Face Off: Nordstrom Canadian Visa Card vs. American Express Gold Rewards Card vs. Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Cash Back Card

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In truth, comparing the Nordstrom Visa card to the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite cash back card or the American Express Gold Rewards card is a bit like comparing apples to oranges. After all, each one falls into a different category of credit card. One thing that they each hold in common though is that they are all leading cards within their categories, and something Canadian cardholders can benefit from greatly. Here is a closer look at each one.

Nordstrom Canadian VISA Card Benefits

You might be thinking if you are already a member of the Nordstrom Rewards program, the VISA card is not necessary. But this isn’t the case at all. In fact, Nordstrom cardholders have a lot more benefits. While both members can convert 2,000 points into $20 bonus notes, here are some of the benefits that cardholders enjoy while Canadians who are simply part of the Rewards program do not.

Reward Members earn one point per dollar spent at any Nordstrom Canada store. This is true regardless of how you pay for your purchase (meaning purchases paid for in cash or non-Nordstrom credit cards help you accrue points). Conversely, Nordstrom Rewards cardholders earn twice that much (two points per dollar spent) in any Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack store in the US or Canada, Nordstrom.com, NordstromRack.com, Trunk Club, and HauteLook whenever they use their card.

Using your Visa card anywhere else will award 1 point per dollar spent. Additionally, Canadian cardholders gain other benefits such as:

  • A $20 bonus note upon first purchase with their cards at participating locations
  • Early access to anniversary sale items
  • Exclusive bonus point events
  • Triple Points day throughout the year (up to four per year)
  • Other random points days that reward cardholders with up to ten times the normal amount of points awarded
  • Alteration reimbursements
  • Competitively low APR rates
  • Roadside assistance and travel insurance

*Cardholders should bear in mind that points earned as a Nordstrom Rewards Member cannot be combined with Nordstrom Canadian VISA Card points.

Nordstrom Canadian VISA Card Drawbacks

Of course, the Nordstrom Canadian Visa card isn’t flawless. The drawbacks to this card include:

  • Notes expire one year after date of issuance. This isn’t a huge drawback though since cardholders can easily spend the notes online before they expire.
  • There are no in-store discounts on additional purchases as is the case with many retail credit cards.

Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Cash Back Card Benefits

Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite

Next, we’ll discuss the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite cash back card. This is one of the top cash back cards Canadians can own. It offers .4% back on gas and groceries, 2% on pharmaceuticals and frequent bills, and 1% on anything else. Scotia is easily the best cash back card on offer, and Canadians who shop anywhere will benefit greatly from things like:

  • Annual waiver of first year’s fee
  • Highest cash back rate of all Canadian credit cards for gas and groceries category
  • Access to Visa Infinite Enhancements
  • Discount on car rentals from Avis

Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Cash Back Card Drawbacks

There aren’t many, but the drawbacks of the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite cash back card are:

  • The earn rate is capped at $25,000, at which point all purchases earn 1%
  • The necessary income level is a little high, and you need an excellent credit score rating
  • Interest rates climb high if you aren’t on top of payments

American Express Gold Rewards Card Benefits

American Express Gold Rewards CardAmerican Express has many credit cards on offer, but the Gold Rewards card is a relative unknown in comparison to some of the more publicly recognized options. According to the stats, however, this is one card not to be missed. It offers tremendous benefits to Canadian cardholders with one of the biggest signup bonuses around and a solid earn rate for purchases, making it one of the most lucrative Aeroplan cards available to date. Here is a closer look:

  • Earn 25,000 points just for signing up (enough for a cross country flight within the US)
  • Earn 2 points per dollar spent
  • Book flights on any airline around the world
  • Upgrades in hotels and airfare
  • Annual airline credit
  • Choose from a wide range of airline loyalty programs to cash out points

American Express Gold Rewards Card Drawbacks

The American Express Gold Rewards card is limited in that it has:

  • High annual fee ($150)
  • Not internationally accepted


The Nordstrom Canadian VISA card is a great option for those who enjoy this retail chain. There are no annual fees, several stores, and the benefits are spread across Canada, the US, and even online. Additionally, with a $20 gift note, this card offers Canadians one of the most impressive signup bonuses (percentage-wise) around. Finally, the debit card option makes Nordstrom’s Visa something unique, manageable, and smart for shoppers in the area.

The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite cash back card is the best cash back credit card on offer to Canadian citizens, with 4% back and an annual fee waiver for the first year. Since this isn’t a cash back card, Nordstrom isn’t in direct competition of the Scotia card, and with no annual fees, there’s nothing to hold you back from keeping both cards in your wallet.

Finally, the American Express Gold Rewards card has the largest signup bonus of any of this type on offer to Canadians. Cardholders earn either $250 in cash or a free return flight with the 1:1 tradeoff in Aeroplan miles. Double point earnings in the widest range of categories puts the American Express Gold Rewards card at the top of the list. For frequent flyers, it’s a great choice.

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