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5 Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Frugality is usually not considered a virtue that’s compatible with romance. You definitely don’t want your significant other to get the message that they aren’t important enough for you to spend your hard-earned cash on, but a romantic evening needn’t be an epic event that sets you back a month or two’s salary, either.

There are plenty of ways for you to express your affection and appreciation toward your better half while staying under budget. If you like the idea of pitching woo without emptying your savings account, check out some of these romantic Valentine’s Day ideas guaranteed to make for a dreamy evening for two.

Picnic in the Park

This is a classic date, and it’s one that most people love. It has all the elements of a romantic evening built in: good food, beautiful scenery, stargazing, and wine. Come prepared with all of your significant other’s favourite treats kept warm in a cooler, spread out a thick winter blanket, and let the ambiance work its magic. Just pack very warm clothes—all the romantic cred you can earn with your partner will be lost if they freeze in February weather.

Cost: Under $50

See a Movie

The lights are off, you’re sitting close to each other, and the screenwriters are working their magic to get everyone emotionally charged for some love and comfort. What’s more, movies let you take advantage of a sneaky budget trick. One of the smartest ways to keep Valentine’s Day costs down without alerting your other half is to let your credit card rewards do the spending for you. There are some great cards that’ll give you free movie tickets for your purchases. For example, the Scotia Scene Visa credit card is a terrific value. Not only do you pay no annual fees to use it, but the income requirements are low, and the signup bonus gives you four free movie tickets straight away! So, buy your Valentine’s Day gift on the card, then go out using the points you’ve racked up.

Cost: $11/movie ticket + snacks (go ahead and splurge on the nachos)

Romantic Dinner Out

If the silver screen isn’t enough for your partner, and if Canada’s air temperatures are too frigid for a picnic, there are more romantic Valentine’s Day ideas to be considered. Going to a nice restaurant for an elegant dinner out is a great way to get the amore flowing. Make the evening even more memorable by:

  • Dressing up in your formal attire (cost: free)
  • Buying roses (cost: $15-$50 depending on how many)
  • Ordering a decadent dessert (cost: varies)

Before you shell out too much cash for this evening though, make sure you are saving by paying with a credit card that gives you back cash or rewards for your dining experiences. The American Express Cobalt card has lots of perks to keep the expenses down. Aside from receiving a bonus of up to 30,000 Rewards points within the first year alone, diners get 5 points for every $1 spent in a restaurant. That’s an amazing savings!

Cost: Varies based on restaurant

Romantic Dinner In

Want to show off your kitchen chops? Then surprise your sweetheart with an elegant dinner at home. Not only will they be bowled over by the fact that you actually took the time and effort to prepare, cook, and set out a beautiful meal, but you’ll also get to save on all the food you buy from the supermarket. Most Canadian credit cards give cardholders cashback points for purchases made in grocery stores. The Cobalt Amex offers juicy rewards, giving a flat rate of 5 points per dollar spent.

You can learn more by reading our full American Express Cobalt Card review.

Cost: What’s for dinner?

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