Top Low Interest Credit Cards

Find the best low interest credit cards in Canada today! From 0% introductory rates, to low 9.99% fixed rates with no annual fee, these are the country's top low interest credit cards available. You could be saving hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars every year in interest costs with the right low interest card. Don't pay more than you have to. Start saving now!

  • 1.99% Intro Rate on Cash Advances and Balance Transfers
    • 1.99% introductory interest rate on cash advances & balance transfers for the first 6 months
    • 11.99% regular interest rate after the promo period
    • $29 annual fee
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  • Best Balance Transfer Credit Card in Canada. 0% for 12 Months! Wow.
    • Why we love it
      • 0% for 12 months is lowest & longest offer in Canada
      • No annual fee 
      • Platinum perks!
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  • 1.9% for 10 Months on Cash Advances & BT's
    •  Why we love it:
      • 1.9% for 10 months on balance transfers & cash advances
      • 0% balance transfer fee
      • No annual fee
      • Solid cash back rewards!
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  • Special 1.99% Interest Rate On Balance Transfers for 6 months!
    • Why we love it:
      • 1.99% for 6 months**
      • No balance transfer fee
      • No annual fee
      • Earn a Bonus of 500 AIR MILES reward miles
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