be able to see that you earned 1149 points (approx. $1,100) transferred on January 10, 2020. (10 points per $1) So your points are there, even though they’re not on your transaction summary.

Julia says:

Hi ! I didn’t book a trip with my pc world elite card . Do I need to call in with my travel information to receive the medical insurance, and am I able to add someone to the pc medical insurance at an additional cost ?

Nate Siegel says:

Hey Julia,

Thanks for the comment. There’s no need to have paid for your trip with the PC World Elite card to enjoy its medical coverage benefit, for 10 consecutive days while out of province. Medical insurance covers your immediate family, like spouse and dependent children, but if you need to add someone else to the coverage you may be able to call PC and extend it over the phone for a fee. Have a great trip.


Kevin Pilatzke says:

I booked a vacation on my regular World Elite Mastercard, does my wifes card still provide this insurance? Later this year we want to travel to Europe, does my 18 daughter require additional insurance? Hows does one let the card company know coverage is required.

Nate Siegel says:

Hey Kevin,

Appreciate your comment! The answer to your question depends on the type of insurance you’re talking about. For emergency medical coverage from a credit card, the primary cardholder simply needs to be present on the trip to cover himself or herself and eligible companions (spouse and family). That means if you and your family are travelling together and something happens, you’ll be able to claim coverage on your wife’s card regardless whether you used it to book tickets or not. Other types of insurance are not this way, however.

For example, most trip interruption and cancellation coverage perks require you to have bought the trip (or the majority of its price) using the card you wish to claim coverage with. If your trip was interrupted for an eligible reason and you want to claim coverage, you won’t be able to do so with a card you didn’t use to purchase the trip with. As for covering your 18-year old daughter, she’s an immediate family member and included in coverage for credit card insurance medical insurance, so you won’t need to purchase an extension. Have a safe and fun trip!


J. O'Neill says:

nowhere do I read that this card discriminates vs seniors over the age of 73, we do not qualify for this card… one wonders why… do we not buy enough groceries etc. to make it worth their while?… wouldn’t that just hurt the shopper with regard to the number points they could collect… for a corporation brand which promotes itself as ” great Canadian” I feel that it is being totally discriminatory to those of us who worked and shopped for/ at this outlet for most of our lives… it actually hurts… I suppose we will have to seriously look at taking our business somewhere else where we may be more appreciated.

Nate Siegel says:

Hi J,

We’re sure that PC Financial doesn’t discriminate against seniors regarding application acceptance, but you may be referring to the card’s travel medical insurance. It only applies to those under the age of 65, so if you’re looking for something with better coverage then we’re prepared to make some suggestions. Otherwise, please help us understand what discrimination you’re referring to and we’ll to our best to help!

If you want insurance that covers those over 65 (or 73 for that matter), then two excellent options are the Desjardins Odyssey World Elite card and the Meridian Visa Travel Rewards Infinite card. The former card from Desjardins offers 15 days of consecutive medical coverage to those between 65 and 75, while the latter card from Meridian provides identical coverage. To expand your coverage just call either issuer (this is also possible through PC). Let us know if we can provide other assistance, and have a great day.

GreedyRates Staff

Elliot says:

How tf did I get an elite card, I don’t have an income of 80k, I just got it made from one of the guys at no frills. Weird

Nate Siegel says:

Hey Elliot,

Well, imagine your luck! Either you have great credentials or you happened upon an employee who was being paid a commission for each applicant they sign up. This can happen, and in your case it’s extra nice regardless, because the World Elite card from Rogers represents a big upgrade on its lower income requirement Platinum card. You’re now getting .50% more cash back on every dollar spent in Canada (1.75%), and another 1.00% extra cash back on purchases made in a foreign currency (total 4.00%) – and you don’t pay an annual fee for the upgrade either!


Malcolm Smith says:

Not an ideal card when you shop other non Loblaw stores

Nate Siegel says:

Hey Malcolm,

Thanks for your comment. It’s true, by the way, and worth a reminder that PC Financial is indeed a part of Loblaw Companies Limited, which means that the card is basically designed to work best at stores under its own banner. That’s why on the website for the card it says “30 points per $1 in our stores”, so those who shop frequently in PC Fresh or Loblaw stores for example are ideal cardholders. Thanks again.


Marius says:

Quite often I had issues at the Mobil Gas stations getting the points . Not trusty at all .

Nate Siegel says:

Hey Marius,

The PC Mastercards are designed to be great for using at gas stations, but in some cases you might encounter an issue with the specific brand and what it’s merchant code is. Another issue might be if you didn’t show your membership at the register, or some other such caveat. You should be able to call PC and ask them why a specific transaction wasn’t considered “gas” and therefore didn’t get the points. In many cases PC representatives may credit you points that for purchases that were erroneously labeled, so this is definitely worthy to pursue.


Maxine says:

Age discrimination when it comes to insurance for persons over 65 who take absolutely NO Prescription medications. I can understand not covering someone with pre-existing conditions, but no for someone who takes nothing.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Maxine!

We hear you and sympathize totally. It seems as though older cardholders are cut off entirely from good credit card travel medical insurance benefits, and it’s likely because insurers don’t have the ability to closely scrutinize those who are eligible for coverage in situations. Accordingly, if you want to add insurance for yourself or other travelling companions who are 65 and over, your best bet is simply to call ahead of the trip and extend your coverage manually. It costs a bit extra, but consider that you’ll need insurance anyway, and it’s often easiest just to have it already attached to the card you’re carrying.

PC Financial isn’t the best for insurance regardless. If you’d like a card with better coverage for those aged 65 and up, check out the Scotiabank Gold Amex or the Passport Visa Infinite, also from Scotia. Both of these cards offer up to 10 days of coverage as long as you’re under 75 (we’d double check to confirm), and then you can still add extensions for more coverage by calling a representative. Give Scotia a call and inquire about these cards or simply apply with our links. Be sure to do your due diligence on these cards other features first!


Dave says:

Wow, your review makes this card sound so good… and in theory, it is. However, in reality you do not get to redeem all the points you earn because they don’t credit you points for every transaction. Points inquiries only occasionally result in “oversights” being corrected. In my case, email requests and endless talks with their agents often only result in frustration. A case in point, I spent over $150 in Superstore. I received no points. Over the next 6 weeks I sent 8 emails and chatted with their agents 4 times. Each agent had a different story. The last agent told me the points were credited. When I told him that I have checked on the app and can see points credited for other transactions but not this one, he had no response other than the system says it was credited. He could not tell me the date when it was credited. In other words, even though their app doesn’t show points for the transaction and he can’t prove it to me, I should just blindly accept it. If this only happened once, I could accept it. But in my case it happens too often. If you search reviews on the Internet, you will see that my experience is similar too many others with PC MasterCard and their points program. Theoretical rewards are only good if you get to enjoy them in reality.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Dave,

Thanks for the comment. You’re right that a few others like you have also complained about the difficulty with which one can earn points from seemingly-eligible merchants, when using the PC Mastercard. However, when it comes to redemption, there’s nothing to indicate that they don’t allow you to “redeem all the points you earn”. That would mean they literally don’t allow you to spend your rewards balance, which isn’t true. We’re currently compiling other similar comments about PC’s difficulty with proper merchant codes and will let you know if we find a resolution!


Pat says:

I discovered a second card with only the last 3 digits showing on my online account. The attached comment said it had not been validated. I called the 1-800 number and they said this was a future card that would be issued when my present one expired. I also have a Royal Bank Visa, and they just send me a new card before the old one expires. No messing around with silly and confusing fake cards added to your account. The agent couldn’t give me a logical reason why Mastercard does this. Have you any idea?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Pat,

It sounds like some internal process that Mastercard does in order to make the expiration of your existing card go more smoothly—so that you don’t spend any amount of time without a card or attached account in-between. However, there may be some ulterior motives as with any giant corporation. We won’t spout any conspiracy theory nonsense here as firms simply can’t risk the penalties for fraud that would occur if, say, Mastercard used these layered accounts to report higher customer membership to mislead shareholders. It sounds like these accounts are inactive and virtual, and associated with one identity, so there’s nothing to worry about here.


David Durnford says:

It’s a virtual “card” for your mobile app. Pull up your PC or Optimum app on your phone or tablet and you will see it has that strange number. It took me a few phone calls to finally figure out it was not a hack.

Nunya says:

I have had nothing but problems using my pc MasterCard since they got rid of the debit cards and started “updating” the system. Over the last 2 years I am constantly locked out of my account as it never recognises my username or password and I’m forced to call customer service and change my information every time. They are polite but not helpful as all I hear from the representatives is “they’re working on it”. I am extremely unhappy with this service and have complained numerous times with no change in my service. I can no longer recommend this company as I have wasted too much of my time calling the help line when all I want to do is pay my statement.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Nunya,

Thanks for coming to GreedyRates. We’re very sorry to hear that you’re having a frustrating time getting into your account reliably, especially since PC decided to upgrade their system and other aspects of their business. The truth is that a credit card or any other financial product is only as good as the customer support team behind it, and so when you’re faced with a card you like but a team that is unhelpful, it’s worthwhile to consider a switch.

If you’re not opposed to making a final payment and closing out your account, or simply transferring your balances elsewhere, then you can easily do so. The PC Mastercard is great for those who grocery shop and spend a lot of money at the pump, and so if you want a comparable card with a more attentive support team, we’d recommend Tangerine. Their Money-Back credit card allows you to pick where you get the most cash back from ten custom purchase categories, ensuring that your money earns most where it’s spent most.


Zarine says:

The credit card itself is quite awesome as you earn points and redeem them. The company is really bad, they give the worst customer service. I have been having problems with logging in my mobile app, i have called them so many times, most of the call center agents are very unprofessional and have no idea of their job. Overall I call them every week, waste my time in their stupid questions and don’t get any solution. I am starting to think of cancelling my card because of their bad service.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Zarine,

We’re glad that you’re loving your awesome PC Financial World Elite Mastercard! The team at GreedyRates are also big fans, and you’re right that the PC points system is something that’s really underappreciated in the marketplace. It’s a shame you aren’t being served by the bank’s customer support team, however. If you have card-related questions go ahead and ask us, but if it’s your personal account or something on PC’s side that you need help with, you’ll have to try them again. We normally find that PC has great service so maybe another call will redeem them in your eyes. Best of luck!

GreedyRates Staff

Floyd says:

I used this card all the time and would pay it off as quickly as possible to avoid interest and penalties.

In doing so I would use my card at mobile one stations to fill up with gas and then pay the card off as soon as I could. But because I payed off the card before they could charge me interest I stopped receiving points for gas. Any other $100+ purchase that was paid off fast I would not receive the points either.

On top of that I had to work out what was going on myself because customer service never did tell me what was going on, only that they were looking into it.

The card has sat in my desk since.

I would not recommend this Card or PC financial.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Floyd!

Interesting comment. If you had been using the PC card and paying the entire bill before it came due, then perhaps this is the reason you hadn’t received points for relevant purchases. PC says that points arrive to your account as soon as a transaction is posted to your statement, but it’s possible that being “posted to your statement” is not something that occurs after the transaction but instead at the end of the month when the full list of transactions is tallied. If you paid them off before they could hit the statement, then PC hadn’t actually seen them and couldn’t reward the requisite amount of points. We’ll double check and confirm in this comment if we can.

It seems like other customers have reported similar issues, just with a quick search engine inquiry we found other cases of this happening. Ultimately, PC customer service and rewards infrastructure is quite robust, so we’re confident that these are fringe cases and not the norm. Regardless, if you’re done with the card, let us know what you’re looking for! We’d be happy to provide some recommendations.


Theresa says:

We like our PC elite card and use it for everything but gas ( use Costco ). Our out of province insurance with my husband’s retirement pension plan has cut us off because he’s now 75. Is there credit card that would have a reasonable rate for us ? ( Ontario residents)

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Theresa,

Great question. We’re sorry to hear your emergency travel medical insurance has run out with your husband’s pension plan and will try to offer a couple suggestions. Unfortunately, few credit cards provide decent travel medical insurance for the 65 and older age group, and even the most impressive of the cards which do cover 65+ cardholders (like the Desjardins Odyssey World Elite card or the National Bank World Elite card) cut off coverage once the cardholder or the eligible party turns 75. For those between 65 and 74, both cards offer 15 days of travel medical coverage, and both direct cardholders over 75 to contact the bank for questions about extended coverage.

This would be your first avenue to explore. Call the bank, or even your own bank which is in charge of the credit cards you already have to explain your situation. Remember that it isn’t the bank which is administering insurance but its partner, and traditional insurance companies are exceedingly flexible. Another option is to get a la carte travel insurance from one of the many great companies online. First try calling Desjardins and National Bank to compare how much their coverage would cost, though, as these cards are far superior options than standalone insurance due to their other generous benefits. Best of luck!


Pete says:

Waiting for my new World Elite MC in mail,,,,can I request a 2nd card for my spouse?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Pete,

Appreciate the comment. Since you said that your new PC World Elite Mastercard is on its way in the mail (congratulations, by the way!) then you’ve already been approved and can therefore likely request a supplementary card for your spouse without issue. While we don’t expressly see that they offer a secondary or supplementary card, it’s improbable that they don’t. The only trouble you might run into is verifying that you’re a customer using the automated phone menu or online portal, since you don’t yet have the physical card. This is why you should just call a PC customer support representative and request the card through them. Just explain you’re a new cardholder and don’t want to wait for snail mail to arrive before getting your spouse a card. Best of luck!


M,D. says:

I have had the PC financial World card for years, this is not the “Elite”..? I want to be able to use the travel insurance, as Scotiabank American Express, which we had, dropped their coverage from ten day to 3 days, useless…Does my card the non elite, have travel insurance?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey M.D.,

The article above is discussing the PC Financial World Elite card, which offers many of the same benefits as your PC Financial World card, but accelerated earnings and some additional perks. One of these perks is the inclusion of emergency medical traveller’s insurance—offering coverage for you and your family for up to $1,000,000 for 10 days if you’re under 65. Your PC Financial World card doesn’t offer any medical insurance, but you can call PC and ask for an upgrade very easily. If you’ve been a reliable customer for years, and they’re familiar with your other assets, you have a chance to make the switch without issue. Good luck.


M_Toronto says:

I meet the income criteria but have only 6-7 months of Credit History in Canada (10 years in the US). Will I be eligible for this card? Dont want a hit on my credit if I will be declined.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey M_Toronto,

Interesting inquiry—we appreciate you bringing it to us. Essentially, it’s very important for you to have a good credit score if you’re applying for a World Elite card (since they’re upper-tier rewards cards) but there are more factors than just credit involved. For example, you said your income is high so that works in your favor. If you’re truly only in Canada for 6 or 7 months, then before applying we recommend that you do a credit report here so you can learn how Canadian financial institutions will treat you. TransUnion or Equifax should be able to tell you your score for free, but you’ll need to pay for a full report.

Even if your credit ends up being middle-ground, you can still overcome your newness to Canada by meeting with a PC Financial Bank representative in person, with all the pertinent details already printed out (bank statements elsewhere, assets, income, existing loans etc.). Usually face-to-face applicants are forgiven for their shortcoming because it’s not a machine reading their application. If you’re able to provide proof of your creditworthiness in the US, they will find a way to put a PC credit card in your hands.

After requesting your credit report you may figure out that your score is pretty healthy, as the total time you’ve spent as a resident doesn’t have as much bearing on your credit as you might think. It’s possible to build a good score quickly, in some circumstances. Finally, your last option would be something like the Home Trust Secured Visa. With it, you’ll be able to use your income to create a credit limit by depositing with Home Trust and build your score in the meantime. Best of luck!


M_Toronto says:

Updating the convo, we were approved for the Elite card with a very low credit limit. We were told that credit limit can be reviewed in 6 months. So, for newcomers to Canada, even if you have no history but high enough income, approval should not be a problem.

Snoopy says:

Thanks for this wonderful review! Do they cap earning power once you spent X dollars on groceries and your earn rate drop?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Snoopy!

Great username and thanks for the appreciation. Regarding your question about the PC Financial World Elite Mastercard, one of its best features is the sheer amount of rewards you can earn by shopping at popular groceries and gas stations in Canada. Key to this earnings power is that there are no limits on the number of rewards you can earn at a certain rate—meaning no downgrades once you hit, for example, $25,000 in spending during the year. Thanks again and let us know always if you’ve got an urgent question!


ray says:

how can you spend $25,000 when you only have $500 credit limit. Why even require myself to have $90,000 per year in earnings when you only give me 500

Nate Siegel says:

Hey Ray,

Sounds like you were approved for a credit limit that doesn’t match your needs! Oops. All we can suggest is that you call up PC and request an expansion of your credit limit. They’ll entertain your request and make it if they can, but be warned that the intention to use it immediately (by “spending” $25,000) isn’t something a loan agent wants to hear. Creditworthiness is about more than income, and so if your report contains bad marks on debt-to-income, utilized credit, open loans or missed payments, then it’s no surprise their limit wasn’t sufficient! We hope that isn’t the case.



Was with pc for more than 5 years , had no missed payment and when I moved to new address, forgot to change the address with pc financial, and mistakenly missed 2 payments, pc financial sent the letter to credit bureau which racked by credit history. This is how you treat your loyal customer? Am I not eligible to receive any written mail before you inform to credit bureau? This is so disappointing, I paid all amount in no time and cancelled the card. I would never recommend pc financial to anyone.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Yadav,

So sorry this happened to you! It’s understandable to be flustered and distracted when you’re moving apartments or homes, and if you’re used to paying bills only after receiving a paper mail (rather than e-statements) then we can see how you let it slip your mind. However, it is important for you to know that in the future, paying online is more convenient and will help you avoid this problem. Missing not only one, but two payments due to your move isn’t good!

However, you’re still able to redeem yourself a bit by paying the bill (nice job) and asking them to update the status of the payment on your credit report. Ensure that it’s labelled correctly (PAID) before trying to open up another card, and eventually it’ll fall off your report and stop affecting your credit. In fact, it’s probably smart of you to order a full credit report now, which we recommend people do every few years to make sure there isn’t anything unexpected that might be dragging down their score. Good luck.


Scott says:

Been very happy with this card for many years now. However at our Superstore gas bar, they have held the cash back at 7 cents per litre which was great when gas was 1.20, but now it is 1.65 and that is less than 4% back now. Also they sold the gas bar to Mobil and the future of the WE MC discount is unknown. Still can’t beat this card for groceries given that Superstore already has the lowest prices by a wide margin around here (Victoria BC)

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Scott,

Nice shout-out! Much appreciated, and absolutely agreed upon from our end as well. The PC Mastercard is one of the best options for budget-conscious grocery shoppers in Canada, because it offers so many stacking benefits and savings features for these cardholders. PC Optimum points can be used right at the register to pay for groceries, and you’ll earn these points at a rapid rate of 30 points per $1 spent at Superstore (like you mentioned) but also Zehrs, Independent, Valu-Mart, No Frills, Loblaws, and more. Boost that to 45 points per $1 if you’re shopping at Shopper Drug Mart or filling up at Esso and Mobil stations across Canada. With these destinations already offering some of the best prices in Canada, as you know, there are few cards better for saving on everyday purchases. We’re glad you discovered the same!


Stephane says:

I paid $8,000 towards my credit card. PC dropped my limit with the excuse that I bought a new vehicle, which affected my credit. They dropped my limit without telling me anything. I was out of town and was unable to pay for my hotel. I called Customer Service and nothing was done to help me. How can they just do this after being paid $8,000? If I were a threat, would I be paying $8,000?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Stephane,

Sorry to hear that your limit was lowered and that it caused you to hit some potentially embarrassing financial obstacles. Though it might seem nonsensical, there generally is some rhyme and reason to how banks operate, and in this case you’re probably correct that the sudden limit drop was due to your new vehicle purchase. For a bank, the repayment of debt is nice but expected, so they won’t see this as a reason to keep your limit where it is or raise it further. Given this perspective, that $8,000 wasn’t “paid” to the bank more so than it was “repaid” from money already borrowed.

However, it doesn’t matter because your limit is already lower than you want it to be. Thankfully, if you aren’t happy with it then you can exercise your right as a consumer and take your business elsewhere. The first step would be to threaten to do so by calling customer service and telling them you’re unhappy with your limit and that if it can’t get raised, you’ll transfer your balance to MBNA or elsewhere. PC wants to keep you as a customer, and they won’t call your bluff. We’ve seen it work countless times.

If there’s something we’re missing, or if you’re unable to get the resolution you want, then email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you out from there. Chances are that you can find a card better than the PC one you’ve held onto throughout these problems, and we’ll prove it to you.


Noob says:

I saw the following on their website: A minimum annual personal income of $80,000 or household income of $150,000 is required for a new PC Financial® World Elite Mastercard®. To upgrade from another PC Financial Mastercard, the same income or a minimum $25,000 annual spending on the card is required.

What does it mean by “the same income”? Meaning the minimum 80k/150k? If a minimum spending of 25k on the card is required, then people can’t get the card for solely the free insurance.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Noob!

Thanks for the request for clarification. If the annual income requirement for the PC World Elite Mastercard is $80,000 or $150,000 household (as it is for all World Elite cards in Canada), then there’s no escaping it. The language PC uses means that to upgrade to the World Elite from a different PC card, you’ll still need to show the same $80,000/$150,000 income. The only other way to qualify for the upgrade is to show PC that you’re spending a significant amount on your other cards. They’ve even made it easy and told you what your spending needs to be for them to consider compromising on their income requirement: $25,000 yearly.

If you can meet one of these criteria then apply, otherwise opt for a different card. In this case, we’re always happy to give some pertinent suggestions, based on what you want most from your card. Let us know!



The customer service is awful and really dis appointing. I was on the line waiting for one hour just to ask a question, but nobody answered my question. I do not recommend it

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Sasan,

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with PC Financial customer service! We usually hear the opposite, and PC is actually known for its great service among other banks in the Canadian market. Perhaps you called during peak hours. This is usually our biggest problem we encounter when we need to call in to any financial organization: the phone lines are always busy in the middle of the day. Try earlier in the morning or later at night for better results. Good luck!


Tophat says:

My only complaint in that regard was when I was trying to collect my reserved rental car while traveling abroad, I did not have room on my card for the deposit as a payment hadn’t processed yet. I called PC Financial to see if my limit could be raised to accommodate and it could not due to me having a late payment within the prior 3 months. This was not what upset me but the fact that after explaining how I was now stranded in a foreign airport far from home and unable to fulfill rental obligations (was the only credit card in my name I had on me & the rental agency would not accept cash or my wife’s card, nor rebook my rental) they ended the call with, “Have a nice day.” Other than that, they have always been fantastic to work with and they continue to have my business to this day. I have recently upgraded to the World Elite and look forward to taking advantage of its benefits.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Tophat,

Great comments and observations. The PC Mastercard is one of the better cards when it comes to earning on everyday expenses, and the downside that you’re describing here will happen to any card that’s close to its limit which is used for a rental car damage deposit. Payments take time to process with every issuer and every bank, so if your credit card doesn’t have enough space on it to carry a larger preemptive damage coverage deposit then your card won’t be accepted. This is why we always stress the proper utilization ratio! Not only is it good for credit but it also makes it easier to manage situations like these.

In the future, it might be worth carrying around a prepaid or even an unsecured credit card, just in case. With a deposit of $500 to Home Trust, you’ll get approved for their Home Trust Secured Visa, which acts like a credit card and has your name on it, allowing you to use it as you would any other card. Use it sparingly and not only will it help balance out your utilization ratio, it’ll also be there to cover you when your other card’s limit is reached. The same applies with a regular credit card too, and if you’re in the market, shoot us over your ideal criteria and we’ll make some recommendations in-line with your credit profile.


Christopher L Wulff says:

I loved my PC MasterCards until the update to software last fall that made them completely incompatible with YNAB and Mint. Also the fact that their customer service reply around this issue has basically been “eff off, we don’t care about fixing it.” Then they say it’s a security issue, which is funny because no other bank or credit union has an issue with making it secure. I guess it’s on to other options now.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Christopher,

Appreciate the comment. You’re not alone in your disappointment, and customer inquiries about the lack of support for these apps has fallen on deaf ears over at PC. Lots of other cardholders are making the switch to new cards alongside yourself due to this very problem, so we have to believe that PC will fix it sooner or later, but that’s not your problem.

Virtually every other bank in the country, with some possible exceptions for smaller ones, will be compatible with applications like You Need a Budget or Mint. Go with the big banks like TD, MBNA, BMO, RBC and you’ll find no issues. If we can be of any help choosing your new card, just let us know! Send us an email at [email protected] or reply back in the comments section. Thanks!


Carina says:

I just don’t get it, I applied, got a mail that I got approved, wanted me to go a pavilion to confirm my identity, called them and no one can say how much I got approved, is this normal? And i find their customer service people is avoiding my questions..

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Carina,

Thanks for your inquiry, and congratulations on being approved for the awesome PC Financial World Elite Mastercard! It’s unfortunate that you’re finding it difficult to determine your credit limit, but if you keep trying the customer service line then you’ll get a cooperative and knowledgeable person sooner or later. We’ve also had so-so experiences with PC customer service, but this is true for most banks if you call at peak hours (unfortunately, these are also the most convenient times to call). If you’re approved, then the bank already did a hard check on your credit, so there’s really no downside to going in, confirming your identity, and receiving the card even if you don’t know what its limit is.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the level of service you’re receiving, however, then pay attention to the red flag and look for an alternative. In this case we’d be happy to oblige you with some great options for credit cards that are even better than PC’s. Looking forward to it!


Kristy I McGregor says:

Where can I get info regarding the travel insurance? I am leaving 2 weeks. Is that too soon?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Kristy,

Thanks for your follow-up comment! Feel free to simply combine your inquiries and questions into one comment in the future, even if you’re posting under an article that isn’t relevant to all of them. For more information on travel insurance available via the PC World Elite Mastercard, you can simply go on their website for a link to the details. We’ll cover it briefly here as well: The card comes with emergency medical insurance for 10 consecutive days for those under age 65, car rental collision and damage waiver insurance, identity theft assistance and a concierge service available 24/7.

Though definitely not as comprehensive an insurance suite as other World Elite cards, which might also include trip interruption and cancellation insurance (see the BMO Air Miles World Elite Mastercard), it’s still a good deal for those who shop frequently with PC and partner brands. If the insurance isn’t sufficient, we’d be happy to provide other suggestions along the lines of the BMO card mentioned earlier, but adjusted to your specific needs. Let us know at [email protected]. Thanks again.


Kristy I McGregor says:

Is there any insurance on concert tickets purchased that I cannot attend?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Kristy,

Unfortunately, we don’t believe that there’s any card out there that will reimburse you for concert tickets you bought and ended up not being able to use, regardless of the reason. PC’s World Elite card is no different, and though it does offer nice emergency travel medical insurance, car rental collision and damage coverage and more, you won’t be able to make any kind of claim on concert tickets or even airline tickets. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!


Heather says:

Does the PC World Elite MC give access to airport lounges?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Heather,

Appreciate the great question about PC’s World Elite Mastercard. Though the card is excellent for grocery shoppers and other everyday use, it’s one of the few (if not the only) World Elite card that does not have airport lounge membership nor free annual passes. If this is a feature that you value highly (if you frequently find yourself on a layover, for example) then check out the BMO Air Miles World Elite Mastercard. This one offers LoungeKey membership and free passes, but not as many as the Scotia Passport Visa Infinite.

The latter card, funnily enough, has a lower annual income requirement of just $60,000, but offers a greater number of free annual VIP lounge passes. You’ll enjoy 6 (six!) free entries into any of the hundreds of these lounges every year, and for most people this means that they simply don’t spend time in the “basic” parts of the airport—ever. What a luxury!


Tom Prosper says:

Hi GreedyRates
I’m travelling to Europe in a few months and was able to register my PC MC World Elite card with LoungeKey. I was advised to show my card at the lounge entrance but would but my card would be charged 27$ US for access. Was I misinformed?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Tom,

Great question. For the PC World Elite Mastercard, you don’t receive complimentary membership to LoungeKey or any free entry passes, as you would with a card like the Scotia Passport Visa Infinite, for instance. This means that not only did you need to manually sign up for the LoungeKey program (as you’re aware), but that depending on your membership type, you’ll still need to pay to get into the lounge each time. Membership gives you the ability to enter, for a price.

You can opt to pay more each year for the more expensive LoungeKey account and get discounted or free entry into the lounge, but your membership entry cost is $27. Consider yourself lucky—even if non-members wanted to pay to get in, they couldn’t! This is essentially what the value is behind LoungeKey and other programs like it. Hope that helps.


Rob says:

I have the World Elite MC. My trip is 11 days. Does coverage stop on day 11? How should I get covered for the final day?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the great question about how coverage works with travel insurance on the PC Financial World Elite card. As you’re aware, the card’s free travel medical coverage lasts for 10 days, beginning on the day you depart. With a trip length of 11 days, you will not be able to call the insurance provider and get reimbursed for your any medical bills paid on this last day. If you’re worried about a medical emergency occuring and not being able to avail of your coverage to get reimbursed, you’d best call PC and inquire about extending your coverage for an extra day, which is easy to do and won’t be very expensive.

Most credit cards with any type of insurance will connect you with their insurance provider and provide extension of any length, depending on what cardholders need. It should take no more than a few minutes, but if you encounter any issues when talking to PC let us know! Thanks again and have a safe trip.

GreedyRates Staff

Rena R says:

Hi, a question abour extended warranty. So i purchased a new set of tires for my SUV from my dealership ‘s service department and charged to PC world Mastercard. The purchase comes with a 2-year roadside hazard coverage for the tires (free flat’s repair at that dealership, for example). This is advertised by the retailer, and nothing to do with the tires’ manufacturer. Does this roadside hazard get the extended warranty as well?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Rena,

Thanks for the comment. If you’re wondering whether the extended warranties perk applies to your dealership or retailer’s warranty-like promotion, we think it probably doesn’t apply. PC specifies that the extension of up to 1 year is only for original manufacturers’ warranties, not for promotions coming from third party retail stores. We encourage you to inquire at the store if they’re advertising their own promotion or if it’s the original manufacturer’s warranty (from Goodyear for example). Good luck!

The GreedyRates Team

Roselyn L. says:

I have the World Elite MC. When it comes to car rental insurance, I am wondering if the card holder should be the one driving the car rental in order for the insurance to be valid. I have rented a car and travelling with my husband and a family friend and am planning to be mostly just the passenger. Thank you.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Roselyn,
Good to hear from you! Surprisingly, we’ve never encountered this question before, so we did a bit of digging in the fine print for all World Elite Mastercards to see what you need to worry about regarding other rental car drivers. In the fine print of the insurance terms and conditions, which you can access online or with the documents sent alongside your card, you’ll find a section called Exclusions. Exclusion number 12 states that the insurance will not cover accidents or damage “Resulting from operation of the Rental Vehicle by any person other than authorized drivers specified in the Rental Agreement”.
To us, this means that you can get covered for any damage that other drivers are responsible for, as long as they’re included in the original rental agreement. Most rental places allow you to add authorized drivers for a small fee, so this is likely what clause 12 is referencing. This makes sense to us, because if you’ve paid for the rental with your World Elite card, the car itself is covered (to an extent), and it won’t matter who driving it as long as the rental agency has them listed on paper somewhere.

Romeo says:


The auto rental collision insurance covers any licenced driver (including out of country licence holders) provided the person who has executed the transaction allows the “any” licenced driver to operate the vehicle.

Furthermore, I did have a TD Aeroplan Platinum Visa with the same feature and it specifically mentioned (…or another licenced driver). I did have a claim in 2014 and at the time possessed a non-Canadian/non-American DL. Allianz did honor the claim and paid the rental $37xx in damages.

Rental companies seem to be unaware of the fine prints of credit cards so they will most probably tell you “do not let another driver operate or you won’t be covered” but that is untrue. Besides, the claim will be covered by credit card insurance and not the rental company itself.

Also, PC WE MC is the first I am seeing which mentions that you are covered for up to 31 consecutive days of a rental period; whereas I am accustomed to seeing 48 consecutive days.

The term “…not so authorized…” is supposed to imply that the driver in operation was authorized by the renter to do so.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Romeo,

Thanks very much for stopping by GreedyRates and commenting about the “authorized driver” concept as it applies to rental car insurance on credit cards. This is how it usually works when it comes to rental car damage and collision coverage. As long as the driver is registered with the rental company, you’ll be able to enjoy coverage if an accident happens while they’re driving. You’re right on two accounts as well: most rental companies either don’t know the specifics of this arrangement or simply want to make a sale and will therefore encourage you to buy extra coverage you might not need. Don’t fall for it!

You’re also correct that the credit card fine print leaves room for authorized drivers specifically with the line about drivers “…not so authorized”. If you’re looking for the best rental car coverage and aren’t happy with the 31 days of consecutive coverage provided by the PC World Elite card, check out our article on this subject specifically. We can also recommend some to you if you want to send us a short list of card criteria that you desire other than rental car coverage for 48 days. Looking forward to hearing back from you!


Romeo says:

It is nice to see a reply to my post.

And I do appreciate your offer. However, I do already have a Collabria Travel Rewards Gold MC via Affinity Credit Union which gives me auto rental collision coverage for up to 48 consecutive days in addition to other travel and purchase perks which all good cards have. I do also have trip cancellation insurance.
https://www.affinitycu.ca/banking/ways-to-bank/ways-to-pay/credit-cards/personal-credit-cards (for a full list of benefits)
It has more benefits than PC World Elite MC. World Elite looks like a fancy thing to have in your wallet but isn’t the best “travel” credit card. That’s not to say it isn’t a nice card overall.

I do not have a PC WE MC. I just upgraded to a PC W MC from their regular MC. Only their World Elite MC has the exclusive auto rental collision feature and their World MC does not.

Joe says:

Not a bad card, but inept administration. After one month I’m still not able to verify my card and get online access to my account. They have excellent and innumerable excuses, but no solution. It’s an IT problem. That’s comforting.

Bee says:

agreed. I have had my card for a little more than a month, same issue and I have to check every single time I shop that I got my points. I have filled out ‘missing points from transaction’ report almost every single time. So, if your not on top of it you dont get points.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Bee,

Thanks for the interesting comment on your PC Financial World Elite Mastercard. We’re sorry that some aspects of the card aren’t ideal, namely that if you see an eligible transaction hasn’t been awarded the appropriate amount of points, that you need to manually apply the points via a fill-in form that PC provides. Some banks don’t do this, leaving you to guess why they didn’t categorize a purchase as eligible, and change your shopping habits (or continue to make the same mistakes). In the end, if you still see the same issue occurring and are getting sick of the ‘missing points from transaction’ form, then consider switching to a different card. When that day comes just let us know and we’ll happily provide a better suggestion. Thanks!


Beverley Castelli says:

Is trip cancellation available on PC World Elite Credit card. Medical is not required.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Beverly!

Unfortunately, trip cancellation insurance isn’t available with the PC World Elite Mastercard. It offers emergency medical coverage and a collision damage waiver for your rental cars, but that’s it in terms of insurance. If you say that you don’t need medical insurance, then one of the card’s major perks isn’t applicable to you, and that’s enough for you to consider getting a different card. Can we suggest a card like the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card?

It offers a plethora of benefits you might find useful, such as the six VIP passes to airport lounges every year, fast accrual of Scotia points, and of course, trip cancellation insurance coverage of $2,500 per person or $10,000 for a group. BMO’s World Elite Mastercard also has perks similar to this and the exact same amount of trip cancellation coverage. Furthermore, both cards have an income requirement that runs parallel with any other World Elite card (though Scotia’s is only $60,000). Check them out if you like or if you want other suggestions and more personal guidance, feel free to email us at [email protected].

GreedyRates Staff

Marsy says:

Hello. I have the PC world elite master card. I understand it offers travel insurance for 10 days. How does that work if your trip is 14 days?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Marsy,

This is a good question. When one sees that their credit card offers a certain period of travel medical coverage, it doesn’t explicitly say whether or not trips of longer length are covered. If you purchase a trip for 14 days and only have 10 days of coverage provided by your card, it doesn’t mean that you get zero coverage, it means that the first 10 days of your trip after the initial date of departure are covered. At midnight on the 11th day, your coverage will end. However, you can always call the credit card issuer and request an extension to this coverage, or your other types of insurance coverage like flight delay or trip cancellation, and they’ll tell you how much it costs per day (or week) and bill you directly. It’s super easy. Hope that helps!


Renee Sanders says:

I was at a PC store today. the person at the financial kiosk told me there is no international transaction fee with a pc world elite mastercard. Since I can’t find that in writing anywhere, I assume he was incorrect. Can you clarify?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Renee,

Thanks for your comment. This is a bit strange for us to need to contest what a PC representative said, but because it was a salesman that makes it much easier. We won’t assume that the salesperson was intentionally misinforming you, but it says directly on PC’s page for the card that the foreign transaction fee is 2.50%. Perhaps he meant that they don’t add an additional fee above the standard 2.50%, but either way, expect to pay these fees when you hold the World Elite card.


Christopher Field says:

Just got off the phone with PC Mastercard Insurance. Laptops are covered for 90 days.
No Extended Warranty of any kind for Laptop purchases. (iPhone is covered)

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Christopher,

Appreciate your coming to inform us about the purchase coverage specifics you discovered about the PC Financial card. Generally, it makes sense to us that a laptop would be covered for damage and theft post-purchase, but not extended warranties. Most laptops don’t come with a manufacturer’s warranty (this is something that’s usually purchased separately for extra), so there’s really nothing to “extend” anyway. Regarding the iPhone coverage, however, this is a benefit that many will appreciate. Thanks for reminding our readers how useful these benefits can be!


Sudesh says:

Hi most laptops come with manufacturer warranty. ie dell comes with 1 year parts and labor warranty. I bought a laptop about 14 months ago and I paid with my pc world elite MasterCard . So it should be covered by my PC Card Insaurence since it came with manufacturers warranty. ??

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Sudesh,

Great question, thanks for bringing it to our attention. We weren’t sure initially whether PC’s insurance covers laptops, but after a deep dive into the insurance pamphlet that you received with the card (also available online) we found an answer. Apparently, the extended warranty does not cover computer hardware, accessories, or peripherals of any kind. This means your laptop’s warranty is the only thing protecting it, and that if you want to extend this warranty you’ll need to do it through the manufacturer. Since you purchased it 14 months ago, it may already be expired, so to cover yourself in the case of future damage we’d recommend protecting it with additional insurance. Good luck!


Mary-Lou Phoenix Sheeler says:

I have the PC Master Card for ages and was able to periodically check my purchases and points balance on line.This was very helpful to me in that I could compare my records with theirs.Then the security was upgraded and ever since I have no access to my information. I have talked to three ‘people on the ‘help line,’ and have corresponded by email. Nothing nor anyone helps and I am still barred from my own Master Card site. I can see no advantage to a security upgrade that disallows even the card holder’s access to their own information. PC Master Card needs to upgrade its employees so that card holders can be guided through restoring their on line access. This is not only frustrating, but it is singularly irritating.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Mary-Lou,

Thanks for the comment! We’re sorry you’ve been frustrated lately with PC, and the changes they’ve made to their website. If you’re negatively affected by any changes to the site and need help accessing your balance and list of purchases on credit, account details and other personal information, a PC representative should be able to help you over the phone. You should always have access to your own account information and no bank will block you from it. It sounds to us like this could also be a temporary gap in PC employee training, and that they may not yet know how to help customers with the newest features of the site.

We see two solutions for you. One is simply to wait a few days, or a week and then call back. By then the issue may be resolved. You might also have luck by going into a PC branch and getting personal face-to-face assistance accessing your online account. We’re sorry we can’t help further!

GreedyRates Staff

peter says:

PC master card hits you hard if you use you land up in financial tough times. This card will create havoc to your cedit score and there by your financial well being. Beware of going beyond the top banks for a credit card, and do not get fooled by salespeople in grocery stores. That’s how I got a PC card in no frills.

I maxed out my PC card, due to tough financial situation for couple of months. My credit score dropped 200 points due to high utilization. Since then I paid off my 95% balance in four months, and PC decreased my credit limit to the amount I paid every single month and now my credit limit is only 1000. Due to this behaviour my utilization ratio never recovered although I got rid of my credit balance, and there is no significant improvement in credit score.
I could not get any good credit product, as my credit score was not recovering because PC was continuously reducing my credit limit. It is taking me long time to recover my credit score because of PC financial predatory attitude. Any other top bank would never do this, and I would have recovered my credit score in couple of months.
I never seen any credit company reduce credit limit anywhere in the world, every time you pay off the credit card balance.

So beware of PC master card, and go for a top banking company. PC will ruin you financially, if you get into tough times once. I understand now that PC does it deliberately, so as to ensure that your credit score never recovers and you become ineligible for less interest credit products and you continue to pay high interest to PC. Otherwise I could have got a 0% balance transfer card or low interst loan and avoided paying huge interest to PC in these months.

Iam expecting PC might cancel my card, and then it will take couple of months for me to recover my credit score.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the thorough and enlightening comment about your experiences with PC. We’re sorry to hear about the tough times you faced financially, but it’s great that you persevered and managed to pay off your balance. If we understand correctly, you had to max out your credit limit and take a hit to your score temporarily, but now you can’t get it back up even though your balance is fully paid. If PC isn’t raising your credit score and forcing you to utilize 100% of your credit every month (even if you pay it off), then you should consider using some of your extra cash now that you’ve paid your balance to open a secured credit card.

You don’t need a stellar credit score to open a secured card account, so take $500 and apply for a card like the Home Trust Secured Visa or the Refresh Financial Secured Visa. You’ll have greater financial flexibility, access to credit, and can reduce the utilization on your PC card as well. With diligent use of both cards at the 30% utilization ratio, you should be able to move your score up again. Then you can apply for a balance transfer card at a low rate, move your smaller balances over there and get out from under it all. If you need assistance with this journey, just let us know by commenting or emailing us at [email protected]. Thanks!

GreedyRates Staff

Simon says:

Fantasticc advice. You guys are great! Love this website!

Joe says:

Hello when was the inception of this card? Card state date? more for my curiosity than anything.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Joe,

We’re not sure of the exact day when it arrived. However, we do know that the PC Financial World Elite card was first introduced to Canadian markets in late 2015, and at the time it was the first no-fee World Elite card in Canada. While this is no longer true (we’re referencing the Rogers World Elite Mastercard and some others), it still holds up strong against the current market and represents an amazing pickup for those who spend a lot of money in PC-branded stores and on President’s Choice products from places like Provigo. Thanks!


Michele says:

I’ve had a PC card for 10 years and the World Elite for the last year. I loved the card because I could redeem points for gas. Now that they’ve taken that away I have all these points that keep accumulating that I don’t know what to do with. I don’t buy groceries or anything from PC Financial’s affiliates. I do purchase stuff from Shoppers but not enough. I buy all my groceries and items from small independent health food stores and grow a lot of my own food. So, I’m looking for another card to compliment or replace this one that will give me cash back fairly quickly (ie free gas card) at a rate of return that’s complimentary to this card. Any suggestions?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Greetings Michele,

We totally understand why your PC card isn’t ideal for your situation. With few expenses from grocery purchases (it’s awesome that you grow your own food!) and nothing to spend rewards on, you’re much better off with a card that reduces your gas costs over anything else. We think you should cancel your PC card, but not before spending those accumulated points on something—anything—just to get your value out of it.

The Triangle World Elite Mastercard could be a good option if you spend a lot of money at Canadian Tire, whether on merchandise or to fill up your tanks. You’ll earn 4.00% in Canadian Tire Money, which can then be spent at Canadian Tire in return. There’s also the benefit of earning 7 cents back per litre on gas at Canadian Tire, and 5 cents back per litre elsewhere.

The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Cash Back card is another great option, which offers 4.00% cash back (an industry-best rate) on all gas and grocery purchases, 2.00% on recurring bill payments, and 1.00% everywhere else. If you’re into cash back, there are a lot of cards that will be relevant for you. We recommend checking out this page and browsing the cards that offer cash back on gas specifically.

The GreedyRates Team

Joe says:

I can’t seem to find any info on this but, would they allow you to purchase a pre-paid Visa or Mastercard with the points? This would be a way to use the points for other purchases and not just for just groceries at their affiliates.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Joe,

We did a little digging on this matter for you and discovered that our initial inklings about the card were correct. In our experience, issuers discovered the trick of using points for gift cards and other prepaid cards a long time ago–and put a stop to it unless explicitly stated otherwise. PC Optimum is no exception, and the fine print of the program has this to say:

“PC Optimum points cannot be earned or redeemed for any of the following: (i) the purchase of tobacco, lottery tickets, or alcohol, (ii) deposits (e.g., a water bottle deposit, as it is not a purchase), (iii) gift cards, prepaid card products and wireless or long distance phone cards, (iv) transit tickets and passes, event tickets and post office transactions; (v) passport photos, (vi) cash back, (vii) gifts with purchases, [and] (viii) delivery charges.”

Hope that helps!

Ryan F. says:

Use the points to buy gift cards for the places you do shop/eat. (Amazon, ITunes, The Keg, etc)I saved a ton of money last year at Christmas buying pre-paid Visa, pre-paid Master Cards and Playstation gift cards from Superstore using only PC points. You do NOT have to just spend it on food in store.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Ryan,

What an awesome comment! We try to emphasize this exact point in reviews of the PC Financial card and others like it—many banks don’t advertise that their credit rewards points are more flexible if you simply redeem them for gift cards. They hold the same redemption value on gift cards, which are cash equivalent, relative to other rewards. This means that cardholders like yourself can effectively convert their points to “cash” by buying prepaid cards like Visas when available, or gift cards applicable for retail electronics stores and other premium shops.

While many PC cardholders also enjoy the ability to get big discounts on their favorite restaurants and groceries, your creativity is another excellent example of why we recommend this card. Thanks very much!

GreedyRates Staff

Judy says:

I have had the PC Financial World for years, but would like to get the World Elite. Do you know how sticky they are on the $80,000 minimum income?

GreedyRates says:

Hi Judy! Thanks so much for your excellent comment. PC Financial states on their website that the minimum annual income you need to achieve eligibility for the World Elite card is $80,000. In practice, it works differently. The requirement of $80,000 is somewhat flexible for applicants who can demonstrate excellent credit and other considerations that PC doesn’t publish. PC is particularly favorable toward current PC customers that want to upgrade to the World Elite, even if they don’t make the income requirement.

Approach the situation by calling PC and merely inquiring about the World Elite card. Tell them your account details and that you’re a happy customer, but are curious about the World Elite card’s benefits. They’ll fill you in and likely offer the upgrade.

GreedyRates Staff

Amal De Silva says:

it’s really hard to track them as for that you should go to you pc Optimum account, and it’s absolutely not clear for which transaction you receive . I suggested to customer service that we should see the points next to you PM MasterCard transaction – the most transparent way!


I’ve been using this card for several years already and just took for granted that i received all the points i was promised. Now i checked recent transactions and found out that i just do not received points for some transactions. I asked for support and was granted some points. But the problem remains. A week later i found out that again i miss points. And it’s really hard to track them as for that you should go to you pc Optimum account, and it’s absolutely not clear for which transaction you receive . I suggested to customer service that we should see the points next to you PM MasterCard transaction – the most transparent way!

Amal De Silva says:

Agreed …!

Joe says:

It looks like i could give up my fee mbna world elite, giving 2 per cent in favour of a combination of pc mastercard giving three per cent for groceries and possibly gas at esso, and tangerine, with which you could target a few areas for higher cash return. What are your thoughts on this strategy?
Thanks joe

GreedyRates says:

Hey Joe! Thanks for your comment. The strategy that you’ve outlined is pretty solid. If you aren’t a fan of higher annual fees, the combination of the PC Mastercard and the Tangerine card would satisfy your preferences and also give worthwhile rewards. Essentially, with groceries and possibly gas covered by the former card, you can choose between 2 and 3 different categories for 2.00% cash back with the Tangerine card, thereby getting big rewards on whatever you purchase. We say go for it, but request that you let us know how effective your strategy is after a few months. If you’ve found a more pertinent combo, perhaps we’ll put it in one of our articles so other readers can take advantage!

You can learn more about the Tangerine card by reading our full Tangerine Money-Back Card review.

GreedyRates Staff

Peter Johnson says:

It is so frustrating trying to get my points since the change over last month….i hope the person in charge of this makes sure to go back and compensate people for this blunder.Im out lots of points,I thought they could automatically figure this out but for some reason they can’t.

JM says:

In March 2017, some posters indicated that they were not receiving points equal to the 3% when shopping at No Frills. I’m considering this card, and currently use the TD Cash Back Visa, which gives me 3% on grocery purchases. I have to purchase gift cards at Zehrs to use at No Frills, as the latter doesn’t accept Visa. Using the PC WE mastercard would eliminate this, but I’m not signing up if the return would be less than 3%. Did anyone conclude if items purchased with points offers from PC points only yield 1% as was suggested in the post from March? It seems like a reasonable policy to eliminate double dipping (points offer + 3% cashback), however, it would be a deal-breaker for me.

JM says:

To answer my own question on this, I got the card about a month ago and have been watching my points carefully to verify the 3%. I’ve only the used the card at Loblaws stores, and can confirm that after nine transactions at Zehrs and No Frills, my points earned represent exactly 3% of my spend. This is despite earning about 180,000 additional points through regular, in-store and special offers. It appears that the 3% is legit and isn’t affected by other points offers as previous posters had suggested.

Mike says:

One of the biggest perks you fail to mention is the PC Points on gas purchases. If you use Loblaws gas stations found at most larger stores you get 7 points per litre. That’s by far the best return from any gas station. And they have an agreement with Esso in Western Canada there’s 3 points per litre cash back using the card.

GreedyRates says:

Wow, thanks Mike! It’s great that readers like you notice further bonuses that we don’t. This is why we encourage people to come and post their experiences with the cards we review. We’ll be sure to take your findings into account for the future! Thanks again.

GreedyRates Staff

Sandra says:

Does the pic elite card cover travel insurance

GreedyRates says:

Hey Sandra, thanks for your question! The PC Financial World Elite card does have 10 days of travel medical insurance – an excellent length of coverage that is one of the best in the industry. In fact, it’s the only no-fee card that offers such a great deal. For other kinds of travel insurance like rental car, trip cancellation or flight delay, there are other cards that you should look at, like the BMO World Elite. If you have any other questions, just ask. Thanks!

GreedyRates Staff

Tracy says:

One thing people need to know about this card is if you miss one payment, even if you are customer who has been with this company for many years and always paid on time, they will freeze your credit until you make a payment. Even if you are no where near your credit limit. I missed one payment and when I went to use the card to buy airline tickets that were on sale I couldn’t access my card. I missed out on the seat sale and now I am looking at having to pay an extra $500.00 per seat at the current prices. They didn’t even call or send me an email to let me know that I had missed the payment they just froze the account. I will be cancelling the card as soon as I use up the points that I have built up.

Judi Luft says:

I have just cancelled my PC MasterCard as I was having trouble getting it 2 work. When called in was told my limit was lowered. I pay it off every single month but was told I have bad credit. Advised me to call credit bureau. When I replyed I shouldn’t have to chase the credit bureau, representative kept repeating same thing over & over. Had trouble understanding her with the accent. Great benefits but if that’s how they treat loyal customers that pay their card off every month…just on the principal alone I’m done with them.

peter says:

Yes PC sucks. They kill your financial history, if you miss payment or utilize your credit card more.

PC should advertise this, I see so many comments on PC for this. They do not have right to spoil any one’s credit history.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Peter,

Thanks for the supportive comment, and readers should indeed heed your warnings about missing payments and overutilizing your credit. Banks take a stunning variety of factors into consideration when determining a credit limit, so it’s really no surprise that they scrutinize the use of that credit just as thoroughly. For example, that 30% credit utilization ratio we’re always harping on about is an industry-wide fact. Banks don’t want to see that their new customer is immediately maxing out their credit limit and doing so has a noticeable effect on one’s credit score.

The same goes for missing payments. If you can’t make the minimum monthly payment, you shouldn’t be getting the card in the first place, and the same goes for those who neglect to schedule automatic minimum payments (which nearly every bank offers). It’s a pretty low bar they set, but we understand that mistakes happen to even the most responsible cardholders. Either way, if you’re unhappy with PC, just let us know what features you are seeking from your ideal credit card, and we’ll do our best to suggest something close! Thanks again.


Tah says:

has anyone made a claim using PC world elite free medical travel insurance? My spouse is concerned free insurance won’t turn out to be reliable once a claim is made. any experience with dealing with them for a claim?

spen says:

Pretty sure it’s the same coverage as all Mastercard World Elite programs. I think the insurance is through Mastercard, not through PC.

Rob says:

I was just approved for the card. I noticed the min. annual spend is $25K. Wondering what will happen if I fall short of spending the min. annual amount.

Beth says:

From what I understand, you could literally spend no money on the card and the worst they can do is either cancel the card, or charge you a $10 fee. We were concerned about the same thing, but after looking into it, there are no actual penalties (well, except the $10).

Howard says:

Good evening,

Thank you for the great and detailed reviews, very highly appreciated.

I applied for and just used the PC World Elite Mastercard at No Frills. Although the pre-tax bill amount was $136.30, the points earned did not reflect 3% – I earned 3561 points. At the 30 PC points per $1 spent that their website suggests, I expected 4089 points. Not sure where it is buried in the fine print, so I sent an inquiry to PC Financial, now awaiting their response.

Have you or any of the readers had similar experiences? If so – are there exceptions to the 3% earning rate? Any official response from PC Financial? Or did I simply miss something in the fine print, after all?

Looking forward to your input.

Thank you,


GreedyRates says:

Hi Howard,

That shouldn’t be the case. You should have earned the full 4089 points. There was an online breach of PC Plus accounts, as reported in the news in late February, where points were stolen from individual PC Plus accounts. We’d recommend you call PC and report your discrepancy to determine the cause and possible recourse.

Hope that helps,

GreedyRates Staff

Jaclyn says:

Hi Howard,

I am experiencing the same thing when shopping at No Frills. My reward points do not reflect the 3%. Did you receive a response from PC Financial?

I noticed something in the fine print indicating “Any bonus PC points offers available to all PC Financial Mastercard customers are calculated based on the regular earnings rate of 10 PC points per dollar spent.” I’m not sure how to interpret this, but perhaps if any items on the receipt were eligible for bonus PC point offers, then the points accumulated would be 1% for those items? That is just a guess at this point.



Jay says:

Hi Howard,

I experienced the same issue. I called the PC to enquire about this after my first few purchases after receiving the credit card. The staff was not able to answer my questions related to points award and discrepancy. Frustrated enough I thanked the staff and disconnected.

Please share your experience/answer from PC.


ta says:

you only earn 3% if you shop at a loblaws stores (superstore, loblaws, shoppers, etc) I don’t think no frills is a loblaws store.

Michele says:

No frills is part of the Loblaws banner stores

Peter R says:

The PC Financial World Elite MasterCard looks like a great deal for benefits such as the free 10 day out of country travel medical insurance with no annual fee. 
Does this travel insurance cover PRE EXISTING medical issues also ?

GreedyRates says:

Hi Peter,

From our reading, and we would advise you to read it yourself, it seems that Pre-Existing Medical Conditions are not covered. A pre-existing condition is defined in the PC Financial Wrold Elite MasterCard certificate of insurance as follows:
“Pre-existing Condition means any Medical Condition for which symptoms appeared or for which an Insured Person sought the attention of a Doctor, had investigated, diagnosed or treated, had treatment or further investigation recommended, or for which medication was prescribed or altered, in the 180 days prior to the Trip departure date. A Pre-existing Condition does not include a Medical Condition which is controlled by the consistent use of medications prescribed by a Doctor, provided that, during the 180-day period, before the Insured Person’s departure, there has been no other treatment or investigation recommended and there has been no change in medication. A new medication or increase/decrease in dosage constitutes a change.”

Hope that helps!

GreedyRates Staff

Robert Levi says:

Thanks for your insight as always. I have been reading many of your posts & I am amazed at the knowledge I am gleaning from all your advice to people. Keep up the great work.

Regarding BMO , If I cancel, which I need to do as the renewal fees just kicked , i only have 90 days to redeem points before they expire & at present do not have any travel plans. Can you redeem for anything else ? (gift cards, electronics etc….).

I am contemplating getting the West Jet Master Card. However, if I am using other cash back Master Cards PC World Elite at Loblaws stores, Tangerine for gas & a few other places etc..) Even though there is a sign up bonus, Is it still worthwhile if I am not sure I will use the companion ticket ? (similar to the example given in your post) . The annual fee of $100 knocks down the $250 West Jet dollars to $150 which is a fraction of the cheapest short haul flight (i.e.Toronto- New York) . How much $ would need to be spent to get $300 West jet dollars. This is where it gets tricky on how to divide your spending. Use it on travel rewards or cash back?

Lastly, would you know if there is any way to apply & get US based credit cards? They have great sign up bonuses on a lot of their cards. Their applications usually require a Social Security # (which I have ) & can have access to a U.S. address.



GreedyRates says:

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the kind words Robert! Share our site with your friends on facebook!

First, yes you can use your BMO rewards to redeem for more than just travel. Check out the other items available for redemption in their catalogue here.

The nice thing about WestJet rewards is that you can do partial redemptions, so you can use the 250 Westjet dollars against a $400 flight, and pay the $150 balance out of pocket.

Some have been known to be successful if you’ve ever had a US social security number and a US address as well. We have a few of those people in our office! It might be easier to get approved with a store card first (Macy’s or Gap), then once oyu build a U.S. credit history start migrating your way up to US cards with heftier rewards.

GreedtRates Staff

Robert Levi says:

Hi . Great stuff as always. I have had a U.S. Citi Visa card for about 25 years, so I probablly have the credit rating needed, as well as S.S. # & US address. However i find it difficult applying online for these cards , as the income section is difficult to fill in being that they usually ask for address of employment etc… I guess I can try.

Can the BMO world elite points be transferred to Aeroplan or the like?

With West Jet , I see what you are saying, but in reality it is only $150 (still a nice amount) after the annual fee.


GreedyRates says:

Hi Robert,

1. Unfortunately no, you cannot transfer your BMO Rewards to Aeroplan.
2. Yes, you’re correct, with WestJet, the welcome bonus, after netting out the annual fee is only $150, which isn’t bad. What makes the WEstJet card is the companion ticket and the free bags. Awesome card for travelling couples and families.

GreedyRates Staff

Robert Levi says:


1. I Guess we need to redeem for gift cards.
2. I am eager to apply for the various new credit cards , being that I will be cancelling the BMO World Elite & Td First class travel. What pitfalls , if any ,are there for applying for multiple cards ?


GreedyRates says:

Hi Robert,

You do not want to apply for multiple credit cards all on the same day. You will want to space it out so that you apply every 2-3 months or so. The credit bureaus are designed to detect those who are exhibiting behaviour deemed risky by the banks. In their risk models, someone who applies for multiple credit cards in a short period of time typically does so because they are in need of money. As such, those people have shown a higher likelihood for delinquency than others. As a result, the bureaus lower your score to reflect a higher risk to the bank. That said, you can have an unlimited number of accounts, you just need to space out the applications so you don’t unintentionally send the wrong signal to the banks.

GreedyRates Staff

Robert Levi says:

I have left some posts, recently & was going to cancel my BMO world elite due to the annual fee of $150 + for the additional users. You had recommended a few options for Master Card. Has the PC one jumped to the head of the line? As well, it seems it would be best to use this for Loblaw owned stores, however for other stores it might be worth using another cash back like Tangerine to get a higher cash back.

BMO World Elite gives you 90 days to redeem your points after cancelling the card, if I do not have travel plans, would you know what is the best bang for buck on redemption

GreedyRates says:

Hi Robert,

The no-fee PC Financial World Elite MasterCard will earn you the most rewards of any card at Loblaw owned stores (3%). Like you suggested, using another no fee card for non-Loblaw purchases like the Tangerine which can get you 2% in up to 3 categories and the Rogers MasterCard which can get you 1.75% on ALL spend is a great no-fee strategy to maximize your rewards. Of course taking advantage of the no fee first year offers with welcome bonuses and 2% cashback is also a good play.

The BMO World Elite MasterCard allows you to redeem for any travel through the BMO travel center. You’re given a market rate quote, for all the airlines that travel that route, for any destination in dollars, and then you use your accumulated travel dollars to redeem for your flight. Just pick a destination and time and choose the cheapest flight available like you would on Expedia, Travelocity or any other travel comparison site.

Hope that helps,

GreedyRates Staff