How Much Are Canadian Merchants Really Charged by Visa & MC?

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Last updated on December 10, 2018

With the Canadian Federal Competition Tribunal set to provide its ruling on whether merchants should be able to surcharge or not honor all Canadian credit cards, there seems to be quite a bit of misinformation regarding how much merchants are actually being charged for different types of credit cards. Here is our understanding of the latest interchange rates (%) being charged by Visa and Mastercard respectively,to the merchants, for different merchants categories and credit card types.

VISA (domestic)
Fee ProgramClassic, Gold, PlatinumInfiniteAll other Commercial Credit Products
Merchant > $2B volume1.401.601.80
Merchant > $850M volume1.451.651.85
Recurring Payments1.401.601.85
Emerging Segments1.001.201.80
Standard (card not present, etc)1.651.852.00
MasterCard (domestic)
Fee ProgramCoreHigh SpendPremium High Spend (World, World Elite)All other Commercial Credit Products
Merchant with > $1B volume1.401.602.002.00
Merchant with > $400M volume1.451.652.002.00
Petroleum > $400M1.211.412.002.00
Supermarket > $400M1.361.562.002.00
All other electronic card present1.592.002.252.00-2.25
All other (card not present, etc)1.722.132.652.00-2.65

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