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How to Save When You Shop South of the Border on Black Friday

Black Friday USA Tips For saving money

By Sandra MacGregor It’s a ritual almost as anticipated as Thanksgiving itself: Black Friday cross-border shopping. While Americans gather around their dinner tables, loosening their belt buckles and digging into turkey, Canadians are heading in droves across the border to shop. Lower tax rates and cheaper pricing have always made the U.S. an attractive shopping destination to deal-starved Canucks. The ... Read More »

5 Tips for Cyber Monday Savings

Cyber Monday shopping tips

What Is Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday is the premier online shopping holiday in the US. This year Cyber Monday falls on November 27th, and while Canadians don’t traditionally subscribe to the festivity, there’s every reason to at least check it out for the possibility of scoring a major deal. Take a look at these 5 Cyber Monday shopping tips that ... Read More »

The BMO Sobeys AIR MILES Mastercard Review


Bank of Montreal’s AIR MILES Mastercard is great for those who frequently travel within Canada, as the introductory bonus of 500 reward miles comprises almost half of the cost of a flight from Toronto to Thunder Bay. This bonus, plus the many ways that the AIR MILES Mastercard makes it easy to earn miles, means that travelers can save substantially ... Read More »

Should You Get a Store Credit Card for the Holiday Season?

holiday credit cards

The winter holidays are fast approaching. Before you know it, your favorite stores will be ramping up their sales pitches and marketing efforts to get customers to sign up for their store credit cards at the till or online. The best store credit cards tempt shoppers with their amazing discounts and a chance to build their credit history. Many stores ... Read More »

The Scotiabank GM Visa Infinite Card Review

Scotiabank GM Visa Infinite Card

The Scotiabank GM Visa Infinite card is a perfect fit for those who intend to purchase a vehicle in the near (or distant) future. General Motors’ reward points system transfers $1 of GM Earnings to $1 off the sticker price of a new vehicle or lease. With 5% GM Earnings accrued from all purchases made with the card, combined with ... Read More »

The GreedyRates Guide to Saving More on Black Friday

Black Friday shopping tips

Contentedly sitting on our side of the border, many Canadians don’t understand all the fuss over Black Friday—a ‘shopping holiday’ imported from our neighbors to the south. But despite the fact that the holiday is relatively new to us, Canadians are now spending even more on Black Friday than on Boxing Day. Canada’s favorite retailers have picked up on the ... Read More »

5 Tips for Saving on Thanksgiving Weekend

5 tips for saving on thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving weekend is almost upon us, and while there’s much to be thankful for, the hefty bills around the holiday season are never a welcome sight. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving or just coming as a guest, somehow the expenses seem to accumulate faster than you can cover them. Fortunately, there are many ways to make up for all the holiday ... Read More »

Best Credit Cards in Canada 2017

Best Credit Cards Canada 2017

If you’re looking to bathe yourself in points, miles, cash or simply bask in the glory of 0% interest rates, our latest picks for Canada’s Best Credit Cards for 2017 should get you lathered-up into a frenzy! You can stick with the card you have in your wallet, but do so at your own risk. Some of the biggest deals ... Read More »

The American Express Cobalt Card Review

american express cobalt credit card

The new Cobalt card from American Express presents a lucrative opportunity for Canadians who love dining and travel, and who want to quickly accumulate rewards from purchases in those categories. New members are greeted with a 10,000-point bonus for spending $3,000 in their first three months. An additional 2,500 points can be earned each month after a minimum monthly spend ... Read More »

Has Chase Completely Withdrawn Its Credit Cards from Canada?

chase leaves canada and drops the marriott card

Once the news went public that Chase would no longer accept new applicants for its Amazon Visa card earlier this year, finance-savvy Canadians saw the writing on the wall. A few sharp GreedyRates readers noticed immediately in early September when the application links for Chase’s Marriott Rewards card stopped working, unceremoniously disappearing from the provider’s listings. We contacted Chase’s American ... Read More »