TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Credit Card Review

TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite cardLooking for that elusive 30,000 mile credit card sign-up bonus? We found it. Trying to figure out how to get that premium travel rewards credit card without an annual fee? Here it is. Want DOUBLE miles on gas, grocery, drugstore and purchases? Wait no more.

TD’s Aeroplan Visa Infinite credit card is still Canada’s most popular travel card with the hottest sign-up offer in Canada today – 30,000 miles (15,000 miles with your first purchase, 10,000 miles if you keep your Account open and in good standing for 90 days, plus 5,000 miles if you add an authorized user) all with no minimum spend requirement and no annual fee in the first year – the promotion you’ve been waiting for!

Usually TD Aeroplan Infinite offers 1.5 miles per $1 spent for gas, grocery, drugstore and purchases. With this limited time offer, earn double Aeroplan Miles for those purchases for the first 90 days – that’s 3 miles instead of 1.5 miles for every $1 spent available on only!

25,000 Aeroplan miles alone will get you a return economy class flight anywhere within North America, (taxes and fees not included). The savings from the first year annual fee rebate are worth an additional $120. The only cost to getting the free flight is putting one purchase on the card to meet the activation requirement. TD’s paying you a whole bunch of money to apply for the card – take advantage.

The offer is available exclusively online at until May 27th, 2016 (not available in branches or TD’s website). We have never seen an Aeroplan offer this rich on the Canadian market before – get it while you can.

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TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Benefits

Aeroplan miles are worth between 1.27 cents and 2.19 cents (based on a sampling of 15 flights that GreedyRates performed). You will get 1.5 points per dollar spent on gas, grocery, drugstore and Air purchases and 1 point everywhere else, giving you between 1.27% and 3.28% in value per dollar spent on your credit card.  

When looking at the Aeroplan flight redemption chart, the 25,000 point sign-up bonus offer is enough to get a return fare ticket that will take you to destinations anywhere within continental North America on an economy fare. 

Here are some of the additional perks that help this card stand-out from the pack:

1) Free checked bag when travelling on an Aeroplan flight rewards operated by Air Canada
2) Priority Check-in when travelling on an Aeroplan flight reward operated by Air Canada
3) Priority Boarding when travelling on an Aeroplan flight reward operated by Air Canada
) Annual Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge One-Time Guest Pass when travelling on an Aeroplan flight operated by Air Canada
5) Miles will not expire as long as you are a TD Aeroplan Cardholder
6) Comprehensive travel insurances including travel medical, trip cancellation & interruption, auto rental collision & loss, purchase security and extended warranty
7) 1.5 points per $1 spent on gas, grocery and drugstore purchases
8) 1.5 points per $1 spent on purchases & 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases
9) Earn miles twice when you pay with your TD AeroplanVisa Infinite Card and use your Aeroplan Membership Card at over 150 retail partners

Worth It?
With the sign-up bonus now at 30,000 points with no annual fee in the first year, this card is as rich as it gets. With no annual fee, and no minimum spend requirement, the sign-up bonus is essentially free. You’ll receive a Welcome Bonus of 15,000 Aeroplan Miles with your first purchase, 10,000 Aeroplan Miles if keep your Account open and in good standing and 5,000 miles if you add an authorized user by May 27, 2016. 

The Double Aeroplan miles promotion for the first 90 days for gas, grocery, drugstore and purchases is worth $95 alone (1.5 incremental miles X $5,000 limit X .$0127 per miles).

The TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite card’s perks can add up to a lot more than the $120 fee (which isn’t charged in the first year of this offer), making the card a worthy travelling companion in its own right. For example, the first free checked bag is worth $25, the free Maple Leaf Lounge access pass is worth $50, and the complimentary insurances alone can be worth over $400 per year and more.

You will need to either have a minimum personal income of $60,000 or a minimum household income of $100,000 to be eligible for the card. If you don’t, TD will make the Aeroplan Platinum card available to you.

Better Offers?
To our knowledge, there has never been a better Aeroplan credit card offer than the 30,000 mile sign-up bonus, plus 3X miles promotion, with no annual fee in the first year available. This is as good as it gets. In fact this offer isn’t even available inside TD branches right now or on its website. With this offer, available at only, until May 27 2016, you can essentially fly free, just for getting approved, and spending what you would have spent otherwise.

If you have a better offer, feel free to share, but as for now, we think this is the best Aeroplan credit card offer in the Canadian marketplace today – in fact we’ve never seen a better promo from TD for an Aeroplan card.

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  1. I just (May 21 2016) tried to apply for the card with the bonuses listed on – i.e. 30k max miles, 3x miles for the first 90 days, no fee for the first year – and get to a point in the application where the CONTINUE button link stops working – any thoughts on this? I have tried the Chat with the TD rep and got nowhere except for the advice to try using another browser than Firefox (I did with MS Edge – same issue) and /or to try again later because the server must be busy.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      If you’re having trouble applying online, you can call TD directly at 1-800-983-2582. Let the customer service rep know you want the offer, offer code SB6L9 if they ask.

      Thanks for using GreedyRates!

      GreedyRates Staff

  2. I just applied and it took me to the TD website where I entered my information. How do I know that the code was used so that I get the 1 year fee waiver?

    many Thanks

    • Hi RJ,

      Everything is done automatically. If you applied through a GreedyRates link, the offer will be automatically appended to your application, and if approved, to your account. If there are every any issues (which there shouldn’t be), you can always let us know and we’ll help you sort it out with TD.

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  3. Hi GreedyRates,

    I’m interested in this offer. However, TD has a promo now for new clients to sign up for one of their 2 top accounts and get a Samsung Smart TV (40″ or 28″). There are things you need to do to qualify but one of them is to apply for a TD Visa. The Infinite Aeroplan card is one of the cards and it says to apply for it after opening the account. If I opened that account and then applied through here to get the Visa card, would I still qualify for both offers? mainly the points promo here and also qualify for the 40″ TV? I know if I apply through them I wouldn’t get the promo being offered here.


    • Hi Jim,

      Yes you can apply for the TD Aeroplan Infinite offer on and have it qualify for the TD bank account / Samsung promotion. We called TD to verify.

      Thanks for letting all of us know about it!

      GreedyRates Staff

  4. Hi, I just received this promotion in the mail and changing my current TD VISA to the infinite aeroplane. Was wondering if the 90 days of double points applies to me as well.
    Also, was thinking of adding my husband as an additional user, but would we benefit more for him just to sign up through your website for his own card and take advantage of the sign up bonus? We spent quite a bit every month and just wondering if it was better to have it all on one card or have two separate cards. Thanks.

    • Hi Julie,

      The promotion for 90 days of double points in bonus categories (gas, grocery, drugstore, is available exclusively through Moreover, the GreedyRates offer does not have a minimum spend requirement to receive the welcome bonus – we understand the offer promoted by TD directly requires $1,000 spend in the first 90 days.

      We would definitely recommend your husband get his own card, as opposed to an authorized user. With no fee in the first year, and a 25K welcome bonus, there is zero incremental cost to the decision. He would be getting an additional 20K miles (25K new card, versus 5K authorized user), at no additional cost.

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  5. I just got my TD Aeoplan visa Infinite card in the mail. The documents say I get the 15000 bonus miles but nothing mentioned about the additional 10000, or the bonus points on purchases for the first 90 days. I know this site says only available if applied via Greedyrates, but I could not do that because of some notification/restriction on my TD account from 9 years ago, so I had to clear that up at the bank and the application for this card was done for me at the bank. Is there a way I can get the added bonuses applied to this card even though I didn’t apply with greedy rates?

    • Hi Steve,

      Unfortunately, as our website states, the TD Aeroplan Infinite Visa offer is only available through The offer as advertised is not available in TD branches, on TD’s websites or through any other websites.

      That said, if you have any issues applying online, you can also get the offer by calling TD directly at 1-800-983-2582 and asking the customer service representative for the GreedyRates offer or for offer code SB6L9. They will then append the offer to your application and it will automatically get attributed to your account upon approval.

      GreedyRates Staff

      • Thanks. I called and was confirmed for the additional bonus for applying. Also got an additional card for the wife for added bonus, and no fees ever because I have an account that eliminates the credit card fee. Not too sure about the double miles for the first 90 days, even after talking it was unclear, but I’m less concerned about that. It was suggested to use the credit card and the aeroplan card to double up, does that make sense?

        • Hi Steve,

          Great! If the GreedyRates source code was added by the TD customer service rep, which it seems to have been, you will automatically get the 2X bonus point in the first 90 days.

          Whenever you can, always use your TD Aeroplan Infinite Visa card and the Aeroplan loyalty card to get miles from both. While you’ll get Aeroplan Miles wherever you use your credit card, you’ll be able to also use your Aeroplan loyalty card at Aeroplan partners such as Esso, Air Canada, Home Hardware,, etc…

          GreedyRates Staff

  6. When you say in items 1-3 that free bag, priority check-in and boarding are perks received on an Aeroplan reward flight, does that mean only on flights where you are redeeming points, or does that include flights that you actually pay for?

    • Hi Geoff,

      That is correct. The free bacg, priority check-in and boarding are only available on flights in which Aeroplan miles have been redeemed.

      GreedyRates Staff

  7. Hi,

    Just wondering, does the 90 day, 3X bonus Aeroplan miles promotion start on the day that the card was approved, or the day the card was activated? I would assume the latter but I just wanted to check. And it is a full 90 calendar days and not valid through just your first three statements or something, correct?


    • Hi Chad,

      It is 90 days from the date of approval “…during the first 90 days after Account approval”. And it is for the first 90 days, not 3 billing cycles, statements or months. Still a fantastic deal!

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  8. Hello,

    Great review and website! Loved going through archive of articles…really learned a lot!

    With regards to this card, if I went to into a gas station or grocery store during the double Aeroplan miles promotion (during the first three months) and bought for example a $1000 gift card, would I get 3000 Aeroplan miles for that gift card purchase? Would the type of gift card matter (ie. would any retailer be acceptable)?


    • Great idea to maximize Mile earnings during the promo period!!!!

      Yes, you could absolutely buy gift cards in eligible bonus categories, such as gas stations, supermarkets & pharmacies and earn the 3 points per dollar spent bonus. It would not matter what type of gift card you purchased.

      We would recommend you buy your gift cards at a standalone retailer, to ensure TD reads the merchant code correctly. For example, buy your gift cards at a Shoppers Drug Mart, Metro or Esso – avoid the big box retailers like Costco, WalMart and Canadian Tire, where even if you buy from their gas station or pharmacy, it may be read as a purchase from a general retailer or wholesaler as opposed to a pharmacy or gas station.

      Hope that helps and thanks for the kind words about GreedyRates!

      GreedyRates Staff

      • Hello again,

        Thanks for the quick response!

        I am thinking that if I bought the $1000 gift card for example at Esso, I could double-dip on the Aeroplan miles by swiping my Aeroplan card at time of purchase. Is that correct? Would that not be a fantastic way to accumulate Aeroplan miles during the double Aeroplan miles promotional period? Similarly, could I not buy a $1000 gift card at Rexall, pay with the credit card to get the double Aeroplan miles but also swipe my Airmiles card at time of purchase to get a bunch of Airmiles as well?

        The possibilities of exploiting the credit card bonus period in this way is making my mouth water! LOL


        • Hi Chad,

          Go for it! You can absolutely double dip on top of the 3X miles bonus with your Aeroplan card. Can’t do it at Rexall though, they stopped being an Aeroplan partner in 2014.

          GreedyRates Staff

          • Hi,

            Looks like you can buy Air Canada gift cards on Would a gift card purchase on during the three month double Aeroplan miles promotional period qualify for the 3X Aeroplan miles, or does the purchase have to be a flight in order to qualify?



          • Hi Chad,

            The disclosure agreement reads as follows “…and products and services (excluding Air Canada Vacations packages, car rentals, hotel bookings, and other third party partner products and services that can be purchased through charged to your Account.” However, we would suggest trying it with the smallest denomination gift card first, seeing if you get the bonus multiplier. If so, go have a field day!

            Another great idea Chad.

            GreedyRates Staff

  9. Hi

    Nicely presented. I am planing to apply for card,I have one question. Can I book anyoneès ticket through my card. and if i alread have Visa card by TD can I apply for this card as well at same time.

    • Hi Princi,

      Thanks for the kind words!

      1. Yes you can book anyone’s ticket with your Aeroplan miles.

      2. Yes you can get the TD Aeroplan Infinite card, even if you have another TD credit card. You can have multiple TD cards open at the same time.

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  10. Hi there,

    Is there an annual fee rebate for the TD AEROPLAN VISA PLATINUM* CARD as well through Greedy Rates? I may not qualify for the TD Visa Infinite, so it would be great if the Platinum card also had a first year annual rebate.

    • Hi Clement,

      The Platinum card comes with am $89 annual fee. The value is obviously in the Infinite card offer. Remember, if you can’t qualify for the minimum personal income of $60K, perhaps you can meet the minimum household income threshold of $100K. You can combine the incomes of those you live with including your spouse, girlfriend, parents, siblings, etc… without requiring co-signature.

      Hope that works out for you,

      GreedyRates Staff

      • Hi,
        Thanks so much for getting back to me. How strict are they about literally being in the same household? Our household income is about $75K. Could I use my brother’s income even though he doesn’t live with me anymore? If the answer is no, how do I apply for the card and get the promotion while using him as a co-signor?

  11. So where does it say double for the first 90 days? I don’t actually see any reference to that in the link provided

    • Hi Jensen,

      You just have to scroll down a bit to the title “How you earn Aeroplan Miles”. It then reads:

      “For every $1 spent on eligible gas, grocery, drugstore and purchases with your Card. Earn double Aeroplan Miles for these purchases for the first 90 days after Account approval – that’s 3 miles instead of 1.5 miles for every $1 spent.”

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

      GreedyRates Staff

  12. I already have this card and it is coming up to the end of the first free year and I was planning on cancelling it to avoid the fees.

    Could I apply for a second TD Infinite card and the cancel my first one or will I be denied as I already have the same existing card?

    I would like to get a similar or even the same card with bonus miles and no fees or no fees for the first year. What is my best option? I spend around 1500/month and always pay my balance in full.

    • Hi Brent,

      Seems like the answer is yes, you can cancel and re-apply to get the bonus offer. All TD states is that “If you have opened an Account in the last 6 months, you will not be eligible for these offers. We reserve the right to limit the number of Accounts opened by and the number of miles awarded to any one person.”


      GreedyRates Staff

  13. Is the waived fee still valid? Going through the application process the fee applies.

    • Hi Carl,

      The 100% annual fee rebate absolutely still applies. The promotion is valid until May 27th, 2016.

      You will see the annual fee waiver on TD’s offer landing page. The promotion will be automatically appended to your account by TD.

      GreedyRates Staff

  14. If I already have a TD Infinite VISA card can I cancel it and then after still get this new deal with the 30,000 Aeroplan miles offer, etc.?

    • Hi HJM,

      TD terms and conditions state you can only apply for another TD Aeroplan Infinite card if your previous TD Aeroplan Infinite card was opened more than 6 months ago. That said, TD does state that it reserves the right “to limit the number of accounts” opened by any one person. We’ve had a few readers do it a few times. Given the size of the bonus and the annual fee waiver, it makes sense to give it a shot until TD says you’ve reached your limit.

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  15. I have read on other threads that first purchase at gives you 3k points and $50 discount with certain TD aeroplan cards. Is this card a part of that promotion ?

    Thanks you,

    • Hi Dave,

      The answer would be yes. However, that specific Aeroplan offer for 3K points and $50 to which you are referring, expired iOctober 30th, 2015. The current Aeroplan promotion offers “1 Aeroplan Mile* for every dollar spent. Members with Aeroplan status receive 2 Miles for every 1 dollar spent.”

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  16. I applied aeroplane card a month ago but I didn’t activate the card… If now I apply again then I would get a 30,000 miles right???

    • Hi Sam,

      If you get approved, and you didn’t activate the previous offer, then yes you would be eligible for the current TD Aeroplan Infinite offer on of:

      First year annual fee rebate, 25,000 bonus miles (no min spend), + 5,000 miles for authorized user and 3X miles per $1 of spend on gas, groceries, pharmacy & purchases in the first 90 days.

      Good luck!

      GreedyRates Staff

  17. 2 questions;

    1. Is there a minimum purchase amount to qualify for the 15,000 aeroplan points?
    2. How would I cancel my card if I wish to in the future?

    • Hi Vince,

      To answer your questions:

      1. There is no minimum purchase required to recieve the 15,000 aeroplan miles. All you have to do is activate your card with at least 1 purchase. It could be a pack of gum. To receive the additional 10,000 aeroplan miles, all you have to do is keep your account open and in good standing for 90 days. Again, there is no minimum spend requirement for either bonus.

      2. All you have to do to cancel your card is call TD and cancel the card. Once you’ve receive your 25,000 bonus Aeroplan Miles, they’re yours, even after you cancel your card.

      Hope that helps answer your questions.

      GreedyRates Staff

  18. Would the first year annual fee be waived for the additional authorized cardholder?


    • Hi Cyn,

      The $120 annual fee is waived for the primary card holder. The $50 annual fee remains for the authorized user. That said, if you value an Aeroplan mile at 1.27 cents, the incremental 5,000 miles you receive for get the authorized user card has a $63.50 value. Essentially, you’re getting an authorized user card for free for one year – hopefully allowing you to accrue more Aeroplan miles by consolidating your spend and rewards into one Aeroplan account.

      Even if you decide not to get the authorized user card, you still get 25,000 miles (return trip anywhere in north america) with a first year annual fee waiver and 3X miles in gas, grocery, drugstore and spend for the first 90 days – the best welcome bonus offer we’ve ever seen for the TD Aeroplan Infinite card.

      GreedyRates Staff

  19. Hi there,

    Can you clarify how I can earn the 3x the points for gas, grocery, drug, or through greedyrates? Do you mean I just have to apply through your website to get this benefit?

    Also, is the purchase part of this offer or is this new? Currently my CIBC Aeroplan Infinite doesn’t earn me extra points on my Aeroplan account.

    • Hi Jess,

      You can only earn the 3 points per $1 spent for gas, grocery, drug store and purchases for the first 90 days after your account has opened (thereafter you get 1.5 points), if you apply through That’s all you have to do.

      Actually the 1.5 points per dollar spent for purchases is standard for the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite card, but the 3 points promo for purchases is for this limited time offer only.

      Let us know if you have any other questions.

      GreedyRates Staff

  20. Hi
    I canceled my credit card from TD.Can again get a credit card and have the promotion for Aeroplan welcome miles again?

    • Hi Domingo,

      This is TD’s official policy “If you have opened an Account in the last 6 months, you will not be eligible for this offer. We reserve the right to limit the number of Accounts opened by and the number of Welcome Bonus Miles awarded to any one person.”

      If you opened your previous account with TD more than 6 months ago, we say give it a shot and try to get another one. Since it’s at their discretion, we say keep doing it until your told to stop, or no longer awarded Welcome Bonus Miles. Until then, they’re giving you a green light!

      GreedyRates Staff

  21. I have a few quick questions
    1) I have an all-inclusive account with TD and I get the annual fee waived. If I get it through greedyrates can I still get teh promotion, and then call in to ensure I won’t get charged the annual fee either?

    2) I have an existing aeroplan account, can I use that to collect my miles, or do they have to create a brand new one. Also, if I do have to get a brand new one, how can i link the two?

    Thanks a lot!!

    • Hi Chigu,

      1. The way it would work for the current offer is, you would get the up to 25K miles and 50% first year annual fee rebate. In the second year, you would be able to apply the all-inclusive account promotion and have the annual fee waived (unfortunately you can’t combine both offers in the first year – great idea though!). So that would leave you with $60 in the first year and 0$ annual fee in the following years.

      2. You will be able to use your existing/current Aeroplan account for your new Aeroplan Infinite credit card account. Existing Aeroplan members will be asked to enter their Aeroplan number on the credit card application.

      Hope that helps!

      GreedyRates Staff

  22. Hello,

    When I applied for the card it said that it will create an aeroplan account for me (if i remembered correctly). I have already received the credit card but have not yet received any aeroplan membership number. So my question is do I have to apply for it myself, and then register it to the card? Or is there just a delay and everything will be done automatically.

    Also, does applying for multiple credit cards affect one’s credit, even if all accounts are in good standing?

    • Hi Ray,

      No worries. The Aeroplan membership will be automatically created for you. You will receive an Aeroplan welcome package in the mail about 4-6 weeks after you’ve been approved.

      Your second question can be answered in two ways:
      1. Applying for multiple accounts in a short period of time can reduce your credit score, temporarily.
      2. However, having multiple credit cards in good standing at the same time will only strengthen your credit score.


      GreedyRates Staff

  23. Hi – Can my wife apply for the TD infinite Visa and attach my Aeroplan number to her card so we can collect the bonus miles on my aeroplan #? The Visa would be in her name and the Aeroplna number we associate with her Visa is in my name and already connected to my TD visa.

    • Hi Dave,

      Unfortunately not. The name on the Aeroplan credit card has to match the name of the Aeroplan loyalty account. That said, if you each apply for the Aeroplan card with the current offer, you’d each be getting 25,000 miles, enough for each of you to get free round trip airfare to anywhere in North America. You can transfer miles, but starting Novemebr 1st it will cost 2 cents a mile, a serous degradation of value – we don’t recommend it. Presumably, your wife won’t mind travelling with you!


      GreedyRates Staff

      • Hi – thanks for the valuable information, I have to say that the GreedyRates staff are amazing and customer service is fantastic. I agree with you and will get the Visa for my wife, probably a good move to travel together 🙂

      • Please allow me to disagree with you.
        You can link ur aeroplan number to 7r wife application and vice versa as long as both of you living in the same place.
        We are doing that here . multiple cards wz just one aeroplan account.

        • Hi Hosam,

          Interesting. We have confirmed and re-confirmed with both TD and Aeroplan that the name on the credit card has to match the name associated with the Aeroplan loyalty account attached to the card. But if there is some glitch with common address, versus name, it’s worth a try. Worse comes to worse TD will auto generate an account for the card, which can then be converted to the primary account holders Aeroplan account.


          GreedyRates Staff

  24. I applied for the card and am waiting for it in mail. Once I use it the 1st time I get my points. Can I redeem them immediately? I am traveling to Vancouver next month and want to use it for that trip. This will happen with in the 1 st month of long does it take to see points in aeroplan account after I activate and use this card the 1 st time? If I cancel it after a couple of months. What happens to the used up points? And do I need to pay annual fee?

    • Hi Night Cribed,

      If you cancel your card after a few months, you do not have to pay an annual fee, and you are still able to keep the Aeroplan Miles you earned through the welcome bonus or otherwise, subject to Aeroplan’s mile expiry terms (have to earn or spend at least 1 mile within a 12 month period – as simple as buying a pack of gum using your Aeroplan loyalty card (with or without your credit card) at an Esso station.

      Although you may get your points sooner, for the TD Aeroplan offer at this time, which does not require a minimum spend and only requires you to activate and keep your account open for 90 days, your miles are assigned as follows: for your first 15,000 miles TD states on the application to “allow up to 8 weeks after your first Purchase is posted to the Account for the Welcome Bonus Miles to be credited to your Aeroplan Member Account.” That said, you may get it sooner. For the additional 10,000 miles, TD will assign you the bonus points within 8 weeks after your account has been open for 90 days.

      GreedyRates Staff

  25. I currently hold a Visa infinite card that expire next month. Can I apply for a new account and will it most likely be accepted? Can I actually hold 2 cards assuming the previous card is automatically renewed.

    • Hi Chris,

      Seems like there’s no hard and fast rule in your case, and it’s up to TD’s discretion. TD’s Aeroplan Infinite card application disclosure reads as follows: “If you have opened an account in the last 6 months, you will not be eligible for this offer. We reserve the right to limit the number of Accounts opened by and the number of Welcome Bonus Miles awarded to any one person.” As a result, since you opened an account prior to 6 months ago you may be allowed to open a new account, and you may receive the Welcome Bonus points – that said, TD reserves the right not to approve your application. Let us know if you apply and what happens, it would be a great learning case for all of us!

      GreedyRates Staff

  26. Hey

    I am looking at switching to a TD aeroplan Visa. I currently use an RBC Visa Infinite (Avion) visa. I love the ‘points’ and how easy they are to use with the Avion. The problem is my Company is switching to TD and I would like to switch everything to there. I spend about $1,000,000.00 (yes, 1 million) a year on my current visa. I get 1,000,000 points. To travel anywhere in North America costs about 35,000 points. Is the ratio similar with the TD cards?

    • Hi Mike,

      For Aeroplan, you’ll need 15,000 Aeroplan Miles for a short ahul flight & 25,000 Aeroplan Miles for a return ticket to anywhere in continental North America (excludes Hawaii), plus taxes and fees.

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

      • I’m having a hard time finding out how many miles you need to actually be able to claim a flight for free (minus the taxes etc). for example from vancouver to halifax. the above answer seems to say 15000 for a oone way ticket anywhere in north america and 25000 for a return trip. that means just by signing up and getting a 25000 bonus you automatically get a return trip, doesn’t make sense to me. any explanation?

        • Hi Vagner,

          A flight from Vancouver to Halifax is a long haul flight. It would require 25,000 Aeroplan miles for a return economy ticket (plus taxes & fees). You can verify it on Aeroplan’s flight redemption chart here. Yes the 25,000 mile sign-up bonus for the TD Aeroplan Infinite card on Greedyrates is a huge incentive. It’s obviously too rich for TD to offer all the time, that’s why it’s a limited time promotion until October 30th. What we also love about it, is the first year annual fee rebate, making it completely free to try.

          Hope that helps,

          GreedyRates Staff

  27. If I cancel my visa at the end of year 1, so i don’t have to pay the annual fee, do I lose the aeroplan points?

    • Hi Dave,

      No, you do not lose the Aeroplan points, as long as you keep your Aeroplan loyalty account active during the next 12 months. Aeroplan defines active as follows: “What is the 12-month mileage expiry policy? All miles in an account expire if the Aeroplan Member has not accumulated or redeemed Aeroplan Miles in a period of 12 consecutive months”. Active is further defined as “one of the following activities is required: accumulate, redeem, donate, or transfer miles (subject to applicable fees)”. So even, if you earn 1 Aeroplan Mile, by using your Aeroplan loyalty card when you buy a pack of gum at an Aeroplan retail partner like Esso once a year, you’re in the clear.

      GreedyRates Staff

  28. Hey, I travel quite often and i currently have the td aeroplan visa infinite card and I spend between $2000-$3000 a month. Is the td first class card better for collecting points and using them to travel? Cash back is something I don’t really care about. Please let me know. Thanks!

    • Hi Gurp,

      Another way to look at it is through the welcome bonus lens. Right now, welcome bonuses are 25,000 miles, roughly $20,000 in credit card spend, or 1 year of spend for you. I’d focus on that value most. So if you could get the TD Aeroplan Infinite card, which currently waives the annual fee, and does not have a minimum spend requirement to get the 25,000 mile welcome bonus it’s a no brainer. Combine that with the Amex Gold Rewards, where you also get the first year annual fee waived, and a 25,000 mile welcome bonus with $500 min spend in 90 days (which you can convert to Aeroplan miles 1:1 with no fee), and you’ll have 50,000 Aeroplan miles, without ever paying an annual fee, or spending an incremental dollar. That’s the equivalent of close to $50,000 of credit card spend (2 years of sepnd in your case) immediately and virtually free. 50,000 Aeroplan miles will get you 2 free roundtrip airfares anywhere in North America.

      Without taking into account the welcome bonus, if most of your $2,000-$3,000 in monthly credit card spend is actually on travel (plane tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, etc…) then the TD First Class Infinite Visa card will likely earn you more per dollar spent (4.5%) than the TD Aeroplan Infinite card. However, if most of your $2,000-$3,000 in monthly spend is on gas, groceries and pharmacies, then the TD Aeroplan Infinite will earn you more per dollar spent.

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  29. So to get the 25,000 points do I have to spend a certain amount by a certain time like it says on the TD site ($1000)? Or is it simply just making any one purchase and keeping the account in good standing for 90 days?

    Also, on the TD site, if you have open a chequings account have have $5000 in the account, the annual fee can be waived for this card, but only if its a new card for you. Do you know if I sign up for the card through here first then get the chequings account will the same still apply?


    • Hi Maggie,

      To receive the 25,000 mile Aeroplan bonus above, you simply have to make one purchase to receive the first 15,000 miles and then keep your account open and in good standing for 90 days to receive the next 10,000 miles. Here’s the verbage from TD’s legal disclosures: “Welcome Bonus Aeroplan Miles (“Welcome Bonus Miles”) will be awarded to the Aeroplan Member Account associated with the TD Aeroplan Credit Card Account (“Account”) only after the first Purchase is made on the Account.” “To receive the additional 10,000 Aeroplan Miles offer (“Additional Miles”), you must: (a) apply for a TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card Account (“Account”) through the link on this website between September 1, 2015 – October 30, 2015 and (b) keep your Account open, active and good standing for 90 days after Account approval.”

      To your second question, if you have the TD all inclusive checking account, you will absolutely continue to get the annual fee waived, whether or not you keep $5,000 in the checking account. However, if you keep a minimum of $5,000 in the account you will get the $29.95 monthly checking account fee waived as well.

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  30. Hi,

    I noticed that the annual fee is waived for strictly the primary card holder. What is the annual fee for a secondary card holder (one account but two cards…i.e husband-wife)?

    • Hi Paul,

      The annual fee for the supplementary card for authorized users is $50. Can your wife apply on her own? If so, you’d then get an annual fee rebate, plus the 25,000 mile offer. She can list household income, instead of personal income, if that helps. (you probably thought of it, but worth mentioning).


      GreedyRates Staff

  31. The fee rebate is now only 50% off..

    • Hi Adam,

      The fee rebate is 100% off at, until October 30th. If you use the link above, it will take you to TD’s offer page where you will see the first year annual fee fully rebated, with the 25,000 Aeroplan Mile offer. Spread the word…


      GreedyRates Staff

  32. Hi there! I went to the TD website and the first annual fee is not waived? Where did you get that information? Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah,

      This offer is an exclusive offer. It is not available on TD’s site or in its branches. If you click on the link (Apply Now button) in the review above it will take you to TD’s landing page with the 25,000 Aeroplan Mile sign-up bonus and 1st year annual fee rebate.

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  33. Hi Nancy,

    You shouldn’t have any cause for concern. The offer is an annual fee rebate. As such, the annual fee is charged on the first statement. It should then be rebated in the second, or at latest, the third statement.

    I apologize for the confusion, you’re not the first person to ask the question.

    Please let me know if this addresses your concern for the time being or if there’s anything else we can do.

    If you have additional questions, you can contact us at [email protected] directly. We tried emailing you, but got a bounce back message twice.

    GreedyRates Staff

  34. Love your website! I currently have this TD areoplan infinite credit card and may decide to keep it after 6 months if the long term rewards out shines the Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite Cash Back credit card which also looks attractive! If the areoplan were converted to real dollars, which card will offer me more cash back? I did an apple to apple comparison and think the Scotia Momentum will be the winner after subtracting the annual fees from the cash back rewards. I don’t want pay annual fees on both cards after the 1 year.

    Would appreciate your thoughts on this one.

    • Hi Lisa,

      For those looking for a new credit card, the TD Aeroplan Infinite card has a historically high sign-up bonus (25,000 miles with a no annual fee waiver for the first year) which can’t be beat. It’s worth about $440.

      In your situation, since you already have the TD Aeroplan Infinite card, and won’t be eligible for another bonus, we should compare ongoing spend only and take away the value of the sign-up bonus. In that case, the Scotia Momentum Infinite Cash Back likely wins, if the majority of your spend is on gas 4%, groceries 4%, pharmacy 2%, and recurring bills 2% (the Scotia Momentum Infinite also has an annual fee waiver for the first year right now). The TD Aeroplan Infinite Visa offers a 1.9% earn rate on gas, groceries, pharmacy and online purchases of tickets on, coming in at less than the Momentum’s super 4%! But that should only impress you if you spend a lot on gas & groceries. If you don’t, Aeroplan’s 1.27% earn rate on all other spend will beat out Momentum’s 1% earn rate on all other spend. You can use our calculators to help you.

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

      • Thank you for your prompt response! In this case, the Scotia Momentum Cash Back credit card wins for me considering most of my higher spending will be towards gas and groceries. I prefer the cash back incentive than any other rewards especially if it’s as high as 4% for those categories. . Thanks so much

  35. How do I get the Annual Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge One-Time Guest Pass? I have applied and received the card but did not get the pass.

    • Hi Kenno,

      When you use your Aeroplan Miles to redeem for a flight, the Guest Pass access will be redeemed digitally on your airline ticket. Just present your credit card and airline ticket at the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge and you’ll be given access. Just remember, you can only redeem the Lounge Guest Pass on a flight in which you redeem Aeroplan Miles – not on tickets where you paid cash.

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  36. good deal, at least for the first year – pity though that priority boarding is only for rewards tickets

  37. Re” Comprehensive Travel Insurance ”
    Will ” Travel Medical ” cover me & my family if I am driving in my own vehicle to the States or on a cruise .

    • Hi Peter,

      You will have to read your terms and exclusions. However, travel medical on your credit card typically covers you and family members, while out of country, even when travelling by car or on a cruise. Unlike trip cancellation insurance, you don’t have to “book” your travel with your credit card to be eligible for travel medical coverage. Just note the maximum number of consecutive days, usually 15, and age, usually up to 65 years old.

  38. I have an All Inclusive TD Canada Trust account ( that is , my minimum balance is always over $5,000) , will I be eligible to be exempted from the annual fee after first year of TD Infinite Aeroplan Visa.

    • Hi Peter,

      The answer is depends. TD will allow you to waive the annual fee of up to one premium credit card with the all inclusive checking account, but only for the “for the Primary Cardholder of one of the following new (to you) TD Credit Cards – TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card, TD Platinum Travel Visa Card or TD Gold Elite Visa Card – and one Authorized User for the same Account for as long as the All Inclusive account remains open and in good standing.” The Aeroplan card annual fees are not waived.

      Other than that, there have been promo’s where new account holders have been offered annual fee waivers on Aeroplan cards when opening a new All Inclusive Account.

      GreedyRates Staff

  39. Is the aeroplan air miles transferable to one of my authorized user ?

    • Hi Peter,

      Unfortunately not. All Aeroplan Miles are collected under the primary account cardholders name. That said, you can buy a ticket with your points for any family member.

      GreedyRates Staff

  40. Hello,

    I recently spoke to a TD Credit Card representative and they mentioned this offer to me, however did not say anything about the waived annual fee for the first year. I’ve already gone ahead and made the switch from my Classic Travel card to the Infinite Aeroplan Visa, but should I call to see if I can get the annual fee waived or is it too late for that?


    • Hi Howard,

      The 25,000 mile offer with the first year annual fee waiver is only available with a select number of TD’s affiliate partners – of which GreedyRates is one. If you call into the TD call centre you have to mention that you received the offer with the annual fee waiver from GreedyRates to get the promotional code appended to your application.

      Now that you have already applied I’m not sure what will happen, but I would suggest calling back and seeing if you can ge the waiver by letting them know you got the offer from GreedyRates online.

      Best of luck and let us know if it works!

      GreedRates Staff

  41. Apologies. I was a bit brisk – I see it now. Swell website.


  42. is the priority boarding only when you have a ticket with aeroplan reward or any time you buy a ticket from air canafda

  43. Is first annual fee not charged, simply waived, or it would be charged, then rebate to statement again? If that’s second case, when will rebate go to account?
    I saw others’ comments that they still get charged for annual fee?


    • Hi Jasmine,

      We just reconfirmed with TD. The first year annual fee gets charged and then reversed afte the first statement cycle (approximately 30 days). That means you’ll see the annual fee on your first statement, but it should be gone by the second statement. Hope that helps.


      • Does that mean I don’t have to pay it even though it is shown in the first statement? So I won’t be charged any interest if I don’t pay it before due date?


        • Hi Jasmine, that is correct. You do not have to pay the annual fee, even though it is shown on the first month statement, and you won’t be charged interest.


  44. Is there a charge for a second card?

    • Hi Murray, if you get the offer above, which at this time has a first year annual fee waiver, you will not be charged an annual fee on the authroized user card during the first year either. During year 2 and beyond, the cost of a TD Aeroplan Infinite Visa card for an authroized user is $50.

      Hope that helps,


  45. Do I get 25000 sign up bonus plus 15000 with first purchase and 10000 for spending $1000 in 90 days for a total of 50000 ? or is the 15000 and 10000 make up the 25000?

  46. Good card for the sign-up….then keep the card in the desk and use another more rewarding card (take the card out when traveling to avoid the crazy baggage fee). And then apply again.

    But wouldn’t use it for miles after the sign-up…other cards give more value back. 🙂

  47. If I do not qualify for the Infinite card, can I still get the promo offered by TD for the Platinum Card (up to 15,000 bonus Aeroplan miles) and the waived annual fee?

    • Hi Amy,

      Yes. If you get the TD Aeroplan Platinum card, as opposed to the infinite card, you will get both the 15,000 mile sign-up bonus (25,000 miles for the Infinite card right now) and the annual fee waiver.

      Greedy Staff

  48. Above you wrote “5) Miles will not expire as long as you are a TD Aeroplan Cardholder” … So if I cancel the card after 6 months and I haven’t used up the 25000 miles? They won’t show up on my Aeroplan account balance anymore? I just want to make sure to sign up at the right time if that’s the case. Thanks!

    • Hi Sophie,

      Actually, even if you cancel your TD Aeroplan Card, you won’t lose your Aeroplan Miles. You’ll be able to keep your Aeroplan Miles in your Aeroplan account according to the Aeroplan policy which allows you to keep your Miles so long as you either redeem or accumulate points at least once per year. If you have the TD Aeroplan Card, you’ll keep your Aeroplan Miles, regardless of whether you meet Aeroplan’s conditions.

      Hope that helps.

  49. I used to have a TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card but was cancelled earlier this year. Will I still qualify for this promotion?

    • Hi Karina,

      Officially TD states that “if you have opened an Account in the last 6 months, you will not be eligible for this offer.” We verified with TD and they confirmed that you have to wait 6 months from the time that you opened your TD account – note not cancelled – hopefully that leaves you in good shape.

      To avoid abusers, i.e. people doing this every 6 months for years on end, TD does have the following language “we reserve the right to limit the number of Accounts opened by and the number of Welcome Bonus Miles awarded to any one person.” But I don’t think doing it twice will raise a red flag, especially since their credit approval system is automated.

      Let us know what happens!

  50. Is there a chart somewhere that shows how many points = where you can travel, e.g., how many points for North America vs. International? I can’t find one anywhere.

    • Hi Michelle, you can find the Aeroplan redemption chart here.

      In essence when flying economy class, for a return ticket it’s 15K points for a short haul flight, 25K points for a long haul flight, 40K to Mexico, 60K-75K to Europe and 70K-90K to Asia.

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  51. Thanks very much for your response!

  52. How come when I go to the TD Canada Trust website directly and look at this particular card, there is nothing indicating that the first year’s annual fee will be waived? It seems bogus and sketchy that I have to use the link provided on this website.

    • TD is offering this promotion through their online affiliate channel only at this time. It is not uncommon for credit card issuers to have several different offers in the marketplace at different times, targeted to different prospects. The link takes you directly to TD’s website, and your application is made on TD’s website on a completely secure and encrypted page. GreedyRates does not see, contact or maintain any of the information you share with TD. Hopefully that provides you with the comfort your’re looking for. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

      • and if I choose to cancel the card after 6 months…what are the penalties?

        • There are no penalties. You will retain the Aeroplan welcome bonus miles you earned (keeping them according to Aerolan’s program guidelines) and you will not be charged the annual fee or any other penalty. All you have to do to retain your Aeroplan miles is earn or redeem at least one point per year. You can earn a point with the Aeroplan loyalty card (distinct from the credit card), by using it when you fill up or buy a pack of gum at Esso or any other Aeroplan retail partner.

      • which affliates offer that promotion? cause i talked to their customer service and they said they currently dont have that promo.

        • offers the promotion on our site. Just click on any of the TD Aeroplan apply now buttons or links and you will be taken to TD’s secure landing page with the no annual fee in the first year, 25,000 mile sign-up bonus offer, as described in the article.

          While the 25,000 mile sign-up bonus is now being offered in branch and at TD call center’s, they do not offer the annual fee waiver. Only select affiliates have both the 25,000 mile and no annual fee in the first year offer. We’re one of them!

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