Chief Justice Roberts Hit By Credit Card Fraud

Chief Justice Roberts Hit By Credit Card Fraud

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A warning that credit card fraud does not discriminate, even the Chief Justice of the United States, John Roberts, has been a victim of credit card fraud, a Supreme Court spokeswoman said on Thursday.

Roberts’ credit card problem was first reported by the Washington Post in a story that said the chief justice was heard talking about it in a suburban Maryland Starbucks on Tuesday morning.

To avoid Canadian credit card fraud, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada has a few recommendations:

– Do not share your credit card or credit card PIN with anyone.

– Cover the keypad when entering the PIN at a retailer or a bank machine.

– Keep your credit card in sight when you make purchases to prevent skimming or double


– Record your credit card number, card details and whom to contact in case of theft or

loss. Keep this information in a secure place.

– Check your statements every month and report any errors or unauthorized transactions.

– Keep your credit card statements in a safe place, and shred them when you no longer

need them.

– Get written confirmation when you cancel your credit card.

– Only use your credit card online on trusted sites and ensure that your online transaction

is encrypted.

– Look for websites with addresses starting with “https” or a padlock image on the page.

This will indicate that the information entered on these pages and the transmission of

the information is secure.

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