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Canadian Tire Mastercard Credit Card Review

Canadian Tire MasterCard

Important update from June 15, 2017: A lot has changed since we last reviewed Canadian Tire’s MasterCard, and we have actually had the pleasure of experiencing first-hand their improved rewards program embodied in the Options® MasterCard. We invite you all to read about it here: http://www.greedyrates.ca/blog/the-canadian-tire-options-mastercard/ If you have a Canadian Tire Mastercard, chances are you could be doing a lot better. ... Read More »

10 Funniest Credit Card Commercials Ever

credit card commercials

Guaranteed to leave you in tears… A little racy, but has to be one of the funniest “Priceless” spoofs ever. Citi nailed this one. He may not have 3 Super Bowls ( a la Tom Brady), but Peyton Manning has secured his place in history as the funniest NFL pitch man bar none. Not really credit card, but funny enough ... Read More »

5 Credit Card Success Stories

Credit Cards

Credit cards have been getting a bad wrap lately. We thought we’d even things out a bit with a list of 5 famous examples of credit cards used incredibly successfully. So before you put your credit card in the freezer for a rainy day, just remember, used as prescribed, and credit cards can do some good! It may not be ... Read More »

More Rewards Mastercard – Better Than PC and Walmart?

More Rewards Mastercard

If you shop at Save on Foods, Overwaitea, Urban Fare, Cooper’s Foods or PriceSmart Foods, you could get $75 for free on sign-up and be earning 5 points for very dollar you spend in store, if you shop with your More Rewards Mastercard.  That’s the cash equivalent of more than 1.6% back for every dollar you spend in store and ... Read More »

Canadian Credit Card Debt Increases Moderately to $78 Billion in Outstandings, Delinquency Rates Drop

card growth

Equifax Canada’s Q3 2013 National Consumer Credit Trends Report reveals that Canadian consumer debt is increasing, credit card debt less so, and delinquency rates are falling. While rising balances and lower delinquencies are attributed to a growing economy, Canadians remain exposed to a stalled economy or rising rates. Both could have a quick and dramatic impact on the ability of ... Read More »