Impress Your Date Without Maxing Out Your Credit Card

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Creative, inexpensive date ideas

Whether you’re going on a first date or 50th, choosing what to do can be stressful. You don’t want to seem cheap by going for Big Mac’s, but there’s no need to max out your credit card either. Most girls have enough money being thrown at them by guys, and most guys are sick of spending money on girls. In fact, budget dates can create some of the best impressions. Why is this the case? Physical attraction is already established, so unless you’re trying to woo a gold digger, your date is interested by your personality. Are you a compatible mate? Can you make them laugh? The important thing is to have a fun excuse to be together. Spending too much money can raise expectations and anxiety, while making a date more formal and less fun. Finally, expensive dates often end with an awkward “who pays the bill” tussle. Here are some creative date ideas that won’t stress you or your credit card.

The best date ideas allow you to talk freely, while still giving you something to laugh about if the conversation runs dry. Thus the first thing that you should do is check for local events that might interest both of you. You can subscribe to Facebook groups that promote cultural and artistic events, sign up for museum and concert newsletters, etc., or use a search engine when a date comes your way. Such events are often free or inexpensive, and can provide a much richer experience than paid events, or a traditional wine & dine date.

Does your date like sports? Go and play one together, just the two of you. It doesn’t matter of either of you is any good –in fact it might be funnier if you’re not! Luckily for you lovebirds, being active releases endorphins, which naturally increase happiness. Playing a sport one on one easily leads to things to laugh about, and gives both parties an excuse for physical contact.

Not so physically inclined? Other activities, such as pool and bowling can provide many of the same benefits as sports do, such as promoting laughter and physical contact.

Ok, all this talk about activities has probably made you hungry, so what about food? Dinner dates are expensive, and can be awkward and boring if you run out of conversation. Instead, invite your date over to cook! This is much more exciting and engaging, certainly cheaper,and again naturally leads to the all important laughter and physical contact.Note that this should only be attempted if you already know the other person,or you two are a few dates in. Inviting someone over for a first date can often be seen as too forward. A good first date alternative for the hungry is to have a picnic instead (if you don’t mind sharing your food with ants).  Picnic dates are also more picturesque and romantic.

If you’re confidant in your ability to create laughter and physical contact without a specific activity, going for a walk in a charismatic neighborhood or scenic route is a perfect date idea.

The important thing is to think of activities that both you and your date enjoy, or discover something new together. Why stress yourself by being your date’s only source of entertainment for the night, only to finally pull out your credit card to pay for two,causing even more discomfort? Remember, if your date is into you, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend, just your personality. Chances are, your date will thank you for saving them from another boring wine & dine.

Go get ‘em Tiger!

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