The Best Aeroplan Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses in Canada Today

Best Aeroplan Credit Card Bonus Offers

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For those looking to cash-in on the Aeroplan sweepstakes, we’ve assembled the Best Aeroplan credit card bonus offers currently available in the Canadian marketplace. Whether you’re a current Aeroplan credit card holder or not, getting a new Aeroplan credit card with a juicy sign-up bonus offer is the BEST way to get a jump start on your points. Why spend $25,000 over 1-2 years to get 25,000 points, when all you have to is sign-up for a new card!

How to Spot a Good Sign-Up Bonus

  1. Size of the bonus. There are plenty of Aeroplan sign-up bonuses for 15,000 points, but you should always wait until you get at least 25,000. That may mean you have to wait for a special offer. Just be patient it’s worth it. Think about it, the difference between a 25,000 and 15,000 point bonus offer is the equivalent of around $10,000 in credit card spend…that’s a lot of time and money.
  2. The welcome bonus offer has to be attainable. Some offer 15,000 points with no minimum spend required. Others offer a 25,000 point bonus with a minimum spend of $500 within the first 3 months. Whatever it is, make sure the minimum spend and the time-frame required to achieve the threshold are easily attainable.
  3. There’s no annual fee. Many of the best Aeroplan credit card bonus offers also have a first year annual fee waivers. With no annual fee in the first year, the issuer is begging you to try out their card risk free. However, if you don’t get an annual fee waiver, and your getting 15,000 points, but paying a $120 annual fee, it’s more or less a wash.
  4. Transferability. Many Canadians don’t realize that there are other credit cards with huge sign-up bonuses, that allow cardholders to transfer their points to Aeroplan at a 1:1 or 1:1.2 ratio. We love those hybrid cards because they give cardholders the flexibility to take advantage of big sign-up bonuses, sometimes 25,000 points, and then transfer those points to their Aeroplan account.

Best Aeroplan Credit Card Bonus Offers

DestinationSample RoutesRequired PointsMaximum Redemption RateValue Per Point
North America
Short-HaulTor-NYC, Mtl-TOr, Van-L.A.20,000$3001.5 cents
FloridaMtl-Fort Lauderdale, Tor-Fort Lauderdale, Tor-Orlando35,000$5501.57 cents
Long-HaulTor-Van, Mtl-Van, Tor-San Fran, Tor-L.A.40,000$7001.75 cents
SunTor-Honolulu, Mtl-Cancun, Tor-Honolul50,000$8001.6 cents
EuropeCalg-Lon, Mtl-Par, Tor-Rome50,000$8001.6 cents
InternationalTor-Beijing, Tor-Hong Kong, Tor-Tel Aviv100,000$2,0002 cents

Note: Waiving first year annual fee selectively

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