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20 Golden Rules of Credit Cards

credit card tips

If you only read one article to get tips on how to get the most from your credit cards, read this one: 1. Pay down your credit card bill every month Pay down your credit card bill monthly. Don’t just pay the minimum, or you will quickly find yourself with a snowballing mountain of debt that will be hard to ... Read More »

Multiply Your Credit Card’s Cash Back Rewards with Drop


Let’s be honest. We’re not exactly loyal when it comes to loyalty rewards programs. Smart consumers are always on the lookout for newer, bigger — and most importantly, easier — ways to be rewarded for our spending habits. Enter Drop. Launched in Canada in 2016, Drop is a free mobile app that lets users earn points from select partners for ... Read More »

Costco Ends American Express Canada Credit Card Partnership

costco credit card canada

It seems as though American Express Canada’s partnership with Costco has come to an end. While not officially announced, all American Express True Earnings Credit Cards from Costco applications and marketing material have been pulled from Costco locations and American Express’ website. It looks like American Express is replacing the Costco True Earnings Card with a very similar and extremely ... Read More »

MBNA Rewards World Elite Credit Card Review

MBNA Rewards World Elite MasterCard credit card

Confused over which credit card is right for you – cash back, points, or travel? How about an all-in-one card. Don’t want to trade-off flexibility for value? You don’t have to. The MBNA Rewards World Elite MasterCard® credit card is like having multiple cards in one. You can redeem your points for cash back, travel, merchandise, gift cards or charity – the ... Read More »

Compare The Best 0% Balance Transfer Cards

0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Top Low Interest Balance Transfer Credit Cards Find the best low interest Balance Transfer credit cards in Canada today! These are the country’s top low interest credit cards available. You could be saving hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars every year in interest costs with the right low interest card. Don’t pay more than you have to. Start saving now! Here’s a ... Read More »

My Search for the Best 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards in Canada

0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards

  Anyone struggling under the weight of high credit card interest rates needs to learn about balance transfer credit cards. A balance transfer card allows you to transfer the full or partial balance from one card to another card. Why would anyone do this? Simple. If you have a high balance on a high-interest rate credit card, you’ll want to ... Read More »

How to Borrow A Lump Sum of Cash at 0%

money transfer credit card

It’s not often banks lend money for free. But there is a strategy that lets you borrow money without paying one red cent in interest – and it’s available to all Canadians. In fact, we’ve seen people borrow up to $90,000 interest free with this technique. So who offers these ridiculously cheap, if not irresponsible loans? Canadian banks charge 7.5% ... Read More »

Secrets To Cheap Gas Prices At Canadian Pumps Revealed!

cheap gas prices

We have a few tricks up our sleeve to help Canadians save a bundle at the pump. Don’t look to Shell, Petro or Esso credit cards to relieve pressure from ever increasing gas prices. You can save far more by combining certain general rewards and cash back credit cards with a gas station’s points program. We’ve crunched the numbers and we’ll ... Read More »

Clear off your Credit Debt With 0% Balance Transfer Cards

0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards

When looking for a low balance transfer credit card, you should always evaluate three features: the interest rate, the length of time of the promotion and the balance transfer fee. You don’t want to pay 3% in fees for the privilege of a 0% offer. At the same time, you don’t want a short promotional period that won’t give you the time ... Read More »

Put Your Money to Work with These Scotiabank Savings Accounts

0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards

It may seem like savings accounts haven’t evolved much over the years, but a quick search will reveal just how much progress has been made. Modern banking customers look to Scotiabank savings accounts for the lucrative interest and rewards they offer. Savings hunters should check out Scotiabank accounts below to find the best fit for their needs. The Scotiabank Momentum ... Read More »