What to Expect on Black Friday

What to Expect from Black Friday and Boxing Day in 2020

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Last updated on April 12, 2022

Shoppers wait all year long for Black Friday and Boxing Day deals. Many take advantage of the sales to wrap up their holiday shopping or even splurge on a gift for themselves. Like everything else this year, the shopping events we’ve come to know and love will look undeniably different due to the ongoing pandemic. Some stores have already told customers what to anticipate for Black Friday; we can expect to see the same sort of changes put in place for Boxing Day.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at the differences you can expect to see this Black Friday and Boxing Day, as well as some ways to maximize savings while you shop the deals.

Holiday Shopping During a Pandemic

Most Canadians are determined to have a traditional holiday season this year, despite various provincial regulations. Still, the events leading up to the holidays themselves will look different.

We’ve grown accustomed to having long outdoor lineups and door crasher events on Black Friday and Boxing Day but, as retailers work to enforce social distancing and create safe shopping environments, it’s unlikely we’ll see the same sort of hype at brick and mortar locations.

In order to reduce the number of in-store shoppers, many retailers will be reducing the number of people allowed in stores, setting appointments, or encouraging people to shop online.

Some retailers, like Ikea, are finding creative ways to revamp these shopping events entirely. Ikea will be increasing its buy-back value for people who want to trade in their current furniture for store credit. Other retailers, like Walmart, are implementing designated shopping times booked through their app at certain stores in order to prevent overcrowding, in addition to a host of other safety measures.

Indeed, there are a few other trends we can expect to see when shopping this Black Friday that will surely carry over into Boxing Day as well.

Black Friday Moves Online

Black Friday Moves Online

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You won’t need to wait for Cyber Monday deals to take advantage of sales from the comfort of your own home. This year, you can expect the majority of Black Friday sales to be available online.

As Canadians spent more time and money online due to ongoing lockdowns, it stands to reason that the trend of online shopping will continue through the holiday season. According to a PWC consumer insights survey, only 44% of Canadians feel comfortable shopping in a store due to COVID-19, and that’s not even taking into account how shoppers might feel about the increase in crowds for Black Friday or Boxing Day.

Instead, expect that even more people will turn their attention to saving money on online shopping this season to stay safe and avoid any risks.

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Deals Will Start Earlier and Last Longer

Ever wait in a line outside for hours just to be the first one to snag a gadget deal at Best Buy? Pandemic holiday shopping is turning the frigid experience into a thing of the past.

In fact, a lot of retailers have decided to turn Black Friday into an extended, month-long event. Walmart, for example, is having multiple sales events throughout the month, both online and in-store.

Retailers were already starting sales events earlier and earlier each year, but with the rise in online shopping, they’ve started Black Friday promotions even earlier than usual. Best Buy had online Black Friday deals starting from October 29th, and while their Boxing Day deals are listed as beginning on December 24th online, we can expect to see extended sales between the two shopping events.

Deliveries Could Be Delayed

Delayed Deliveries

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Given the increase in online shopping, you can expect to see delays in package delivery. Canada Post has already noted that there’s a possibility they might be overwhelmed following Black Friday, which could lead to delivery delays. Its holiday 2020 delivery guarantee dates are slightly earlier than previous years, perhaps to account for all the extra online shopping expected.

If you’re shopping internationally or relying on carriers with air delivery, you might also expect delays due to a decrease in flights. According to Global News, many retailers are seeing challenges when it comes to sending parcels around the world since there aren’t as many flights to rely on to transport them.

What does this all mean? The earlier you shop for your holiday gifts and essentials, the better. There are tons of sales already underway, so there’s no need to wait until the last minute.

Door Crashers Might Look Different

How we shop isn’t the only thing that’s different this year, but also what we shop for. Many Canadians are facing more budget constraints due to the pandemic, so it’s not out of the question for people to use Black Friday or Boxing Day to stock up on things they need for themselves instead of buying gifts. It’s not uncommon for shoppers to be looking for deals on personal electronics, books, or care items.

Still, it is expected that the most significant deals will remain on Black Friday itself, so if you’re shopping for big ticket items like a new TV or a treadmill, it might be better to wait for the day-of. Cheaper items like clothing are a safer bet to buy in advance since the difference in price between the current sales and the day-of sales on Black Friday or Boxing Day probably won’t be too drastic.

How to Make the Most of Black Friday and Boxing Day Shopping

If budgeting for holiday spending this year already has you feeling overwhelmed, don’t panic. There are a few tips and tricks we can recommend to help you save more, whether you choose to shop at a store or online.

A simple way to stay on top of Black Friday and Boxing Day deals is to sign up for newsletters from retailers where you frequently shop. That way, you’ll be the first to know about special promotions and you can jump on the first opportunity to snag the most coveted items before they sell out.

Next, make sure you have a good credit card for online shopping. Look for a card that offers good cash back incentives, low annual rates, and other perks like price protection.

KOHO is another great option to earn cash back. With KOHO, you get a prepaid card, a linked account with no annual fee that earns up to 2% on your account balance, and 0.5% cash back on all purchases.

Aside from cards, you should also look into using apps to earn instant cash back on your holiday shopping list. Ampli will give you around 1-10% cash back when using their app to shop online or in-store at retailers like H&M, Indigo, Toys ‘R’ Us, and more. It’s free to use, all you need to do is connect your card and you’ll be able to earn cash back directly into your bank account.

Wrapping it Up

Canadians have had to make a lot of sacrifices this year in order to stay safe. Black Friday and Boxing Day shopping are no exception to this rule. Opt for curbside pickup, follow the store’s safety guidelines, shop early to avoid crowds, and when you can, shop online to avoid crowds altogether.

Our tips can help sweeten the deals but regardless of when and where you choose to shop this year, stay safe, and enjoy the holiday season.

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