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Best AIR MILES Rewards Credit Cards

AIRMILES Rewards credit cardsAfter 25 years, Air Miles remains Canada’s most popular loyalty program. It boasts more than 100 partners, including BMO, Shell, Sobeys, Safeway, Staples, Amazon, Old Navy, Rexall, RONA, and Irving, making it Canada’s largest and most diverse coalition marketing program with more earning opportunities than ANY other loyalty program in the country.

While Air Miles members can earn super value through their collector cards alone, they can earn even more by double dipping with one of the many Air Miles credit cards offered by BMO and Amex.

Perhaps best of all, Air Miles members can now take advantage of huge credit card sign-up bonuses for a limited time – 2,000 Air Miles for a first year annual fee waiver from Amex and 500 Air Miles for the BMO no-fee Air Miles MasterCard – to really kick start and supplement their Air Miles earnings!

For those willing to get even more aggressive, you can sign-up for multiple Air Miles credit cards and combine your welcome bonuses to really kick start your Air Miles collector account! Why spend $30,000 to get 1,500 Air Miles, when you can simply apply for 3 different no fee credit cards offering 500 Air Miles bonuses each?

Best No Annual Fee AIR MILES Credit Cards

bmo air miles mastercard credit card

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BMO AIR MILES No-Fee MasterCard
The BMO AIR MILES MasterCard has no annual fee, and is now offering a special 500 Air Miles Welcome Bonus, for a limited time, available online only!

That’s 500 Air Miles rewards that you receive just for making a first purchase – no minimum spend required. With no annual fee, it’s a risk free way to accumulate 500 Air Miles Rewards, which would otherwise take you  more than $10,000 worth of spend to earn! 

Earn 1 AIR MILES reward for every $20 spent, 1.25X AIR MILES at Shell gas stations, free additional cards, and you can earn double rewards by using your credit card AND collector card at an AIR MILES sponsor like Sobeys, Staples, Old Navy or Amazon to earn miles from both.

Use your BMO Air Miles MasterCard and your purchases will automatically be insured against damage or theft for 90 days (great for electronics) and the manufacturers warranty will be doubled up to 12 months!

  • 500 Bonus Air Miles Rewards Welcome Bonus
  • 1 Air Miles Reward / $15 Spend (Shell)
  • 1 Air Miles Rewards / $20 Spend Everywhere Else
  • No Annual Fee
The American Express® AIR MILES®* Credit Card

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American Express AIR MILES Credit Card
This is a no-frills American Express AIR MILES credit card with a risk free 500 AIR MILES sign-up bonus and no annual fee. You’ll get your 500 AIR MILES after $500 spend in the first three months and earn 1 AIR MILES reward for every $15 spent at Partners and 1 AIR MILES reward for every $20 spent everywhere else – strong no fee value given the large number of AIR MILES partners.

Don’t forget, refer a friend and you’ll get an additional 200 Air Miles rewards free! You will also get extended warranty and insurance protection against damage and theft for purchases made on the card.

  • 500 AIR MILES Sign-up Bonus
  • 1 Air Miles Reward / $15 Spend (AIR MILES Partners)
  • 1 Air Miles Rewards / $20 Spend Everywhere Else
  • No Annual Fee
  • 0% interest on balance transfers for 6 months
Sobeys AIR MILES MasterCard

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BMO Sobeys No Fee AIR MILES MasterCard
Shopping at Sobeys, Foodland and IGA just got a whole lot more rewarding! Not only will you be collecting rewards through your Air Miles collector card, you’ll also be able to get and ADITTIONAL 2 Air Miles per $20 spent when using the no-fee Sobeys Air Miles MasterCard. That gives you a total of 3 Air Miles per $20 spent, plus additional Air Miles for store items on promotion. Wow!

A neat little trick – redeem for travel as opposed to cash and you can get up to a 1.75% earn rate when double dipping with your Air Miles collector card and Sobeys Air MilesMasterCard! That’s a whopping no-fee earn rate.

Not to be forgotten, you’ll also get 500 Air Miles just to sign-up for the card – with no annual fee, why say no?

  • 500 AIR MILES Sign-up Bonus (after first use)
  • 3X the miles for the first 3 months
  • 2 Air Miles Reward / $20 Spend (Sobeys, Foodland, IGA)
  • 1 Air Miles Rewards / $20 Spend Everywhere Else
  • No Annual Fee

Best Student Air Miles Credit Card Offers

Miles Student MasterCard

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BMO SPC AIR MILES Student MasterCard
The BMO SPC Air Miles student MasterCard is one of Canada’s best student credit cards available. It has no annual fee, is currently offering a sign-up bonus of 500 Air Miles for a limited time (value of $75), gives students 10%-15% discounts at SPC merchants, and automatically enters students into a draw for a chance to win FREE tuition and books!

You’ll also get 1 Air Miles for every $20 in spend. When using your BMO SPC Air Miles MasterCard you’re purchases will also be insured against damage or theft for the first 90 days and the manufactures warranty will automatically be doubled up to 12 months!

Of equal importance, unlike some other Canadian student credit cards, the BMO SPC Air Miles student MasterCard requires no part-time income, or co-signor. It’s a great first credit card for students looking to establish a credit history, while earning rewards at the same time.

  • 500 AIR MILES Sign-up Bonus (after first purchase)
  • 1 Air Miles Reward / $20 Spend
  • 10%-15% SPC Discount
  • Draw to Win Free Tuition & Books
  • No Annual Fee

Best First Year Free AIR MILES Credit Cards

American Express Air Miles Platinum Credit Card

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American Express AIR MILES Platinum Credit Card
The Amex Air Miles Platinum credit card offers a 2,000 Air Miles rewards sign-up bonus after only spending $1,500 in the first three months, (enough for 2 short haul return flights!), and comes with a small $65 annual fee. But it also offers some of the best Air Miles earn rates of any credit card, with 1 Air Miles reward for every $10 spent on gas, grocery and pharmacies, as well as at partners, then 1 Air Miles reward for every $15 spent elsewhere.

Remember, refer a friend and you’ll get an additional 500 Air Miles compliments of American Express – up to 7,500 Air Miles annually! The card also comes with the basic protections, for such a small fee including car rental insurance, doubling of the manufacturers warranty, protection against damage and theft and $100,000 travel accident insurance.

  • 2,000 AIR MILES Sign-up Bonus
  • 1 Air Miles Reward / $10 Spend (gas, groceries, pharmacies and Partners)
  • 1 Air Miles Rewards / $15 Spend Everywhere Else
  • $65 annual fee
  • 0% on balance transfer for 6 months

Best Premium AIR MILES Credit Cards

BMO Air Miles World Elite

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BMO AIR MILES World Elite MasterCard
If you’re looking for premium travel rewards, check out BMO’s Air Miles World Elite MasterCard offer, with a limited time 2,000 Air Miles reward sign-up bonus offer – that’s enough for a free flight! All you have to do is activate your card and the miles are yours, there’s no minimum spend requirement.

But what makes this card an absolutely amazing Air Miles card, is that it gives you 1 Air Miles reward for every $10 spent on ALL purchases (the highest Air Miles earn rate in Canada), a 25% flight discount when redeeming your Air Miles for flights in North America with no black out dates and 2 FREE lounge passes every year. We redeemed a flight from Toronto to Vancouver that came out to a 2.2% earn rate per dollar spent – fantastic value when compared to most other cards.

Moreover, this card comes with a torrent of travel protections you’d expect from a World Elite MasterCard including out of province/country travel medical coverage up to $2,000,000, trip cancellation, and car rental insurance. Also, supplementary cards are FREE. Just remember, there is a $70,000 minimum personal income requirement for this card.

  • 2,000 AIR MILES Sign-up Bonus
  • 1 Air Miles Reward / $10 Spend
  • $120 Annual Fee

Start Accelerating your Air Miles earning power now!

Air Miles members are in a great position to turbo boost their Air Miles earning power with Canada’s largest sign-up bonus offers for no fee credit cards in the market today. With absolutely no cost, fee or risk, you can get the no-fee BMO Air Miles MasterCard, the American Express Air Miles credit card and the BMO Sobeys no fee Air Miles MasterCard, each offering a 500 miles welcome bonus! Get all three (space out your applications), and you’ll have 1,500 Air Miles completely free!

With Canada’s largest network of earning partners, no loyalty program has earning opportunities as rich as Air Miles. Double dipping with your collector card and Air Miles card can give you a 1.75% earn rate with a no fee credit card, and a 2.2% earn rate on premium cards – both earn rates are at the top for their card categories.

The best credit card for you will depend on where you shop, your personal goals and your credit and income situation. No matter which credit card you choose, we always recommend finding a card with a great sign-up bonus, weighing the annual fee with the benefits and perks of the card, and paying off the card in full each month.

Now get to it, and start milking these offers for all they’re worth!


  1. I was looking at the World Elite AirMiles card and it appears there is a $50 annual fee for supplemental cards. This seems to have changed as of December 1st.

    • Hi Mike,

      That is correct. The BMO Air Miles World Elite now charges a $50 annual fee for supplemental cardholders. It’s a shame, but it seems like more and more issuers are going in that direction. With the welcome bonus at 2,000 miles, it make more mathematical sense for spouses to sign-up for another separate BMO Air Miles World Elite MasterCard altogether. You’d end up with 4,000 Air Miles worth $750 for a total of $240 in annual fees – a net gain of $510. Versus getting adding an authorized user which gets you a total of 2,000 Air Miles worth $375 for a total of $170 in annual fees – a net gain of $205.

      Hope that helps,

      GreedyRates Staff

  2. You do not list the card I am looking for to compare air mile rewards. I have the Amex platinum and I wanted to compare air miles earned between it and the gold bmo mastercard for shell gas purchases.Could you please provide this info. For me. Thks

  3. Can you churn these credit cards?

    • Hi Amanda,

      Great question! There’s a different answer for BMO and Amex.

      Unfortunately, American Express has limited your ability to re-apply for the same credit card and get another bonus. However, you can apply for multiple different Amex Air Miles credit cards and receive the welcome bonus from each. For example, you can apply for the Amex no fee Air Miles card and the Amex Platinum card and get the bonuses for each.

      For BMO you can churn, but you have to wait 6 months after you cancel your card to reapply and be eligible for the bonus offer.

      Hope that helps!

      GreedyRates Staff

      Limit of one (1) Bonus Offer per Collector Profile. If you cancel your card within one hundred and eighty (180) days from the date your account is opened, all Miles earned within that period will be cancelled.

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