Canada’s Lowest Credit Card Interest Rates

Canada's Lowest Credit Card Interest Rates

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Lowest Credit Card Interest Rates in Canada Week of April 8th, 2013:

Balance Transfer Rates
Credit CardRatePeriod
Annual Fee
MasterCard Platine Plus MBNA19.99%12 Months$0
Scotia Value Visa Card12.99%6 Months$29
Scotiabank no-fee Value Visa Card
16.99%6 Months $0
Low Long Term Fixed Rates
Credit CardRateAnnual Fee
TrueLine MasterCard credit card%$
CapitalOne Fusion9.99%$0
ATB Financial9.99%$29
Low Long Term Variable Rate
Credit CardPrime +Annual Fee
National Bank of Canada4%$35
ATB Financial5%$35

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