Expedia For TD_ Maxing Travel Value With Expedia & TD's Visa Card

A Frequent Flyer Surprise: Expedia For TD

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November 25, 2015 547

For frequent flyers who love using Expedia to book cheap flights, hotels, and exclusive travel deals, TD’s First Class Visa Infinite credit card may be the most rewarding and flexible credit card in Canada.

You’ll be able to redeem your rewards to book any airline, hotel, cruise, or package available on Expedia at the best prices available, with no black out dates or restrictions. You’ll also get Expedia’s price match guarantee, ensuring you’ll never lose out if you find a better deal. Or, you can simply redeem your points for almost any travel related expense on your credit card statement. That’s a heap of flexibility and value.

Perhaps best of all, the TD First Class Infinite card allows you to earn a higher reward rate of 4.5% than if you used the WestJet World Elite MasterCard to book a WestJet flight (2%), or one of the Aeroplan credit cards to book an Air Canada flight (2%~) – That’s more than DOUBLE the value, as in 2X, as in a 100% increase in your earn rate.

Even with that great rewards rate of 4.5% from the TD First Class card, you still get to use your WestJet, Aeroplan, or VIPorter loyalty number when booking flights through Expedia for TD, allowing you to double dip and max rewards. Why more Canadian frequent fliers don’t use this credit card is a mystery.

Not to be outdone, the card also offers a roster of premium travel insurances including 21 day out of province/ out of country travel medical insurance, trip cancellation, trip interruption, and car rental insurance – making it a great travel companion.

Maximizing Value Through Expedia

All said, the TD First Class Infinite Visa card offers the best value for those who have a lot of travel related credit card expenses and are willing to book and redeem their travel through Expediafor TD. For those travelers, this card remains the most valuable and flexible rewards card in Canada.

Earning Points

On the earn side, the program is  two programs in one. If you book your travel through Expedia for TD, you will earn 9X points. For all other spend you will earn 3X points.

Redeeming Points

When redeeming points, this card is also really two reward programs in one. In the first, you can redeem your points through Expedia For TD, where each point will be worth $.005. In the second, you can redeem your points for almost any travel related expense appearing on your credit card statement, where each point will yield a value of $.004.

Maximizing Point Value:
Here’s a simple way of seeing your earn rate per dollar spent given different spend and redemption combinations:

 Spend on ExpediaAll Other Credit Card Spend
Redeem on Expedia$.045 / 4.5%$.015 / 1.5%
Redeem for Any Other Travel Expense $.036 / 3.6%$.012 / 1.2%

What this clearly shows is that the TD First Class Infinite card offers the best value when you spend on Expedia for TD and redeem on Expedia for TD. But for all the flack the card has taken for devaluing its non-Expedia redemptions, they can still be worth 3.6% for your Expedia spend, which remains unparalled value.

As we said above, you can still use your Aeroplan, WestJet Rewards, VIPorter or other frequent flyer loyalty number in combination with your Expedia bookings. This will allow you to accrue both the 4.5% earnings PLUS the earnings from your travel loyalty card – a real double dip.

Expedia.ca Flexiblity & Lowest Price Guarantee

One of the frustrations people have with a WestJet, Aeroplan, Hilton or Marriott card is the limitation it places on your ability to finder cheaper or more convenient alternatives. To earn on travel spend, you have to book through their brand, and to redeem your points or miles, you have to book through them (alliance partners aside).

The advantage of booking and redeeming through Expedia, is that you get to choose the cheapest flight available, get the highest reward rate of 4.5%, and the most convenient flight to your schedule – no more compromises – both when earning AND redeeming.

You will also be able to book or redeem for any of Expedia’s Daily Deals, Last Minute Travel Deals, and Seat Sales through Expedia for TD, without any surprise surcharges or booking fees.

Lastly, if you do find a lower price for the same flight somewhere, Expedia for TD will match it and give you a $50 credit.

Expedia For TD Ease of Use

The card is simple to use when redeeming through Expedia for TD. Your point balance, and their dollar value are displayed at the top of your screen. You can then choose to apply your points in $50 increments to your selected travel purchase.

Expedia For TD Final

You can also pay any combination of points and cash you’d like.

If you want to redeem for any travel purchases outside of Expedia for TD, it’s just as simple. Call TD rewards within 90 days of your travel related purchase, identify which travel items you want your points allotted to and voila your done. You can redeem in $1 increments outside of Expedia.

Worth It?

This is the best credit card in Canada for you if a lot of your credit card spend is currently on travel, your willing to book your travel through Expedia, and you’re willing to redeem your travel points through Expedia. Done that way, this card offers an unparalleled earn rate of 4.5%. That means you’ll earn more on a WestJet or Air Canada flight using the TD First Class Infinite credit card, than you would if you used any WestJet or Aeroplan credit card – 2X more.

The current welcome bonus promotion of 20,000 points ($100) is a little underwhelming. However, TD banking customers, should not that you can also get this card with no annual fee if you have an all inclusive checking account.

The $120 annual fee is reasonable when compared to the $150 annual fee of some of the other premium travel cards in the industry.

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