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The Scotiabank American Express Card Review

scotiabank american express credit cardThe American Express Card by Scotiabank is a travel card that makes it easy for customers to earn and redeem Scotia Rewards points both at home and abroad. Aside from the lucrative rewards points, customers who like to travel can rest easy thanks to the range of insurance protections available through the card. Some purchases made with the card are also eligible for special extended warranties and price protection.

At a Glance

  • No annual fees for first year (until July 31st)
  • Earn 1 Scotia Rewards point for every $1 spent on all eligible purchases
  • Double Rewards earnings per $1 spent at participating businesses
  • Redeem points for travel arrangements without restrictions
  • Book trips with Scotia Rewards Travel Service
  • Feel secure when travelling with available travel insurance options
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Why We Like It

  1. Save During First Year: New signees (by July 31st)with the Scotiabank American Express Card enjoy not paying an annual fee for the first year. Cardholders pay $39 per year after the first year elapses, a competitive price in the travel rewards ecosystem.
  1. Double the Earnings: Customers can easily accumulate Scotia Rewards points by using their card for routine purchases. Cardholders will earn 1 Scotia Rewards point for every $1 spent on most purchases, or they can double their earnings when making purchases at participating gas stations, restaurants, movie theatres, and other establishments within the American Express network.
  1. Redeem Without Restrictions: Cardholders can redeem their Scotia Rewards points with the help of travel agents in the Scotia Rewards Travel Service. Customers can book trips anywhere with no restrictions or blackout periods that accompany many competing cards. Furthermore, members can rest assure knowing they are receiving the best available price for whatever they purchase. The company’s best price guarantee gives cardholders the ability to earn back the difference in price if they find a cheaper alternative for the same itinerary within 24 hours, adding to the advantages of booking travel with the service.
  1. Enjoy Special Offers: American Express Members receive special privileges whether traveling or shopping at home. The company will notify cardholders of special offers and experiences available, including table booking at fine dining establishments, theatre engagements, film screenings and more. In addition, Scotia Rewards invites customers to take advantage of exclusive offers such as discounts and amenities when travelling.
  1. Added Protections on Purchases: The Scotiabank American Express Card includes an automatic 90-day purchase protection on eligible items against theft, loss or damage. An automatic extended warranty also doubles the manufacturer’s warranty term by up to an extra year. While most cards stop their purchase protections here, the Scotiabank American Express Card includes Price Protection, reimbursing customers up to $100 in the case of a drop in an item’s price within the first 60 days of purchase.
  1. Stay Covered: The Scotiabank American Express Card insures travelers with a variety of protections, including insurance for medical emergencies, accidents, trip interruptions, and rental car damage. These protections extend to the cardholder’s spouse and dependents as well.

Is It Worth It?

Those individuals who want to quickly redeem points on travel and save money on insurance and purchase protections will find this card particularly useful. However, annual interest rates charged for balance transfers, purchases and cash advances are comparable to industry standard rates, indicating the availability of better options if a potential member is considering transferring a balance.

In Conclusion

The Scotiabank American Express Card is a flexible and rewarding travel card, giving customers the ability to double their earnings to 2 points per $1 spent at participating businesses. Points can be redeemed flexibly without travel restrictions, and on a variety of brand name merchandise.  Customers who travel frequently will enjoy extra purchase protections and travel insurance coverage included with the card.

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