The Best Credit Cards for Canadians with Average Credit Scores

The Best Credit Cards for Canadians with Average Credit Scores

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November 5, 2017 2656 0

Not everyone has a perfect financial record: and that’s perfectly fine. Even with less than perfect credit, you have a plethora of options available thanks to a flexible and fair banking system. Credit cards for fair credit, or those with average creditworthiness, represent a step up in hierarchy. Credit-wise, Canadians who have reached the middle of the pack can access benefits like cash back and lower interest rates, even with some discrepancies or negative marks on their credit report.

Our Recommendations: 

Credit Card
Card TypeCard FeaturesRequired Credit ScoreMin IncomeApply Online
The New SimplyCash Card from American ExpressCash Back5% cash back bonus for first 6 monthspoor_fair$0Get This Offer
BMO Preferred Rate MastercardLow InterestA low interest rate of 11.9% on purchases and cash advancesfair_good$15000Get This Offer
The MBNA Rewards MastercardCash Back1% cash back on all purchases with no limitspoor_fair$15000Get This Offer
The MBNA True Line MastercardLow InterestAn interest rate on purchases, cheques and balance transfers between 5.99% and 14.99%poor_fair$15000

What Is Fair, or Average Credit?

Given a scale between 300 and 900, an ‘average’ credit score might range between 500 to 700. An often-cited ‘magic number’ for credit scores in Canada is 650. Some banks use this as a threshold for whether or not applicants are eligible to be approved for products like unsecured credit cards, while others consider applicants with credit scores on the lower end of the average range.

Individuals who have undergone bankruptcy or a consumer proposal will work hard, using secured credit cards and diligent saving, to reach this level. Someone who typically has good credit might temporarily dip into this level if they are delinquent on bills, make a series of late payments, or run their balance up to the limit of their available credit.

With the wide range of factors affecting credit scores, keeping it in great shape is a challenge. To find your credit score, navigate to TransUnion, Experian, or Equifax and sign up for their free reports. If you have reviewed your score, but find it does not meet the minimum to be considered “fair”, check out the articles here and here to learn how to improve it.

What Can I Do with Fair Credit?

With fair credit, you gain access to a wider range of financial tools that grant more freedom to spend and save. It can take hard work to reach this threshold, and if this is you – congratulations! Credit is an indicator of your personal financial diligence and a fair score gives you the option to take on more responsibility. Whereas those with poor credit may experience more limited access to financing, fair credit can be used to take out a bank loan, open a line of credit, or benefit from cards with more favorable terms.

Recommended Cards for People with Fair Credit

#1 The SimplyCash Card from American Express

The NEW SimplyCash Card from American Express

The Amex SimplyCash card boasts features unheard of for lower-tier credit cards, such as cash back and a lucrative introductory bonus. It also helps those with existing balances transfer the debt to gain shelter from high rates.

  • 5% cash back bonus for first 6 months
  • 1.25% cash back on all purchases after the promo period ends
  • No annual fee
  • Balance transfer rate of 1.99% for first 6 months

Click here to apply to The SimplyCash Card from American Express

#2 The BMO Preferred Rate Mastercard

Even if your credit score is not quite perfect you can still get an excellent rate on purchases and balance transfers with the BMO Preferred Rate Mastercard. You do need a credit score of at least 650 to apply, but the low interest rate is extremely competitive for a card that is available to those with ‘only’ average credit. The card’s key features are:

  • $20 annual fee
  • 11.9% interest rate on purchases and cash advances
  • 3.99% introductory interest rate on balance transfers for first 9 months
  • 11.9%  interest rate on balance transfers after 9 months
  • Extended warranty and purchase protection on eligible purchases

Click here to apply for the BMO Preferred Rate Mastercard

#3 The MBNA Rewards Mastercard

MBNA Rewards Mastercard credit card

This card allows users to be extremely flexible in how they earn and spend their cash back. Its key features include:

  • 1% cash back on all purchases with no limits
  • $50 welcome bonus after initial purchase
  • Transfer cash back instantly
  • Redeem for gifts or travel
  • Car rental insurance and purchase protection

Click here to apply to the MBNA Rewards Mastercard

#4 The MBNA Smart CashCredit Card

While those with no or poor credit often take advantage of secured cards, the MBNA Smart Cash card is available to cardholders who’ve proven their creditworthiness. It provides a system for earning rewards from gas and groceries, and also offers a range of insurance features, all for no annual fee.

  • 5% on gas and groceries for the first 6 months
  • 2% thereafter
  • 1% on all other purchases
  • No annual fee
  • Car rental, travel interruption, and purchase protection insurance

#5 The MBNA True Line Mastercard

This offer has expired. We will update you with the latest promotion when available.

mbna trueline low rate credit card

Those with low credit scores likely have access only to cards with high interest rates. But a score between 500-700 grants access to the True Line card from MBNA, which has a low rate that scales with your credit score. The True Line Mastercard offers:

  • An interest rate on purchases, cheques and balance transfers between 5.99% and 14.99%
  • No annual fee
  • Purchase protection and extended warranties

A Fair Credit Score Is an Important Step Toward Financial Security

Credit cards for fair credit scores offer far better terms than cards available to less creditworthy individuals. Those who are just starting out their credit journey in Canada, like immigrants and young adults, might be wise to make reaching this credit score range one of their personal financial goals.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming article on the best cards for “good” credit, which brings a slew of lucrative deals for those with a score between 600 and 800.

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