PC® Mastercard® Review

Annual Fee
Purchase APR
*Standard Rate. *Basic rates may apply; see details on provider's site.
Recommended Credit Score
740 850 670 739 580 669 0 579
Min Personal Income Required
No annual fee. 10 PC points per dollar spent everywhere. 20 PC points per dollar spent at PC Travel.

The PC Optimum model is a great choice for Canadians who spend significantly on groceries and gas at the most popular stores in Canada, and who wish to earn rewards that help them defray these costs in the future. The many ways that a cardholder can accelerate their PC Optimum point earning are complemented by no annual fee, and a convenient system whereby PC points can be spent at the register. It’s easy to see why cardholders who are working hard to stick to their budgets would be drawn to this card.

PC® Mastercard® Rewards Structure

The base rate for earning PC Optimum points with the PC® Mastercard® is 10 points per $1 spent anywhere. There is no maximum number of points attainable, and the value of 1 PC Optimum point is $0.001. This may seem quite low on first glance, but note that even with this low single-point value the PC® Mastercard® is still earning the equivalent of at least 1% back for each purchase, and that’s not considering additional opportunities to earn more.

There are other purchase categories where the card earns PC Optimum points at an accelerated rate. Namely, any purchases at Esso or Mobil (gas stations) will earn 2 cents per litre in PC Optimum points. At Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix locations across Canada, the earn rate is boosted to 25 Optimum points per $1 spent—15 points per $1 just for being an Optimum member, and then 10 more for using the PC® Mastercard®. If you use the card to buy travel through PC Financial®, you’ll earn 10 extra points per $1, totaling 20 points per $1 spent on this purchase category.

When redeeming PC Optimum points, the minimum you can redeem at once is $10 worth, or 10,000 points. The points are redeemable at the register at a plethora of nationwide stores that should be familiar to every Canadian, making it easy to save regardless of where you live.

Feature Breakdown

  • $0 annual fee
  • Earn 10 points per $1 spent everywhere
  • Earn 2c per litre in PC Optimum points at Esso and Mobil
  • Earn 30 points per $1 when purchasing travel through President’s Choice
  • Earn 25 points per $1 at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix
  • Purchase insurance and extended warranties
  • Points redeemable right at the register at over 2,500 stores across Canada, min. redeemable amount of 10,000 points

Extra perks that accompany the PC® Mastercard® are always appreciated, including standard protections for newly-purchased items against theft and damage, as well as extended manufacturers’ warranties.


In comparison with the other no-annual-fee rewards cards in Canada, the PC® Mastercard® occupies the middle ground. It offers a variety of ways to accelerate rewards, whereas other no-fee cards, such as the MBNA Rewards Mastercard, offer a single flat rate of 1.00%. On the other hand, MBNA Rewards points aren’t limited to in-store redemption within a single network (as PC Optimum points are), and can instead be spent more flexibly on cash credits, gift cards and other rewards.

The card also lacks any introductory benefits currently. The BMO Air Miles Mastercard is a similarly basic rewards card that offers 500 Air Miles after a single first purchase. It would have been nice to see something similar from PC.

Who’s the Card For?

The PC® Mastercard® is beneficial for those who enjoy shopping at Loblaw, filling up gas at Esso and Mobil locations, and generally sticking to the rolodex of stores maintained by PC. The list is too long to get into here, but it includes over 2,500 locations across Canada and can be further explored on PC’s website.


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