About Us

Simplify your credit card search experience

Shopping for a credit card can be intimidating and frustrating. That's why we try to make comparing credit cards easy, friendly and fun. We are committed to establishing GreedyRates.ca as the best way to compare credit cards by offering instant estimates of the value each credit card provides to you.  Join us as we change how people shop for, compare, and select a credit card.

Save time and money using GreedyRates.ca

Here’s a secret: the same credit card may have greatly different value for different people, but the current system makes it difficult to compare between them. Based on our calculations, the average person would save over $200 by using GreedyRates.ca, while some of our users have even reported GreedyRates.ca saving them over $3,000 a year. And, because GreedyRates.ca compares multiple companies at once, we also save users loads of time that would otherwise be spent calculating the value of each point and searching every credit card company for the best rates. 

Even if you’re happy with your current credit card provider, you can still benefit from using GreedyRates.ca. 

Understand how Greedyrates.ca works

Our savings estimate engine takes the data you put into our calculator and applies it to the rewards formulas and interest rates that we have replicated for each credit card in our database. We spend a lot of time reviewing the fine print of the credit card companies to ensure our models are as accurate as possible. Our price estimates are a mixture of our own internally calculated assumptions, industry sources and regulatory disclosures.

We respect your information and privacy, and only use your information internally to help you save money with your credit card. We don’t share or sell any identifiable user information to credit card companies. We just want you to be a satisfied GreedyRates.ca user!