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The Scotiabank Gold American Express Card Review

Scotiabank Gold American Express CardThe Scotiabank Gold American Express card offers Canada’s richest rewards rate of 4% and ushers in a new era of flexible travel redemption programs into the Canadian marketplace.

With a limited time $99 first year annual fee waiver and a 30,000 point sign-up bonus worth $300 (offer expires October 31, 2017)  this is a great time to try the card out risk free.

The Scotiabank Gold Amex card offers one of Canada’s highest earn rates of 4% on gas, grocery, dining and entertainment spend and 1% everywhere else. No other credit card in Canada offers 4% in that many categories. It’s also one of Canada’s most flexible travel cards, offering the flexibility to redeem your cash equivalent points for ANY travel expense! It also has one of the country’s best travel insurance programs.

Get the card to get your limited time $300 welcome bonus offer and first year annual fee waiver. With no annual fee Scotia is paying you $300 to give the card a try – with such good value, we say it’s worth a shot.

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Earning Points on Scotiabank Gold

The sign-up bonus of 30,000 points, with no annual fee in the first year is extremely competitive. 30,000 points, is worth $300. The only thing you’ll have to do is spend $750 in the first 3 months. If you’re spending $300 a month anyways (think gas & groceries alone), it’s a great deal.

The value proposition on the card is simple and extremely generous, you earn 4% on all gas, grocery, dining and entertainment purchases, up to $50,000 per year, after which you’ll earn 1%. You’ll also earn 1% on purchases in all other categories. The 4% value is extremely rich.

While some cash back cards offer 4% cash back, they only do it for gas and grocery purchases. The Scotiabank Gold card does it for gas, grocery, dining and entertainment purchases making it standout from the pack.

Consider the average Canadian spends $5,588 a year on groceries, $2,207 on restaurants, $3,600 a year on gas, and let’s throw in an additional $8,000 on other credit card spend. Based on that spend profile you’ll earn the equivalent of $535 per year in rewards – robust.

Redeeming Points With Scotiabank Gold

One of the most innovative features of the Scotiabank Gold American Express card is that it allows you to book your travel first, then redeem your points to cover your travel costs after, as follows:

  1. Book any flight, hotel, car, cruise, train or package, on your credit card
  2. Wait for your travel purchases to appear on your credit card statement
  3. Then apply your points to your travel expenses on your credit card (100 points = $1)

This allows you to book on any airline, hotel, cruise or vacation package without any restrictions. No blackout dates, seat restrictions, or extra points for high season. You can also pay for all taxes and fees with your points!

Comparing Value Per $1 Spent On Your Credit Card

As we’ve said before, the earn rate on the Scotiabank Gold American Express card is the highest of any card in Canada.

We’ve done some math to verify our assessment. Each point is worth 1 cent. As a result, you’re getting 4% back on gas, grocery, restaurant and entertainment spend and 1% everywhere else. That compares very favorably to the RBC Avion, CIBC Aventura, BMO World Elite or CapOne Aspire. By comparison, the BMO World Elite and CapOne Aspire offer 2% on all spend. You can see just how rich a 4% earn rate is when compared to other cards.

If you have a lot of spend outside of gas, grocery, restaurants and entertainment, you might want to consider something that gives more bang for your buck than the Scotia Amex Gold card does, which still gives a respectable 1% on all other purchases.

To see other alternatives, you can use our credit card comparison tool to find the best credit card for you, which has already converted points to their dollar value and allows you to enter your spend by category to see how much each card will earn you.


Not to be outdone, Scotia has embedded a host of travel related benefits that we believe ranks it as one of the top 5 cards in Canada for insurance coverage. In fact the total package of embedded benefits can easily be worth over $1,000 per year if your travel:

  • Travel Emergency Medical Insurance –  As the primary cardmember, you, your spouse and accompanying dependent children are each automatically covered for up to $1 million in emergency medical coverage for up to 25 consecutive days out of province.
  • Trip Interruption & Cancellation Insurance
  • Flight Delay
  • Delayed & Lost Luggage Insurance
  • Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance
  • Rental Car Collision / Loss Damage Insurance
  • Hotel / Motel Burglary Insurance
  • Purchase Security & Extended Warranty Insurance – personal items purchased on your credit card are insured against theft, loss or damage for their first 90 days after purchase!
  • Price Protection Service – Use your card to buy a new item that is offered for sale at a lower price within 60 days of purchase, the Price Protection Service, will pay you the difference up to $100.

Worth it?

In our view, Scotia’s current limited time first year annual fee waiver with a $300 sign-up bonus offer makes it one of the top offers in the current Canadian marketplace. It’s also the best offer Scotia makes available for the card all year.

Usually the Scotia Amex Gold has a $150 sign-up bonus with a $99 annual fee to start – so this promotion is $250 richer than its standard welcome bonus offer. Also, the 4% earn rate on gas, grocery, restaurant and entertainment is unmatched in Canada. Because you can apply your earnings to ANY travel expense on your credit card statement, you can start redeeming your welcome bonus right away!

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  1. I think this is a misleading analysis. The card gives 4 points per $1 spent, not 4%. The redeemed value of a point can be up to 1¢ but only if you spend it a specific way. I just checked the conversion on the Scotia Website and it had 3000 point being exchanged for $20. That is pathetic. I don’t understand how they get away with this false advertising. Also I can’t believe a website like yours doesn’t mention this.

    • Hi Ali, thanks for your comments. Each issuer has several different category and item tiers that have varying redemption ratios. You might feel that Scotia’s redemption options are too narrow, while others may find value in the redemption options that Scotia offers. Let us know if we can suggest a different card for you, or anything else. We’re sorry, and hope you have better luck in the future.

      GreedyRates Staff

  2. Thanks for your great reviews! Very informative. After doing some comparisons on your site, I am thinking of signing up for either the Amex gold rewards, or Scotiabank gold amex. I travel to Europe at least once a year, and stay for close to a month. I already have the Rogers Platinum MC, and I use that for foreign purchases. Sometimes I rent a car while abroad. I put all of my purchases on credit, and pay off the balance monthly. Was wondering which card of the two would be best (or any other card you might suggest).

    Also, I have an RBC rewards gold visa. However, to my surprise, I was recently sent an rbc rewards plus visa. I was told that the gold visa has been discontinued and replaced with the rewards plus. Is there any chance of getting my gold visa back? The rewards plus has none of the insurance benefits of the gold. When I called them they said no, but I’m wondering if there is a possibility if I insisted.

    • Hi PJ, thanks for your excellent comments. First, if you called RBC and they told you the Rewards Plus Visa is the replacement for the now-cancelled Gold Visa, we wouldn’t argue. Generally, “insisting” with any issuer will get you nowhere. Instead, look into the cards you just mentioned. Both are excellent choices if you like travelling, but we like the Scotiabank Gold AmEx a bit more. Their introductory bonus is one of the best available, and the card earns rewards fast and lets you redeem them on almost any travel program (including airlines). Alongside travel insurance to rival the best of them, there are few reasons for travellers not to apply.

      GreedyRates Staff

  3. Hello
    i applied online and was approved for $20,000 limit. i am wondering is it possible to request split credit limit and request 3 new cards so that all have $5,000 credit card limit. This way all accounts will be considered new and there is a possibility to get 4 x $300 = $1200 in rewards.
    i work for TD bank and TD considers every new account opened via split limit as new account. wondering if scotia bank will do the same? it will be great to earn all these rewards by having just 1 credit check and have 4 accounts instead.

    • Hey Shaun, great strategy! We appreciate the creative use of supplementary cards, but we can’t be sure that Scotiabank applies the same logic as TD. If you like, get in touch with Scotia via live chat, email or phone, and describe your question to them. You should mention you believe TD allows one to earn a seperate bonus for each new account, and that you are looking to get one new card and 3 supplementary ones for four total. We hope you succeed and truly get $1,200! If it works, let us know and perhaps we can inform other readers. Thanks.

      GreedyRates Staff

  4. Let me say I love this site. The apply now button does not seem to be working…always says can’t connect…I’m trying to sign up for the Scotia AMEX card.

    Thanks and keep up the good work

    • Hi Walter,

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂

      We can’t find the error you found clicking the APPLY NOW buttons, they work fine for us. Could you try again please? And if the problem persists, would you mind sharing a screenshot with us through our email? [email protected]

      Thanks again,

      GreedyRates Staff

      • On my laptop it was still giving me the same error message but I was able to apply on my mobile phone…it says I was approved.

  5. Hello,

    Do I have to open up an account with Scotia Bank in order to pay off this card every month?


    • Hey Laura, thanks for your question. You can apply for the Scotiabank Gold AmEx card without having a bank account with Scotia, and you don’t need a bank account to pay off the card itself. This can be done from a different credit card or existing bank account easily. Scotia has great customer service, so we recommend that you call and explain your situation to them. They can tell you the most effective and inexpensive way to pay on time each month without a Scotia bank account.

  6. I applied for and received the card, but since I got it I have ongoing problems when trying to use it. I have constantly having to swipe the card because the chip and the tap features do not work. I have been to my bank and they “tested “the card and say its OK. I tried to use the card to pay for an AIRB&B in Australia and the card was not accepted, I spent 2 hours on the phone and 3 calls to the customer service, told ,the system was rebooting try later did still rejecting card subsequent call told all was OK with card keep trying. Finally used my TD visa to book AIRB&B and flight to Australia. Wanted to get points and use travil insurance benifits but could not with this card. Feel cheated , also have never received sign up points after charging the 750$.

    When I told my travel agent that I had planned to use the American express card and the problems with it, she immediately asked “is it Scotia Bank” she has had trouble with it before!

    • Hey Dennis, thanks for reporting back. We’re very sorry to hear you were disappointed with your Scotia card. You say the chip payment method wasn’t working and that it was difficult to purchase through AirBnB: quite a problem! While you’re the first to report such issues, be assured that we believe you and will not encourage you to stick with a card that you don’t like. Normally, Scotiabank has strong reviews from our readers, but if you’d like us to recommend a different card for you just let us know. Thanks again.

      GreedyRates Staff

    • I am totally having the same problems. When i go to stores that accepts AMEX, I’ve tapped, swiped, and put my chip in and it still didn’t work. Called and went into the branch and they said my card had no problem. When I change some of my online billing that accepts AMEX my card doesnt work either. Says credit card number not valid… I thought it was just me. Seems like Scotiabank AMEX vs. regular american AMEX is different. Other AMEX cards don’t seem to have this problem. 🙁

  7. Wondering if the points on the Scotia Amex expire or if there is a limit on the amount of points you can earn?
    Thank You,

    • Hey Elke!

      While there are some restrictions when it comes to how a cardholder uses their points, there is no expiry date on them and they will remain with you as long as the account is open and in good standing. Please call customer service and have them confirm these details, as the fine print leaves a bit of detail to be desired. Thanks!

      GreedyRates Staff

  8. Hello,

    Just want to know if the Scotiabank Amex Gold card Out of Country Medical Insurance allows top -up from third party ? Our trip normally exceeds 25 days.


    • Hey Esther!

      Thank you very much for reading, and for asking a unique yet important question. For those under 65 who are traveling for more than 25 days, or those 65 and older who are gone for more than 10 days, there is an option to purchase coverage extensions directly through Scotiabank. This may be important, as depending on one’s age, coverage drops after a certain period of time spent abroad – and this could be dangerous.

      Fortunately, if you know you’ll be gone for longer than the default coverage period, you can order an extension ahead of time. Per Scotia’s website: “… [Cardholders may] purchase extension coverage from Scotia Assist prior to [their] departure by calling (416) 572-3636 or 1-877-391-7507. You will receive a separate certificate of insurance if you choose to purchase this coverage.” Hope that answers your question. Happy travels!

      GreedyRates Staff

  9. First off, this site is great and has been a huge help for me. I’m looking at getting a new card as my Avion card seems to be lagging behind other cards. I was wondering what you think I should do with my points? I have about 40,000 but won’t be going anywhere until August where I will be flying to South Korea to study abroad. This leads me to my second question. I was looking at both this car as well as the Rogers Platinum card as my new cards. I was thinking of using this card for big purchases with Warranties and for the 4 bonus categories, While then picking up the Rogers Card For my purchases in South Korea (will be there for a year) as well as other American purchases and day to day purchases for the Cash Back. Does this seem like a good plan?

    • Hey Samuel!

      Thanks for reading GreedyRates, and again for your warm compliments. We’re glad to be of service 🙂

      To address your concern about your current Avion card – you’re right, it might be time to consider a replacement. This goes double due to your upcoming relocation abroad!

      In the meantime, figure out how to best spend those points. You can do something fun or to aid in your travel preparations. How very exciting!

      The Scotiabank Gold Amex card is a suitable complement to the Rogers card, and your readership has clearly educated you well. You can use the former on gas, groceries, dining and entertainment for the 4% cash back, which will help cover the 2.5% foreign transaction fees in South Korea, and accrue points that you can redeem on travel expenses. Plus it will protect you well, as you mentioned.

      For other purchases there, the Rogers card is great, as it will save money via cash back and the foreign transaction fee exemption.

      We recommend going with your gut. Apply for both cards quickly – you have a little over a month before you need to be ready, and these cards will help you immensely in this regard.

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  10. Hi Greedy rates!

    I just received my card last month and I have already charged around $500 on the card. I found a good deal for hotel and I was wondering if I can book the hotel now and once I received my points, use them for this hotel purchase. I m not sure how long would it take to receive those points and if I can use it for this particular purchase since it was done before I met spending limit and before I got my points. Maybe you have experience with this. Also thanks for doing great job with credit cards research and reviews! I took lot of advices from you and saved lot of money!

    • Hey Zuzana,

      Thanks for an interesting question! Also, congrats on getting ahold of the Scotiabank Gold Amex – it’s truly one of our best, and it looks like you’re currently trying your best to spend $750 in the first three months to fulfill the promotion.

      If the price of the hotel is over $250, then you will have spent over $750 on the card and will be sent the 30,000 rewards points. However, these points may not hit your account in the timeframe you intended. In fact, it might take a full statement period or longer.

      Another reason this method may not be recommended is because by spending rewards points to cover the hotel costs, the hotel may credit your AmEx the dollars you originally paid, which could complicate your eligibility for the bonus. Regardless, you might just want to wait to spend the rewards on your next hotel stay instead.

      Thanks for being such a fan! We appreciate you reading GreedyRates

  11. Can you put the purchase on gift card to fulfill the minimum spending of $750 in the first 3 months?
    Bear in mind, there’s not a lot of store accepts AMEX

    • Hey Andy, thanks for your question.

      Regarding your concerns that there are not enough American Express-compatible locations in Canada for you to reach $750 in the first three months, we believe that your strategy of buying a gift card is a good one. AmEx states that if there are $750 of net purchases on the account statement by the end of the third month from approval, then the bonus is earned.

      A gift card counts as a purchase, so if you buy $750 worth of them (or just one gift card worth $750) within three months, you should be eligible for the $300 offer. To be sure, you could call customer service and inquire. We appreciate that you came to us first though! Good luck getting your bonus.

      GreedyRates Staff

  12. If I purchase a flight with Aeroplan points can I use the points from this card to pay for the taxes + fees?

    • Hey Sam!

      Thanks for your question – it’s one that we have received before, and we will work to make our reviews more complete to avoid confusion in the future. That said, cardholders cannot pay for the taxes and fees on an airline ticket with their Aeroplan points. They can use cash, or another credit card and still remain eligible for benefits like the free checked bag, however. Most of the flight’s cost can be redeemed from Aeroplan points, though unfortunately, not 100%.

      We hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  13. Hi Greedyrates,
    totally unrelated, i noticed you stop analyzing Capital One credit card, is there any reasons? i just want to make sure all the comparison at this site is unbias

    • Hi Andy, thanks for your great inquiry.

      We take our credit card reviews very seriously, and our team of testers thoroughly researches the large and fine print before making recommendations. The relationships that we have with the issuers about whom we write reviews are completely transparent, and we can honestly tell you that the reason we do not write about Capital One cards is simply because we do not yet have permission from them. While this may change, for now, we will never say a word against Capital One’s products. There are several great Capital One cards out there, and if you’re currently considering one, we’re confident that you will receive great value.

      However, there are cards that we recommend here at GreedyRates that are similar, so before deciding on one single credit card, ensure that your research was as comprehensive as possible. Good luck!

      GreedyRates Staff

  14. Does the offer apply to former Scotiabank Gold Amex members? I can’t find anything in the terms and conditions suggesting that it does not… I cancelled this card a few months back to avoid the annual fee but would love to reap the rewards again.

    • Hey Scott!

      Thanks for your awesome question. You made a great choice with the Scotiabank Gold AmEx card, and it’s no surprise to us that you’re back for seconds!
      However, you may have missed in the fine print that Scotiabank only offers this bonus to new customers. The good news is that Scotiabank defines a new customer as someone who is newly applying for this card, meaning that those who have had the card in the past but are opening a new application are still eligible for the bonus. This includes you!

      Ensure that you have had no other credit applications within the last couple of months before applying. We usually recommend this to reduce the risk of a dent on your credit score. Enjoy!

      GreedyRates Staff

  15. I just got approved for this card! Was wondering if it’s possible to somehow get points for plane tickets I bought in early January. Is this an option?

    • Hey Lisa, thanks for your question and congratulations on getting approved for the Scotiabank Gold American Express card!

      Regarding your question on whether or not you can accrue rewards points for tickets that you purchased in January, we’re sorry, but unfortunately this is not possible. Purchases made since approval and activation of your new credit card are eligible to earn points, but not purchases made before the account was opened.

      However, depending on the tickets purchased, the airline and other factors, it may be possible to cancel your flight for little to no fees and repurchase tickets of a similar fare with your new Amex card. We recommend checking for this possibility, though it may not be likely.

      Good luck!

      GreedyRates Staff

  16. I was told that if I were abroad other than the US, and charged to my card in non-US funds, I would be charged 2.5% conversion to USD, and then another 2.5% conversion to CAD. Is this correct?

    • Hey Phil, thanks for your question.

      We hear of many people being misinformed in this manner, and thankfully the information you were given is not correct. You will only be charged the foreign transaction fee once, no matter which currency you are exchanging or where you are. Credit card issuers use the US Dollar as the peg currency in all cases of foreign exchange, but whether or not they make this known is another matter. Regardless, customers will only ever be charged once for the currency conversion.

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  17. I signed up for this card in January, and was approved. However due to how long it took to complete the paperwork I did not receive and activate the card until the beginning of April. Will I still be eligible for the bonus points if I spend $750 in 3 months? Or did the 3 months begin when I was approved?

    • Hi Taylor!

      Good question, and congratulations on getting approved for the Scotiabank Gold Amex card. It’s a great card that will serve you well, as will the bonus!

      A bit about the bonus: it begins once you have activated the card. You will be eligible for the bonus when you spend at least $750 within three months from when you activated the card. Because you recently activated it in early April, you now have a little under three months to earn the bonus, which is more than enough time. Good luck and enjoy!

      We hope this helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  18. The fine print says bonus applies to new accounts only…I have had this card in the past and was wondering if I would be considered a new account if I apply for a new one…I cancelled the previous one a couple of months ago..?

    Also I saw somewhere where you told someone to wait 2 months between applications for new credit cards…can you explain the reason for that…? Maybe something to do with my credit score?

    BTW…I love this site…keep up the excellent work.

    • Hey Walter!

      Thanks for your questions and your patience – we’re sorry you waited to hear back from us and are super glad you’re enjoying the site 🙂

      We also have some good news for you: regardless of the fact that you had this card in the past, “”new customer”” is defined by Scotiabank as anyone who is newly applying for the card, so you are entitled to the bonus.

      That said, depending on when you cancelled the card, you may want to wait before applying for the Scotiabank Gold Amex. We do indeed recommend waiting 2 months before repeat applications, and this is simply to protect your credit score against unnecessary dings.

      Good luck!

      GreedyRates Staff

  19. Does the 4% in these categories apply to purchases made abroad (ex. in the US)? How about for the Amex Gold?

    • Hey Gibby! We’re glad you’re asking these awesome questions.

      When using the Scotiabank Gold American Express for purchases abroad, as long as you’re buying gas, groceries, food or entertainment, the 4% cash back applies (for the Amex Gold as well). The points that you acquire can be used on your travels in a number of ways – for example, you can use them to pay off the same purchases when you return. Do be aware, however, that there is a 2.50% foreign transaction fee applied to purchases made abroad with this card, though for many purchases the 4% cash back more than covers it.

      We hope this helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  20. Is there a list of accepted travel merchants for redemption? For example, if I book travel through a Groupon Getaways or Air BnB will these still qualify to redeem my points? Thanks – great site!

    • Hi Stephanie! Thanks for the great question.

      In order to redeem your points for travel, you can book your trip and hotel through Scotiabank’s Scotia Rewards’ travel service, which offers you a full-service travel agency and can guarantee the best price on airfare.

      Hopefully this answers your question!

      GreedyRates Staff

  21. Is there restrictions to what grocery stores , gas stations , dining and entertainment? If so can u tell what places there restricted to? Also is the medical travel insurance cover out of country or just out of province?

    • Hi Jordon,

      There are no restrictions per se, however, Scotia determines if a store falls into one of those merchant categories based on the SIC merchant code provided by American Express. In most cases it should be obvious (if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and smells like a duck…). However remember Walmart may not be considered a grocery store.

      The medical travel insurance is for out of province AND out of country.


      GreedyRates Staff

  22. Wait. Each point is only worth a penny? Tomorrow I have a $4500 purchase at 1% points. Meaning 45 points. So I’m only getting 45 cents? I would have thought this would be $45 back in travel points?

  23. Hi there! Awesome articles.

    I just finished reading your post on Best Travel Credit Card Rankings in Canada for 2017, which had me convinced that the Amex Gold Rewards Card would be best for me. (I currently have a CIBC Aeroplan card).
    However now that I’ve seen this Scotia Gold Amex I’m not sure. What is the main difference/advantage between the two? From what I can see now they both offer a 25k sign up bonus and no annual fee first year. Is point accumulation/redemption easier on one than the other? I like the 4% earn rate but I think a lot of my spending might fall outside of the 4% categories.

    Thank you!!

    • Hi Catherine,

      Right now the differences are as follows:

      1. Scotia Amex Gold offers more rewards on spend at 4% on gas, groceries, restaurants and entertainment
      2. Amex Gold Rewards offers more rewards on spend at 2% on pharmacy and travel
      3. Scotia Amex Gold offers Trip cancellation insurance
      4. Amex Gold Rewards allows you to transfer your points to Aeroplan and Avios

      Those are the main advantages of each card.

      Hope that helps!

      GreedyRates Staff

  24. How does this card compare to the RBC Visa Infinite Avion, if my annual fee for the Avion is waived? I’m likely to use my points to pay for my trip, after I’ve purchased it through a third party website.

    • Hi Scott,

      Removing the annual fee from both cards, we’d still say the Scotia Gold Amex card is the richer and more flexible of the two:

      1. Scotia Amex Gold currently offers $250 welcome bonus, which is more valuable than Avion’s 15,000 miles
      2. Scotia Amex Gold offers 4% rewards rate on gas, grocery, restaurant and entertainment spend, much better than Avion’s earn rate (but you have to spend in those categories, otherwise Avion wins).
      3. Scotia Amex Gold allows you to redeem the dollar value of your points for any travel expense on your credit card statement. Avion does as well, but they discount your points when doing say, making it more expensive than if you redeem them as travel points.

      Hope that helps!

      GreedyRates Staff

  25. How can I set up this card to my Aeroplan account to get the points directly?I just received the card.

    • Hi Ling,

      I think you may be confusing the Scotiabank Gold American Express card with the Amex Gold Rewards card. None of Scotia’s cards have any relationship with Aeroplan. The Amex Gold Rewards Card allows you to convert your Amex points 1:1 to Aeroplan miles, with no additional fee. To convert your points to Aeroplan miles simply transfer the points online from your Amex account or call Amex at your convenience and they will do it for you over the phone.

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  26. I cancelled my American Express Gold card in November, if I apply for the Scotiabank one, I assume I will still be entitled to the welcome bonus of 20,000 points as they have no relationship with each other?

    • Hi Kristina,

      That is correct. There is no relationship between the two. American Express is the issuer of the Amex Gold Rewards card, and Scotia is the issuer of the Scotiabnk Gold American Express Card.


      GreedyRates Staff

  27. Hi there. With the Trip cancelation insurance, what qualifies? Is it only medical reasons? I have a need to change flight dates due to waiting on visa documents and have to change a departure date. Would I be refunded for these fees? Does it depend on all the airlines?

    • Hi Jenna,

      There are many non-medical covered causes for trip cancellation. However, after reviewing section 3 of the Amex Gold Trip Cancellation Insurance certificate, which details covered causes, it does not seem to cover waiting on Visa documents. Please review the section yourself and call to ensure the correct interpretation.

      GreedyRates Staff

  28. I’m thinking about getting this card. I’m just a little worried about locations that accept this card. Generally I’ll be shopping at a Sobeys, Co-op, Safeway or Metro, and using it for all of the main gas locations like Esso, Husky etc. However for the dining and entertainment, is there a list that contains with merchants that I can view?

    • Hi Jeremy,

      Scotia used to provide a sample list but doesn’t anymore. Besides, with thousands of restaurants across Canada, it would be hard to have a comprehensive list of restaurants.

      GreedyRates Staff

  29. Hi,

    If I am going on a backpacking trip to Europe for 1.5 months, should I apply for this card purely for insurance use?

    I have already purchased my flight there with a different credit card, will I still be able to use the insurance from this card?


    • Hi Kiersten,

      It depends on which insurance you are referring to. If you don’t have travel medical insurance the Scotiabank Gold American Express card can cover you (you’ll have to check fro exclusions), but only for 25 days. There are some cards that offer insurance for longer periods of time, but they come with an annual fee (Desjardins / National Bank).

      Because you did not book your flight with the Scotia Amex Gold card, it will not protect you for coverage like trip interruption, trip delay, etc…

      We need to know a little more to be helpful, hopefully the above is somewhat helpful.

      GreedyRates Staff

  30. Can you transfer the scotiabank american express points 1:1 to aeroplan?

    • Hi Katie,

      Unfortunately not. However, you can book any flight you want, anyway you want and you’ll be able to apply the cash value of your Scotia points to your flight cost. For example, let’s say you have 40,000 Scotia points, worth $400. You then book an Air Canada flight on Expedia for $350. You can use 35,000 Scotia points to pay for the trip – up to 12 months AFTER the charge appears on your credit card!

      Hope that helps!

      GreedyRates Staff

  31. Do you know if Scotiabank counts Aeroplan or Airmiles tax purchases as a travel expense? I have Aeroplan and Airmiles points and I am thinking if I purchase a flight I could pay the taxes of the flight with my Scotiabank card and then use the Scotiapoints to pay off the taxes?

    • Hi Rzana,

      Yes, when redeeming your Aeroplan miles, if you pay for the taxes and fees with your Scotia Amex Gold Card, it will count as a travel purchase. As such, you will be able to redeem whatever Scotia rewards you have against the purchase on your credit card statement. Great idea by the way!

      Hope that helps!

      GreedyRates Staff

      • Hello,

        Interesting side note, it looks like Aeroplan taxes and fees on a flight qualify as a travel purchase, but Airmiles taxes and fees on a flight do NOT qualify as a travel purchase. I wonder why that is?

        First I thought, well, Airmiles allows you to redeem for regular merchandise and maybe that is why Airmiles purchases are not coded as “travel” when it posts on the credit card but then I thought Aeroplan has the eStore which allows for the purchase of regular merchadise, so I was left wondering why Airmiles purchases are never coded as “travel” but Aeroplan purchases are (or at least sometimes are)?

        I wonder what the deal is here? Maybe the Aeroplan eStore purchases are actually not coded as “travel” but flight taxes and fees are? If that is the case though, then I would have thought that flight taxes and fees for an Airmiles redemption would qualify but merchandise Airmiles redemptions would not but it seems Airmiles redemptions (whether flight taxes/fees or not) do not seem to ever fall under the “travel” category.



        • Hi Chad,

          Thanks for the feedback. Guessing Air Miles site is not coded under travel SIC merchant code, while Aeroplan is – simple as that. Aeroplan’s e-store, may have a different SIC merchant code from it’s travel redemption site.

          GreedyRates Staff

  32. Hello,

    Just as a heads up, this card is also currently offering FYF! Makes this card even more appealing!

    Keep up the great work…love the site!

    • Hi Chad,

      We were just waiting for the link to go live and Scotia’s landing page to reflect the offer! All updates to the new offer have been made. Great opportunity.

      Thanks for the kind words!

      GreedyRates Staff

  33. I deal with scotiabank for everything and have a STEP account, am employed and have good rating rating yet I was denied a scotiabank Gold Amex card and not sure why I do not meet their criteria???

    • Hi Sharon,

      Usually you can call Scotia and ask them to provide you with the reason for your decline – i.e. debt/income ratio, credit score, incomplete application, not enough income. Once you have that information you can take the next step.

      GreedyRates Staff

  34. td first class travel with no fee vs scotia amex. cant decide

    • Hi Rick,

      It all depends on where you spend. Both are good cards, Scotia Amex has a little more redemption flexibility. TD First Class offers great value if you travel a lot through Expedia, and are willing to redeem through Expedia (4.5% earn rate). If most of your spend is in gas, grocery and dining then Amex is the way to go. You just have to make sure your regular merchants accept Amex (for example Costco & Loblaws do not).

      But if you bank at TD, and have a premium chekcing account, the annual fee on the TDFC can be waived, which also brings great value.

      GreedyRates Staff

  35. I currently have TD first class travel card with all inclusive bank account, So I do not pay any annual fee. I spend over $35,000/year on this card but don’t get enough benefits from this. I am thinking of applying this credit card. I mostly shop at sobeys and restaurants.

    • Hi Rahul,

      If you’re spending $35K per year, chances are a significant portion of your spend is outside of Sobeys and restaurants, would we be right on that? If so, you’ll only be getting 1% on those purchases from your Scotiabank Gold Amex card. You might want to also consider a premium travel card that gives you 2% on all spend like the MBNA World Elite, or BMO World Elite MasterCard. Check out your approximate earn rate on our travel card comparison page.

      Regardless, we would say in your case the Scotia Amex Gold would come out ahead of the TD First Class Infinite, due to the 4% earn rate you’ll get at Sobeys and restaurants, versus 1.5% with the TD First Class Infinite card.

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  36. Also worth noting that points from Scotia Amex cards can be used retroactively for up to 12 months. So when you’re ready to cancel the card, you can apply all your outstanding points to any travel purchase in the last year. With many other cards, it’s difficult to use up the points at the time of cancellation unless you have a travel booking to make at that time. Failing that, because the points are Scotia points, not Amex points, they can be transferred to another lower-fee Scotia card.

    • Great point Peter. One question though. If you’ve already paid down your balance from your trip 11 months ago (for example), what balance are your points being applied against?

      GreedyRates Staff

      • Even though you already paid out your travel expenses, it will deduct the amount from the balance from other purchases. For example, you had travel expenses for 500 in January and already paid in full. In May you have balance form other purchases for 1000, you can apply the points for 500, then you only need to pay 500 in May. It really gives you the flexcibility to manage your cash flow.

        • Hi Glenn,

          Great point. Just to reiterate, Scotia tallies all of your travel expenses, and allows you to redeem your points against expenses at any point in time within 12 months from the date the travel purchase was posted to your account. Very flexible.

          Thanks Glenn,

          GreedyRates Staff

  37. I currently have a Capital One Aspire Travel costing $120 per month with annual 10,000 bonus points and never expiring 2x point per $ on any purchases. Scotiobank called me today and offered me a pre-approved Gold American Express. Should I take it? AFAICS I’m better off with C1 because of the annual award and the 2x points on any purchases, or? Are there any other cards which can compete with the now-no-longer-offered-in-the-form-described-here C1 Aspire card?

    • Hi Simon,

      The legacy CapOne card has a strong value proposition no doubt. However, we would say that the optimal way to maximize rewards is through the welcome bonuses offered through new card sign-ups. For example, your current C1 card offers 2%, $100 bonus & $120 fee. If you get the MBNA Rewards World Elite card, you’ll get 2%, $100 & no fee in the first year. Get the TD Aeroplan Infinite card and you’ll get around 1.8%, 25,000 miles (~$320), & no fee in the 1st year. Scotia Gold often offers no fee in 1st year, $200 bonus and up to 4%.

      The largest share of value is in the welcome bonus and fee waivers. That’s where you should focus, in our opinion.

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  38. Just got my scotia gold Amex yesterday. How long does it take for the 20 000 points to be added to the account?

    • Hi Jaimie,

      Per Scotia: “The bonus points will appear as an adjustment on your Scotiabank Gold American Express Card statement within two statement cycles after the third billing cycle has passed.”

      They wait 3 statements to ensure you meet the activation and $500 minimum spend threshold within the first 90 days. Then you should get the 20,000 points within two statements from that point. A total of 4-5 statement periods.

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  39. Just like to point out that I think your numbers are a little skewed. I have this card, and I will be getting rid of this card once my anniversary date is up. The reason being is that the 4%, while seeming awesome had a hidden caveat. The places you shop at have to be registered as “grocery” in order to be covered under the 4%. This means Walmart and Costco, which have dramatically better quality of goods and prices usually are not covered as grocery, so you’ll be only getting 1% on these purchases. Considering that where I live, these stores are the better choice vs Sobeys, Save-on and Safeway, I’ve just lost a lot of points because of this rule.

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, you’re correct, only standalone grocery and gas retail locations qualify. Costco is considered a discount wholesaler, not a grocer (although they don’t accept Amex anymore anyways) and most WalMarts is considered a general merchandise – these classifications are made by Amex on the merchant processing side of the business, not by Scotia.

      For Scotia to accept WalMart, they would then have to accept the likes of Sears and Hudson Bay, who are also considered general merchandise.

      To Scotia’s credit, they do make it pretty clear in their marketing collateral and disclosures. That said, if you’re a frequent WalMart shopper, this card will not provide the value you’re looking for, and there will be better alternatives. However, if you shop at Sobeys, Save-On, Safeway, Metro or any independent grocery store, you’ll get your 4%. Same with gas, if you fill up at a Canadian Tire location, you will not get credited. But fill up at any Petro, Shell, Esso, Husky location and you’re fine.

      GreedyRates Staff

  40. Hello
    I have a AMEX gold card do these points (20k) from Scotiabank link up into my AMEX gold account taking it from 25k to 45k in points? tx

    • Hi Mike,

      Unfortunately not! The points you earn from your Scotiabank Gold Amex card do not synch with your Amex Gold card points.


      GreedyRates Staff

      • But technically, you could transfer all existing Amex points to Aeroplan, then close or keep card – sign up for Scotiabank card.

        • Hi Jason,

          Absolutely you could – we’re all for accumulating as many bonus points without an annual fee as possible. However, I think Mike was looking for another means of accumulating Amex points. Unfortunately, The Scotia Gold Amex has no relationship with the Amex Gold Rewards Card or Amex points program.

          GreedyRates Staff

  41. This card would be great if they would bring back the higher sign up points and no first year fee. Do you think that is likely to happen soon?

    • We can’t confirm that it will or when it will. That said, if you’re looking for a book anywhere card, that allows you to apply your points to any travel expense on your credit card statement, the TD First Class Infinite card currently has a first year annual fee waiver and a 40,000 point sign-up bonus worth $200. Read the review and let us know what you think.


      GreedyRates Staff

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